Hello and welcome to Newcastle Family Life Blog which is written by me, Lindsay a 30 something mum of three and newly-wed who lives in Newcastle Upon Tyne in the North East of England. 

I created this blog back in 2014 when I was pregnant with my youngest who is now a cheeky 5-year-old boy. Over the years this blog has grown from an online diary into a family lifestyle blog covering a range of subjects such as travel, days out, meals out, reviews, recipes, wedding planning and of course our family life here in Newcastle.  

My Family

I am Lindsay a 30 something mam of three who was born and bred here in Newcastle and has the accent to prove it. I previously worked in social care before becoming a stay-at-home mam and now I am lucky enough to be a full-time blogger. I have three children who are 16,6 and 5 and I have recently got married (summer 2019). 

When I am not blogging (or messing around on social media) or ferrying my kids around to various after-school groups I enjoy reading, binge-watching Netflix, looking at luxury holidays I can't afford and coming up with loads of crazy plans and ideas that I never do anything about. I also love coffee, eating out and I am always on a diet which I break by 10am most mornings. I am just an average mam really.  

I live with my husband Lee, who works for a well known Newcastle-based bakery company and his job is to taste test pasties for a living (he's a quality assessor). He doesn't feature on my blog much as he doesn't get the whole blogging or social media thing, he has Facebook but he only uses that to tag me in a restaurant 'like and share' competitions that he never wins, I'm sure he only does it to annoy me. 

Chloe the teen is 16 years old and is at 6th form studying for her A-Levels. She doesn't feature on my blog much as she is a teen and it is probably a bit embarrassing featuring on a 'mummy blog', she does, however, want to set her own blog up one day and is thinking of working in social media or being a teacher when she is older.  

Sophia is six and she is the most cheekiest, happiest little girl although she is a bit of a live wire. She loves being creative, playing with her toys, animals and watching American kids play with slime and open surprise toys on YouTube - she is a huge Ryans toy review fan. When she is big she wants to be a babysitter.  

Jacob is the baby of the family he is five years old. He is full of energy and such a smart little boy who loves to learn and explore the world around him. He loves playing football for our local team, superheroes and is aeroplane crazy, he knows every plane just by looking at the logo and he really wants to go on Emirates and American Airlines flights one day. 

We all live together in our forever family home with our crazy pets. 

Why not visit my Contact me page to find out more.

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