Friday 25 November 2016

Lily's Driftwood Bay Toy Review

My little girl, Sophia loves watching TV in the morning before nursery, as we have recently moved we did not have Sky reinstalled until a few days ago so I had to find new shows for my normally Disney Junior loving little ones to watch. We have been watching a lot of Milkshake in the morning, on channel 5. One show that my little ones really seem to have fallen in love with is Lily's Driftwood bay, which is showing daily on Channel 5 Milkshake, Netflix and also Nick Jr. 

Lily's Driftwood Bay is about a little girl called Lily who lives at the seaside with her dad and has a big imagination and makes up amazing adventures that she takes us on in each episode. It is the perfect show for little ones to watch as it is full of adventure and really captures my three-year-old's imagination. 

Lily Driftwood Toys

As Lily's Driftwood Bay is proving to be a big hit with children Golden Bear toys have launched a new range of Lily's Driftwood Bay toys which are exclusive to Argos. There are three toys in the range, a soft toy Lily doll that talks (RRP £9.99) a talking Salty Dog soft toy (RRP £9.99) and a Talking poseable Lily which comes with her friend Gull (RRP £19.99). We were kindly sent a talking poseable Lily doll and a talking Salty dog to review, we were actually sent these about a month ago but due to our recent house move and not having any internet my review is a bit late. However as we have had them for around a month it means that my two toddlers have really put these toys to the test. 

Lily Driftwood Toys

As soon as Sophia seen these toys she could not wait to get the out of the packet and start playing, she loves any kind of toy that you can make talk and that plays a theme tune. Both Lily and Salty dog look very much like they do on the show and they sound exactly the same and say phrases that little ones will be familiar with. They are the perfect size for pre-school aged children to play with and cuddle and getting them to talk is super simple with just a gentle squeeze of their hands. 

Lily Driftwood Salty Dog Toy

Whilst Sophia does really likes these toys and has had fun getting them to talk and getting Lily to play the theme tune at three-years-old she is probably at the higher end of the toy's age range. Suitable for children aged 10 months plus I think that a slightly younger child would probably get a lot more enjoyment from these toys. Overall we did really like these toys, if you have a Lily Driftwood fan then I know that they would love these toys and having both Lily and Salty dog encourages lots of role play fun. 

You can buy these toys both in store and online from Argos. 

Do you have a Lily Driftwood Bay fan?

Disclosure : We were sent these toys for the purpose of this review. 

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