Friday 30 May 2014

Penwizard - Personalised Children's Book Review

The people at Penwizard kindly give me the chance to review a Peppa Pig My Daddy And Me book. I had never even heard of Penwizard book's before so I had a look on their website which you can view here and was very impressed with what I saw. Penwizard offers a range of children's character book's which are suitable for both boy's and girls that you can personalise with the child's details, so that your child becomes a part of the story and is featured throughout the book.

Ordering the book was very easy, you simply click on the book that you want and fill in your child's details and then you can customise your character with the same skin tone, eye colour, hair style and colour etc.You can also customise your child's daddy character too, so that they look like your child and their daddy which was fun. Then you create an account and go to checkout and that's it, super easy and very quick it took me less than five minutes.

personalise Peppa Pig book


Sophia's Best Outfit Of The Week

#bootd is the best outfit of the day a linky by ickle pickle blog which you add your baby's best outfit too. I have wanted to join in with this since it started a few week's ago as Sophia has some gorgeous outfit's but I always forget. Last Sunday was Sophia's very first birthday and I took lot's of photographs of her in her pretty party dress so here is Sophia's best outfit Of The Day.


Thursday 29 May 2014

Puddle Ducks Baby Swimming Lesson Review

A few week's ago I was contacted by the lovely people from Puddle Ducks Newcastle to ask if Sophia would like to attend a free trial lesson at one of there baby swimming classes. I have always wanted Sophia to enjoy swimming from a young age as her older sister has attended swimming lessons for the last few years and loves swimming. We thought Sophia would too as she loves bath time, but when we have taken her to the local leisure centre pool in the past she has screamed as soon as we put her in the water and we have had to take her back out again. However I had a look on the puddle ducks website which you can view here and I was impressed by what I read, as they have lot's of classes for different age's and ability's and the reviews on the site seemed fab.

Baby Sophia and her dad at a Puddle Duck Swimming Lesson


Tuesday 27 May 2014

Letter to Sophia on your first birthday

To my little princess Sophia Ella

I can not believe that you are now one whole year old, the last year has gone by so fast in some way's it feels like you have been here forever and have always been a part of our family. I could not imagine a life without you, but it also does not seem very long ago since you were born. I still remember the day that you were born like it was yesterday you came into the world at 11.48am, six day's late and after putting me through 40 hour's of labour (you little tinker). From the moment you were born, you have been a daddy's girl, as soon as you heard his voice when you were born you stopped crying and your eye's followed him around the room. Now you still always want your daddy and your face light's up when he gets home from work.


Friday 23 May 2014

Pregnancy Week 25 Update & Glucose Tolerance Test

I am now 26 week's and 3 days pregnant so I am a bit slow in posting my 25-week pregnancy update. You can read about week 23 and 24 of my pregnancy in my previous update.

I have been quiet on my blog lately as I have just been so busy, we are busy sorting out Sophia's first birthday which is soon. I have also been so busy trying to get everything sorted for Chloe's holiday as she is off to Marbella in Spain with her grandad this weekend, it is a last minute holiday so I have been trying to arrange passport renewal's for her (what a nightmare) and holiday clothes shopping etc. Both the girls have been so busy with activities the last two week's and I have had midwife and hospital appointments, I just feel like I have not had time to do anything at all. My poor little house is a bit neglected lately,  the housework is starting to pile up and my laundry basket is so full it is overflowing.


Tuesday 20 May 2014

Sophia At 11 Month's Old

Sophia will be one whole year old soon, I can not believe that my baby girl is going to be one in a few days. I can not wait to celebrate her very first birthday with her. I can not believe how fast this year has gone by, although it seems like she has been a part of our family forever.

 As she approaches her first birthday I will post a quick update on what Sophia was like at 11 months old. I still have not taken her to get weighed recently, we have just been so busy so I have no idea how much she actually weighs now. She is wearing 9-12 month clothes still as her 12-18-month-old outfits are still too big for her, she is still wearing size 4 pamper nappies.


Tuesday 13 May 2014

Week's 23 & 24 Pregnancy Update

I am now 25 week's pregnant, I really can not believe how fast this pregnancy is going by! I have totally forgotten to take any bump photo's lately - I am blaming baby brain! so here is a quick update on what week's 23 and 24 of my pregnancy were like.

I have had my fortnightly midwife appointment and everything is fine my blood pressure is still normal thanks to my blood pressure medication and we got to hear baby's heartbeat, which I love. Baby is getting so much more active now I get really big kicks and I can see my belly move I even feel when baby has hiccups. Baby is defiantly getting into a pattern of kicking, normally not long after I have eaten I will get kicked for a while I think it must like being fed! Bath time is always fun too as baby likes the bath and wriggles and kicks lots and also when I go to bed it thinks it is play time and kicks non stop for about 45 minutes.


Saturday 10 May 2014

May Bank Holiday As A Morrison's Mum

A few week's ago I received an e-mail from Britmums inviting me to be a Morrison's mum for the May bank holiday weekend, which meant I would be sent £80 worth of Morrison's vouchers to do my grocery shopping and then write about my shopping experience and the quality of the food. Of course, I jumped at the chance as I love shopping at Morrison's, it is actually where we always go for our food shop. I even use to go to Morrison's every weekend food shopping with my mum when I was a child. Morrison's have recently announced lots of new price cuts on everyday items so I was keen to see if I would notice a difference in my shopping bill. 

Morrisons shopping vouchers


Friday 9 May 2014

Gallstone's In Pregnancy

I have been meaning to write this post for a while now as ever since I suffered from gallstone's people have been asking me about it. I will start at the beginning when I was 32 week's and 2 days pregnant with Sophia in March 2013 I suffered my very first gallstone attack.

I went to bed feeling fine but I had only been in bed about an hour when I was woken up with a sharp pain under my right ribs, I just could not comfy.  I came downstairs thinking the baby was just lying on a nerve, but the pain started getting worse it was spreading right around my back and over my bump and felt like a tight band. I could not get comfortable at all and I was even finding it hard to breath as I felt so uncomfortable. I tried painkillers but they didn't even touch the pain so I got in the bath thinking that would help but the pain was just getting worse.

Monday 5 May 2014

Week's 21 & 22 Pregnancy Update

Week's 21 & 22 pregnancy update

I am now almost 24 weeks pregnant and realised that I have not done a pregnancy update for a while now so I thought I would do a quick update on what week's 21 and 22 were like. As I mentioned in my last pregnancy post I now only have to have appointments with the midwife every two weeks instead of weekly, to check my blood pressure as I am on blood pressure medication as I am at risk of pre-eclampsia.  So I went to see the midwife when I was 22 week's and everything was fine with my blood pressure and urine and we got to hear baby's heartbeat which was perfect. 

The midwife said that baby feels very big for 22 week's though and there was me thinking my bump was tiny, I just know I am going to have a 10lb baby this time. My bump is defiantly more noticeable now, some days I think my bump is huge and some days it looks quiet small. I think it just depends on what clothes I am wearing.


Thursday 1 May 2014

Sophia's 10 Month Update

Sophia turned 11 month's old last week just one more month until she is one whole year old! Time really does fly by when you have children. Since starting this blog just over a month ago I decided to write a monthly update on what she has been like so that I can record her milestones and have a lovely record to look back on in years to come, this post will be looking back on what Sophia was like at 10 month's old.

 I have not been to get Sophia weighed for a while now so I have no idea what she weighs but she is defiantly getting a lot bigger. She is wearing 9-12 month clothes but she still fits into most of her 6-9 months too, she received some 12-18 month clothes for Easter and I thought they might fit her but they are far too big.

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