Hello and welcome to Newcastle Family Life Blog which is written by me Lindsay a 30 something, full-time working mam of three (plus two dogs) who lives in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in the North East of England. 

I created this blog all the way back in 2014, so I have been around for years! Over the years this blog has covered a range of subjects such as family life, days out, meals out, travel and reviews but it has been majorly neglected since the pandemic began. 

So why read this blog when there is plenty of others out there? 

 I am not famous, I don't have a huge following or do this as a full-time job and I certainly don't have a dream lifestyle. I am just a normal, full-time working mam from Newcastle with not enough hours in the day. We have three children aged 19,9 and 7 and juggling after-school activities, school runs and work is a constant juggling act. 

 I want this blog to reflect that and I aim to be honest and let you know if I think something is value for money or not. I have been a parent for 19 years now so I certainly have the experience, although I am still winging it like everyone else if I am honest.  I want to feature days out, places to eat, places to stay and reviews of things that a normal everyday family can afford.  

This Is Us

I am Lindsay, a thirty-something (closer to 40 then 30 these days) mam of three. I was born here in the North East and have lived here my whole life. I love holiday's, day's out, meal's out and adventures but most of all I love spending time with my family and days off work. 

I live with my husband Lee, who works for a well known Newcastle-based bakery company and his job is to taste test pasties for a living (he's a quality assessor). He doesn't feature on my blog much as he doesn't get the whole blogging or social media thing. 

Chloe is 19 and is in her first year at University, she also works part-time for a well-known fast food chain. She doesn't feature on the blog much as she is too  busy living her own life and spending time with her friends, but she still lives at  home. 

Sophia is 9-years-old and enjoys swimming, horse ridding and watching American Kids on You tube. She loves going on days out and her happy place is the beach. 

Jacob is 7-years-old and is football crazy, he does football 4 times a week and it takes over our weekends. He loves trying new foods and visiting new places but most of the time he can be found on his Playstation playing Fifa. 

We have two poochon dogs Teddy and Leo, who are actually brothers but born a year apart who are well and truly part of the family. We also have a very old house cat called Marmalade who is anti-social and spends most of his time asleep in the utility room. 

So this is us, just an everyday family who want to share ideas of things to do in the North East with primary school aged children, adult children and dogs that won't break the bank. 

Thank you for reading and if you want to work with us or contact us please drop me an email at newcastlefamilylife@gmail.com or visit my work with me page

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