Wednesday 30 November 2016

Festive Day's Out With Toddlers In The North East This Christmas

This year my little two children - aged two and three years old are super excited for Christmas. This is the first year that they have both realised what is going on and it is so amazing watching the sheer joy on their face whenever they see a Christmas tree or sparkly lights. As this is the first year that they are understanding the magic of Christmas we are planning lots of day's out to really get them in the festive spirit and bring the magic of Christmas alive for them. If you have a young child and are wondering what to do with them this December, read on for some inspiration and to see what we have planned. 


Tuesday 29 November 2016

Thing's I Loved In November

November has been a totally crazy month for us, we finally moved house which was the most stressful thing ever! The children have been constantly ill, poor Sophia even ended up in hospital with dehydration a couple of weekends ago as she has just been so unwell these last few weeks. I just feel like the whole month has been utter chaos and I have not had time to do anything, I have so much unpacking to do and a neverending to-do list. This month really has just passed by in such a crazy blur and it seems such a long time ago since I wrote last months post. However amongst all the madness that was November lots of lovely things happened too. So let's have a look at what I have been loving in November 2016. 


Friday 25 November 2016

Noddy Remote Control Car Review

Noddy is such a timeless classic children's TV character, isn't he? I remember him from my own childhood, my teen loved him when she was a toddler and now my two-year-old son loves him too. He really is such a well-known character that everyone seems to love. Recently we were sent a remote control Noddy car to review from Spinmaster, aimed at children aged 2+ I knew that it would be perfect for my little boy to play with. 

Noddy remote control car toy

Lily's Driftwood Bay Toy Review

My little girl, Sophia loves watching TV in the morning before nursery, as we have recently moved we did not have Sky reinstalled until a few days ago so I had to find new shows for my normally Disney Junior loving little ones to watch. We have been watching a lot of Milkshake in the morning, on channel 5. One show that my little ones really seem to have fallen in love with is Lily's Driftwood bay, which is showing daily on Channel 5 Milkshake, Netflix and also Nick Jr. 

Lily's Driftwood Bay is about a little girl called Lily who lives at the seaside with her dad and has a big imagination and makes up amazing adventures that she takes us on in each episode. It is the perfect show for little ones to watch as it is full of adventure and really captures my three-year-old's imagination. 

Lily Driftwood Toys

Wednesday 23 November 2016

A Little Update - We Have Moved House

So things have been a little quite on here and on my social media for the last couple of weeks, we finally moved just over a week ago. When people say that moving is the most stressful time of your life they are so right, it was the most tiring and testing weekend I have had in a long time. I honestly never want to move again. We moved on my birthday of all days, so I did not celebrate my birthday at all or get any presents this year but I suppose a new house is a pretty good birthday present.

The week before we moved was crazy, packing the old house up was nigh on impossible with two toddlers. The other half was working long shifts at work and only had a few days off to actually move house and was back at work the day after we moved, so I felt like I had to do so much of it on my own and was still actually packing boxes as we moved. Sophia was ill, she had a sickness bug and was sick every day and night in the week leading up to the move, so we were all exhausted with lack of sleep.

new home sign


Sunday 20 November 2016

Justin's House Playset Review

My little boy Jacob is crazy for Mr Tumble, it is his favourite T.V show and he has only asked for two things for Christmas and one of them is a Mr Tumble Car (which was sold out everywhere but we have eventually managed to get for him). Jacob is such a big Mr Tumble fan that he also adores Justin who plays him, he always shouts "It's Justin" when he sees him on T.V and he has also started watching Justin's House on the Cbeebies channel. 

 Justin's house is a show hosted by Justin Fletcher (Mr Tumble) and his friends such as Robert the robot, Little Green Monster and is non-stop singing, dancing, mishaps and laughter from the young children in the audience. My three-year-old daughter also loves Justin's house ever since we seen it live at the Justin and Friends arena show last year. So when we were recently sent a Justin's House playset from Golden Bear toys  I knew that both of my children would love playing with it.

Justin's House Playset Review


Wednesday 9 November 2016

Other Bloggers Family Lives Featuring Sophie & Lily

This week on Other Bloggers Family Lives I am featuring Sophie & Lily, which is a UK parenting and lifestyle blog. Sophie is a mum of two and is currently heavily pregnant with baby number three - how exciting! Her blog is all about her family life, pregnancy, reviews, interiors and general lifestyle posts. 

Sophie & Lily Logo

So let's find out more about the family behind Sophie & Lily. 

Tuesday 8 November 2016

The Book Of Everyone

With Christmas fast approaching and with us moving house in a matter of days I have been trying to get organised for Christmas early this year. I actually started shopping for my children's gifts back in the summer as I knew that I needed to get organised as the house move is costing a lot of money and taking up all of our time at the moment. While I love shopping for my children and find it really easy to think of things to buy them I do struggle when it comes to the adults in the family, especially my dad. Every year I ask him what he wants and every year he says he does not need anything and he normally ends up with socks, hankies and a bottle of brandy. 

Recently I heard about The Book Of Everyone and I just knew that this would make such a special gift for my dad this Christmas. The Book Of Everyone is a brilliant idea that helps you create a book all about the person you are making it for, each book is individual to them and full of interesting facts about the year they were born. 

The Book Of Everyone review

Monday 7 November 2016

PlaySkool My Little Pony Toddler Toys Review

My three-year-old daughter is really starting to enjoy playing games with her toys these days, she makes up little games and it is so adorable watching her imagination grow as she plays. As she is still only three I find it hard finding toys that will capture her imagination, she is still a little too young for some toys but is obviously too old for baby ones. I also have to be very careful what kind of things I buy for her as her little brother will often put small objects in his mouth, meaning we normally stick to chunky figures and role play items.

So when we were recently asked if we would like to try out some new PlaySkool My Little Pony toy's aimed at children aged 18 months to 3 years old I thought these would be perfect for her, as she has recently started showing an interest in My Little Pony. We were kindly sent three toys from the range to try out, Pinkie Pies Ride 'n Slide Ramp (£29.97 Asda and Amazon), Applejacks activity barn (£16 Debenhams and Asda) and Bumblesweet & Cheerilee friends Go-Round (£9.97 from Asda) all aimed at children aged 18 months and over.

PlaySkool My Little Pony Playset

Pizzastorm Newcastle

EDIT *Pizzastorm Newcastle has now closed*

If you're from Newcastle you will probably have noticed that lots of new restaurants have been popping up in the recently redeveloped Grey's Quarter in Eldon Square. One of the new restaurants is Pizzastorm who create custom made pizzas in just 3 minutes! I think the best way to describe Pizzastorm is like Subway but for pizza instead of sandwiches. We were recently invited along to the very recently opened Pizzastorm which is located upstairs in Grey's Quarter to see what we thought.

Pizzastorm Newcastle review


Friday 4 November 2016

October 2016

Can you believe that it is November? I am well and truly on the countdown to Christmas now. I really love this time of year, yes it is busy and stressful with Christmas shopping and lots to do before the big man in red arrives but it also a bit magical too, with the air full of excitement. We have a super busy month ahead for November, it is my birthday on the 11th and we are also moving house on the 11th too! I am hoping the other half arranges some kind of belated birthday for me instead. Anyway enough of me waffling on, let's have a look at what life was like for us in October 2016. 

Personal Life


Thursday 3 November 2016

Lunch At Le Raaj Chester Le Street

As a family we love Indian food, it is my teenager daughter and dad's most favourite food ever. Those who know us will know that every year for the last eight years we have actually gone to our local Indian restaurant for Christmas dinner instead of having traditional turkey. So when I was recently invited to Le Raaj Indian restaurant in Chester-Le-Street, near Durham I knew that I would have to take my dad and teenage daughter with me and my dad's partner Linda.

Located in Chester Moor, near Chester-Le-Street on the A167 you can not miss Le Raaj housed in an old Victorian chapel. With plenty of free on-site parking and a bus stop right outside (although I have no idea which buses go past) getting to Le Raaj was really easy and only a half an hour drive from our home near Newcastle.

Le Raaj Lunch menu

Wednesday 2 November 2016

Does Your Family Have a Superpower? If So npower Want To Know

Does your family have a hidden superpower? You are probably sitting reading this and thinking no we are just a normal family, that's what I thought too when I was first asked that very question myself. However, after thinking about it I realised that every family has hidden superpowers, and npower seem to agree as they have just launched a new campaign to celebrate Britain's hidden superpowers. With the help of Peter Andre npower want to celebrate all of the fun, quirky, clever, practical and entertaining everyday superpowers that we everyday families like yours and mine may have.


Other Bloggers Family Lives Featuring Noah And The Girls

Welcome to another week of Other Bloggers Family Lives, this week I am featuring Kerry from gorgeous blog Noah & the girls. Kerry's blog is full of interior, recipes, travel and parenting posts that are oh so stylish. It really is a lovely blog that you could spend hours reading. 

So let's find out more about the family behind Noah & The Girls. 
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