Sunday 29 June 2014

The Second Trimester

I am now almost 32 week's pregnant and I am well into my third and final trimester of my third pregnancy. I am getting so close to my due date, if the baby was to arrive anytime soon he would now have a very good chance of survival. So I thought that it would be nice to look back on what my second trimester was actually like, all the pregnancy books and magazine often tells you that the second trimester is the best as you have energy, you get a bump and feel baby's movements for the first time and hopefully if you suffer morning sickness it should have disappeared by now and you are glowing and blooming and fully enjoying pregnancy. And I have to admit the second trimester is actually probably my best but for me personally, it is not quiet as amazing as book's/ magazines and films actually make it out to be.

The 13-week scan

Saturday 28 June 2014

30 Week's Pregnant

Once again I am late in posting my weekly pregnancy update as I sit here now to type up this post I am now 31+4 day's pregnant and I am now down to single figure number of weeks until baby number 3s arrival.

Week 30 was quiet uneventful I did not have any midwife or hospital appointment's this week and we still have not started baby shopping either. I am still feeling pretty good with no sickness, heartburn, cravings or aches and pains. But I have been so tired this week I have no energy at all and I am also finding it really hard to sleep on a night time, as I keep waking up and finding it so hard to fall back to sleep again. Also, the heat has really been getting to me and I get so hot and bothered and seem to be sweating loads. I am still feeling really breathless as well and I am getting so tired and out of breath just of doing normal everyday things like walking to the shop or doing housework. I feel like all my get up and go has got up and gone as I have no motivation at all to do anything. I do not have the luxury of being able to relax and rest as I have two children to look after and run around after non-stop.


Sunday 22 June 2014

Review: The school for good and evil book.

As I have mentioned many time's before I love reading and have done ever since I was a child, whenever I get the chance I love to lose myself in a good book. I had always hoped that my children would follow in my footstep's in my love for reading book's my oldest daughter Chloe use to enjoy reading when she was younger but now that she is 11 she would rather spend time on her tablet or out with her friend's than reading. So when I was recently given the chance to review a book by Harper Collins aimed at girls aged 10+ I thought this might be the perfect chance to get her to actually read a book!

The school for good and evil paperback book


Saturday 21 June 2014

Week 29 pregnancy update

I am now 30+4 day's pregnant so I am a bit late in writing up my week 29 pregnancy update as usual. I had a midwife appointment when I was exactly 29 week's pregnant and my blood pressure and urine are fine. I also had my blood's taken to check my sugar levels, iron count etc. I use to hate getting my blood's taken but now after two pregnancy's in a year and suffering gallstones and having surgery it's like second nature to me and it doesn't bother me at all anymore.

My bump was also measured and I was told that my bump is measuring four weeks ahead and I will be having a big baby, well this totally confused me as at my growth scan the week before I had been told that baby was measuring small! So I don't know what to think as in my pregnancy with Sophia my bump was small and I hardly put any weight on yet she was 8lb 2oz so I am just taking what they say with a pinch of salt. At the moment everyone seems happy with how my pregnancy is going and baby seems healthy which is all that matters, maybe I have just been eating too much or maybe the baby will be a chunky little 10lb baby only time will tell.


Friday 20 June 2014

Review: The skeleton cupboard by Dr Tanya Byron

I have always loved reading ever since I was a child I have loved nothing more than getting lost in a good book but now that I am a mum of two soon to be three, I find that I rarely get the time to indulge in my passion for reading books. However, I was recently lucky enough to be sent a copy of The skeleton cupboard a new book by Dr Tanya Byron by Mumsnet book club and I couldn't wait to have a read.

The Skeleton Cupboard Book


Wednesday 18 June 2014

Sophia's 12 month update

I can not believe that my baby girl Sophia turned one and she is no longer a baby but an actual little toddler. I am sure that time speed's up when you are a parent as the last year really has flown by so quickly! So here is a quick look at what Sophia was like at 12 month's old.

We celebrated her very first birthday and she had a party at the local soft play with her little friends, she absolutely loved it and was running around and loved the slides although she was a bit unsure of the bouncy castles. She also loved her birthday cake which was a good job as we booked a first birthday cake smash photo shoot for a few days after her birthday which was very messy but resulted in some amazing photographs.


Friday 13 June 2014

Week 28 pregnancy update

Wow, I can not believe that I am 28 week's pregnant and I am in the final trimester, only 12 more weeks to go until baby arrives! Lot's has been happening this week, I had a scan and a consultant appointment when I was exactly 28 week's pregnant due to me being a high risk pregnancy and being on medication for my blood pressure. I have to have extra growth scans in my last trimester just to check baby's growth and that the placenta is functioning o.k. We had the scan first of all and we found out that baby is a little boy!!! I was so shocked I couldn't believe it i am still finding it hard to believe that I am having a boy. I was so sure I was having another girl, so much for mothers intuition, I have been wrong with all three of my pregnancy's now.

me at 28 weeks pregnant with baby number 3
massive 28 week bump


Thursday 5 June 2014

28 week scan and we found out baby's sex!

As you may know, I have been suffering from pregnancy-induced high blood pressure this pregnancy and I was put on blood pressure medication by my hospital consultant when I was 13 week's pregnant to try and control this, so far my blood pressure has been perfectly normal thanks to these tablet's. However due to me being on this medication there is a risk that they could be making baby small and as I am at risk of pre-eclampsia (due to my blood pressure and suffering it in my first pregnancy) and having high blood pressure there is also a risk that my placenta could stop working properly so I have to have extra scans in my third trimester just to check baby's size and the function of my placenta. So on Tuesday when I was exactly 28 week's pregnant I went to the hospital for my first growth scan and an appointment with my consultant to see how things were.


Week 27 pregnancy update

I am now 28 week's pregnant so here is a quick update on what week 27 was like. I did not have any midwife or hospital appointments this week and I have still been feeling pretty good with no heartburn or sickness, yay! I still have no craving's either and no sign of any stretch marks. I am still getting a little bit of lower back pain when I am doing housework or when I get out of bed in the morning's but it is not too bad. My skin is still lovely and clear and soft and my hair is still thick and shiny and does not get greasy very much. 

I mentioned last week that I thought the baby was breech as all the movements I was feeling were very low down but I think baby must have turned now as I am getting lot's of kicks under my ribs and in my side's. I am also now constantly needing to wee and I am waking up lot's during the night for trips to the bathroom. I also feel really big and heavy and get uncomfortable when I walk and I am getting short of breath really easily, I feel about 90 at times. 


Wednesday 4 June 2014

First birthday cake smash

As you may know, Sophia celebrated her very first birthday recently and we booked her a cake smash photo shoot as we thought it was a lovely way to capture and remember her first birthday. I had not heard of cake smash's until a year or two ago when a few friends posted photo's of there children getting them done for there first birthday's and I thought they looked brilliant. A few month's ago I booked a one for a few days after Sophia's birthday.

 A lot of people actually do the shoots at home and take the pictures themselves but I am a useless photographer and I wanted the photo's to look nice and professional looking, so that I can get a photo made into a canvas to hang in the living room. We got 70 images in both colour and black and white and I absolutely love them all.

Monday 2 June 2014

Sophia's first birthday

Sophia turned one last week and we had a lovely day, she was spoilt with some lovely presents and we had a lovely little party for her at the local soft play which she really enjoyed. She loved her birthday cake the only thing missing from the day was her big sister Chloe who had jetted off to Spain early on the morning of her birthday for a week.

Due to Chloe being away on Sophia's birthday we held a small tea party the day before for Sophia, Chloe and her cousin Heidi with cakes and party food. Chloe give Sophia a present, a Doc Mcstuffin ride-on which Sophia loved as she is Doc Mcstuffin mad.

On the morning of Sophia's birthday, she woke up early at around 6am and we brought her downstairs and she was amazed when she saw the living room.The night before me and her daddy had decorated it with banners and balloons and set her new toys up in the living room for her. We got her a pink smart trike bike, a ball pool and balls, a little blow-up Doc mcstuffin armchair and a talking lambie ted off Doc mcstuffin. We didn't want to get her to many presents as she has so many toys already and she got so many presents of family and friends too. She loved her ball pool and spent most of the morning sitting in it playing with her toy's. I think the excitement got too much for her though as she was flat out asleep by 8am having her morning nap.


26 week's pregnant

I am late in writing this post as I am now actually 27+6 day's pregnant, this pregnancy really is going by so fast ! I was just going to do a week 26 and 27 updates in one post but so much has been going on I thought it was best to stick to weekly updates. Well, when I was 26 week's pregnant I was so busy as Sophia had her very first birthday and I was busy getting sorted for that. Also, Chloe went on holiday to Spain and it was a last minute holiday with her grandad so I had a mad rush of getting her passport renewed in time and getting her holiday clothes and everything else sorted in time. The other half has been at work a lot lately doing extra shifts, so I have been rushed off my feet trying to juggle all the housework, cooking, cleaning and childcare on my own.

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