Sunday 8 October 2017

September 2017

It seem's like such a long time ago since I wrote August's update, as so much has happened in the last few weeks. Life has been so busy with lots of changes to our routine and family life, mainly as the little two started school and nursery school. September was also a busy month with lots of adventures and family time so let's have a look at what we got up to. 

Jurassic Kingdom Newcastle

Personal Life

This month was all about school and new routines, my eldest started year 10 and her GCSE years at secondary school. Sophia started reception school which thankfully she seems to really enjoy and has settled in straight away and Jacob started nursery school at the local primary school. It is so strange actually having 3 hours child-free five mornings a week when Jacob is at nursery school, I get afternoons with him, just me and him which is lovely though. We have all settled into the new routine of school really well, although Sophia is really tired when she gets home each afternoon. 

September was also my dad's 60th and to celebrate we went out for a family meal at the local Indian's. We are planning on taking him to Dublin as his family is from there but we don't want to book the flights yet with all the Ryanair cancellations going on, hopefully, we can book our trip soon! I don't mention my dad much on my blog (because he would not be impressed, as he is a very private person) but I am so very lucky to have him as he is like a mum and dad all rolled into one and he does so much for me and my brother and our children. 

view of Faro from a Jet2 Plan window

September also saw Chloe and my dad jet off to Portugal on holiday for a few days. I originally won the flights but couldn't go so my dad decided to take Chloe and they had an amazing time, they stayed at the Eden resort in Albufeira and it looked and sounded lovely. I had never thought of visiting Portugal before but after hearing how nice it was I really want to visit someday myself. 

The other half had a week off work at the end of September but typically he got ill and spent the week poorly at home and we had to cancel all of our plans. We did manage to visit Jurassic Kingdom though with the children and we also visited a wedding fayre at Newcastle racecourse which was good as we found a few suppliers we want to book for our wedding. 

Blog Life

Things have started getting really busy blog wise again this month, I always find that September to December is the busiest times blog-wise. I have earned over £1,000 blogging this month (although I am still waiting for a big chunk of it to be paid) and I have also worked on some lovely campaigns. I worked Marie Curie and Superdrug on the #FeelSuper campaign which is a such a worthwhile cause. We visited Jurassic Kingdom in Newcastle, the review of our day out was my most popular post this month with over 2,000 views in the first 24 hours. 

We reviewed some fab toys ready for Christmas such as the FurReal Chatty Charlie the Barkin Beagle, My Little Pony Castle and the Yvolution Y Glider scooter. 

I had plans of getting super organised and blogging more regularly this month but I have yet to pull it off as the last few weeks have been so busy. You never know I might manage it in October, although that is probably wishful thinking. I think October is going to be a turning point for my blog as I am either going to give it my all or turn it back into a hobby and return to work, I am not sure which yet. October is set to be a challanging month with lots of changes for our family, so who knows what will happen. 

So that is what September was like for us, how was your month? 



  1. Wow your Jurassic kingdom post did amazingly well! I love when that happens! Sounds like your dad had a lovely birthday, September seemed to be a good month for you!

    1. It really was, thank you Laura. I hope October is a better month for you xx

  2. Wow congrats on the 2k within 24 hour views and earning 1,000 this month that really is incredible! x


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