Wednesday 28 October 2015

Always Discreet - Breaking The Last Female Taboo

Having children changes your body forever, as your body grows in pregnancy to grow your child and then you have to give birth, we often assume that everything just goes back to normal but any mum will tell you that this is not always the case. Mum's often mention how they have now gained their 'tiger stripes' (stretch marks) or how they will never have a flat tummy again, how they have bags under their eyes due to lack of sleep and they shed hair for months after having a baby.

One thing that you rarely hear mentioned though is bladder sensitivity, this seems to be a bit of a taboo subject that no-one talks about.

Always Discreet want to empower women to break this female health taboo, to realise that they are not alone as 1 in 3 women over 18 actually suffer from incontinence at some point in their lives. They want women to stop suffering in silence and to talk about it and seek help and advice, so they no longer feel held back from this condition. That is why today Always discreet has released new research that shows millions of British women are suffering from this condition and they are sharing lots of advice from GP Dr Sarah Jarvis for women with sensitive bladders.

always discreet logo


Tuesday 27 October 2015

A Better Man By Leah McLaren Book Review

Regular readers will know that I love reading and that even as a child I adored nothing more than getting lost in a good book. Since becoming a mum I rarely have the time to read, so when I recently heard about the Britmums book club I swiftly joined up in the hope of discovering some new books and reigniting my passion for reading. 

I was sent a book called 'A Better Man' by Leah McLaren, an author and book I had not heard of before. However the blurb on the back of the book seemed intriguing, it read

" Maya wants Nick to be less of a workaholic, to come home earlier, to spend some time with his children." 

" Nick wants a divorce." 

copy of paperback book A better Man by Leah Mclaren


Monday 26 October 2015

A Teenage Girl Gift Basket

My eldest daughter Chloe turned 13 a few days ago and is now a teenager, although to be fair she has been acting like a typical teen for the last year anyway. Over the last few year's I have really struggled with gift idea's for her as she no longer plays with toys, anyone who knows a teen will know just how tricky they can be to buy for. I don't like buying her clothes in case she does not like them and she has all the latest gadgets like a laptop, tablet, TV and an iPhone. 

After much deliberating she decided that she would like a Jack Wills hoodie, a Pandora charm and an outfit. Even though we had spent a lot of money on her it did not look like she had much at all as she only had four things to wrap up that were not very big at all. So I decided that I would make her a little gift basket with inexpensive things that she would (hopefully) like. 

gift basket filled with gifts for a teenage girl


Sunday 25 October 2015

Sunday Photo 25/10/15

This week my eldest daughter turned 13 and is a teenager. She is at an age now where she is getting into make-up, so we decided to get her a make-up bag birthday cake from Marks and Spencers to celebrate her special day. The cake tasted as good as it looked.

pink make up bag 13th birthday cake from Marks and Spencers


Tuesday 20 October 2015

A Budget Bedroom Makeover

I have wanted to move for a while now as since having our third child our home is way to small and we need somewhere bigger. Knowing that we will be moving in the near future has meant that my current home is getting rather neglected, as I don't see the point spending lots of time and money doing it all up if we won't be around long enough to enjoy it.

I did, however, decorate most of our home two and a half years ago when I was pregnant with Sophia and we managed to decorate everywhere apart from our bedroom. At the time I cleared the room out, stripped it and then never got around to getting it decorated. After Sophia arrived I was busy with a newborn before falling pregnant again just five months later, resulting in the undecorated bedroom getting left undecorated.

before and after bedroom makeover
Budget bedroom makeover before and after photo.

Tuesday 13 October 2015

Christmas Flowers From Prestige

I love having fresh flowers in the house, although it rarely happens as my partner never buys me any. As a child my mum always had fresh flowers in the house as she adored them, every Christmas Eve my dad would get a huge bouquet delivered which I thought was a lovely idea. Flowers make such a lovely gift especially at Christmas so I was delighted last week when the most gorgeous Christmas Flowers bouquet arrived at my door from Prestige Flowers. 

red roses Christmas flowers delivered

Prestige flowers are one of the UK's leading online florists and are currently voted number one on review centre and are editors choice for the best online florist on reviewflorist. They sell a range of fresh flowers, plants and hampers throughout the UK with bouquets arranged by highly skilled British florists. Standard delivery on flowers is free but you can pay extra for next day delivery if you order before 9pm. Something that I love is that orders come with a 100 % satisfaction guarantee giving you that little bit extra peace of mind that you will be sending a high-quality bouquet.

Sunday 11 October 2015

Disney On Ice

Yesterday we were lucky enough to go and watch Disney on Ice at Newcastle's Metro radio arena. I love Disney on Ice, I use to take my eldest every year until a few years ago when she lost interest in princesses. However now my toddler Sophia is two she has taken an interest in Disney and adores the movies and characters, Minnie Mouse and Toy Sory are firm favourites. So when we were given the chance to go and see the show I knew Sophia would love it, of course, my eldest decided she still liked Disney so she came too along with my partner and my three-year-old niece Heidi, as we thought Jacob (aged 13 months) would be too young to join us.

Disney on Ice at Newcastle 2015


Friday 9 October 2015

Pumpkins Pumpkins Everywhere : Book Review

Last month I brought you my first Parragon book buddies review of a beautiful collection of 
Nursery rhymes. As a Parragon book buddy, we get sent a book each month to review, as it is now October what better type of book than a Halloween one! We were sent a lovely picture book called "Pumpkins Pumpkins Everywhere" which is perfect for getting young children into the Halloween spirit. 

halloween child pumpkin book and trick or treat bucket


Wednesday 7 October 2015

My First Thomas & Friends Rail Rollers Spiral Station - Review

We were recently sent a My First Thomas & Friends Rail Rollers Spiral Station toy for Jacob to review. I just knew that Jacob and his sister would love this toy as they both like Thomas and this toy was unlike anything that they already have. I was right because as soon as they both saw it they made a beeline for it and have not stopped playing with it since. 

When I opened the box I was a bit nervous as it is all in bits and I am totally useless at building toys, as I don't have the patience. I need not have been worried though as there was no screws, batteries or anything to build as the whole toy just clips together easily with super simple diagram instructions included. It only took me around five minutes to build the toy which I was impressed by, as there is nothing worse than trying to build toys for eager little ones to play with.

Thomas baby toy review


Slimming World Week 22 & 23

It has been a couple of week's since I posted a Slimming World update as I did not attend the group last week as we had been away on a review trip and I was busy redecorating. I was so busy but also I was a bit scared of facing the scales after a weekend of overindulging, so I was a chicken and missed group. This week I faced the scales though expecting a gain, but I know now that the only way that I will lose all of this baby weight is if I go to group each week and stick to the plan. 

I started last week off well as I knew we were going away for a weekend and I knew I was going to enjoy some meals out. I was on plan all week, we even went out for a pub lunch and I ordered plain grilled chicken breast with a plain jacket potato and salad, which is unlike me as I always use eating out as an excuse to cheat and eat whatever I like. We were also out shopping at the Metrocentre and instead of going for a Mexican or to Pizza hut like we normally would I was good and went to Subway for a salad. I am a bit addicted to Subway salads at the moment they are so yummy with low syn sweet onion sauce on, they are only £2.29 for a salad of the day and really filling. 

three subway salads
I ate a lot of Subway salads this week.


Tuesday 6 October 2015

Creating A Calming Bedroom For National Wallpaper Week

This week the 5th-11th October is national wallpaper week, I love how there are national days and weeks for things like this. As part of national wallpaper week, Graham & Brown will be celebrating the week with their seven feelings of wallpaper, these are 'feelings' that decorating your home can evoke. The week kicked off on Monday the 5th with 'Date night' Tuesday the 6th (today) is 'Calm', Wednesday the 8th 'Inspired', Thursday 9th 'Nostalgic', Friday 9th 'Funky', Saturday 10th 'Glamourous' and Sunday 11th 'Social'.

As part of national wallpaper week, I was invited by Graham & Brown to choose a wallpaper from their truly amazing and vast range and recreate a feeling. I decided that I wanted to re-create a feeling of calm to my bedroom, as it was in dire need of being redecorated and I wanted somewhere calm and relaxing to help me get a good nights sleep. 

creating a calm bedroom


Saturday 3 October 2015

The Marriott Hotel Gateshead Metrocentre : Review

Last week we stayed at the Marriott hotel Newcastle, Gateshead Metrocentre as part of the Beamish Package that they offer. I wrote about the package as a whole earlier in the week but thought that I would do a proper review of the hotel. The hotel is located near the A1 right opposite Europe's largest leisure and shopping complex the Metrocentre and just a short ten-minute journey away from Newcastle city centre. The hotel is rated 4 star and is perfect for both business and leisure purposes. 

Marriott Hotel Gateshead


Friday 2 October 2015

September 2015

Last month I started a monthly round-up of what we had been up to that month, as a way of looking back on special memories and ordinary events. Like most people I started this blog to record family memories and I think that by doing these monthly post it is a lovely way to record are family life, so my children can hopefully look back on this one day in the future. September was a busy month in our household so here is what we have all been up to.

newspaper cone of fish and chips


Thursday 1 October 2015

Miffy's Adventures Big and Small

As a mum to two toddlers, I am always looking for new T.V shows for my little ones to enjoy, as let's face it sometimes putting a good TV show on is the only way you get five minutes peace when you have little ones. So I am pleased to hear that starting tomorrow Friday 2nd October 2015 there will be a new show for pre-school children to watch, adorable white iconic bunny Miffy is hitting our screens with her brand new show 'Miffy's Adventures Big and Small'. 

Available on Freeview, satellite and cable channel Tiny Pop Miffy will be brought to life for 52 new episodes, which will see her explore the world around her. Featuring children's voices and cheerful songs along with simple narration the show is sure to capture toddlers imagination. It is perfect for pre-school children as each episode is only 7 minutes long. 

miffy adventures big and small

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