Monday 29 September 2014

My Third Birth Story

Jacob is now five week's old,  I have been wanting to write his birth story for week's but being a busy mum of three I just have not had any time at all lately. I was induced with Jacob at exactly 39 week's pregnant due to having high blood pressure in pregnancy and being on medication to control this. You can read all about my induction experience and the lead up to the actual birth here.

I had been in the hospital since 11am and the day seemed to drag waiting for labour to start, it was a strange feeling knowing that I would be having my baby within 24 hours of arriving at the hospital. Even though I had given birth twice before I was expecting my labour to be long, I think I was half expecting something to go wrong in labour due to being induced before my due date.

newborn baby Jacob in hospital cot
Newborn Jacob 


Tuesday 23 September 2014

Review - Baby Natal Newcastle Practical Baby Care Workshop

When I had my first daughter Chloe I attended NHS ante-natal classes and read every baby book and magazine that I could get my hands on, when Chloe was born I was shocked that I did not have a clue what to do with her. I had never been around a newborn baby before so I was frightened to pick her up, I did not know how to feed her or change her nappy or dress her and I felt totally clueless for those first few weeks while I figured out these things. Even when I had my second daughter Sophia I was still a bit unsure of things, as so much had changed in regards to baby care in the ten-year gap between my children. I bet I am not the only new parent who has felt like this, so this is where Baby Natal come in.

Baby Natal Newcastle review


Wednesday 17 September 2014

My Second Induction Experience

Baby Jacob is now four week's old and things have been rather hectic at home with a newborn, a toddler and a tweenager, so I am only just slowly getting back into blogging when I find the rare hour or so of peace and quiet which is not very often.

me at 39 weeks pregnant the day my son was born
Me on the morning of my induction


Thursday 11 September 2014

Mumkind Giveaway *Closed*

I have now been blogging for six month's and I am pleased to be hosting my very first giveaway on the blog from Mumkind. One reader can win two of the 'Ginger Me Baby Lozenges' and two of the 'Water Our Way' water enhancer's, which contain vitamins to help any mums to be or new mums feel less tired.


Monday 8 September 2014

Review- Pop Goes Your Name Children's CD

When I was a child I used to love receiving gifts with my name on, now I am a parent I love buying personalised gifts for my children as I feel they are more special. Since starting my blog and joining twitter I have discovered some rather lovely company's who make personalised children's gifts and one of these company's, Pop goes your Name contacted me on twitter and kindly asked if I would like to review a personalised children's CD.

personalised child CD

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