Thursday 31 July 2014

My Real Mum All Bran Challenge

If like me you think All Bran is a bland, boring cereal, that only your parents eat then you will be surprised to find that actually it is not like that at all, as I have recently discovered for myself when I took part in the #RealMumsAllBranChallenge. Brit Mums recently teamed up with All Bran to challenge some bloggers to try the new All-Bran cereals for five consecutive day's to see what we thought, here is how I got on. This post is my entry for the Real Mums of All Bran challenge, sponsored by Kelloggs.

three boxes of All-Bran cereal


Monday 28 July 2014

My Ten Tip's For Surviving Pregnany In Summer

As everyone is aware we are having a bit of a summer heatwave going on in the UK this summer and for once the north east is actually enjoying a lovely hot dry summer. Normally I love the summer and love sunbathing in the garden and going on days out to the beach but not this year as I am now 36 weeks pregnant and I must say being so heavily pregnant in this heat is no fun at all. Obviously, I have been pregnant in summer before as Chloe was born in October so I was pregnant during the summer but not so heavily so it was not to bad. Sophia was born in the may so it was warm but not as warm as it is now. 

Before the heatwave struck I was having such an easy pregnancy but due to the heat and nearing my due date I am now starting to struggle with this pregnancy and after seeing lots of other pregnant people on my twitter and facebook feeds also mentioning they are struggling in this heat I know that I am not the only one. And it is no surprise that we pregnant ladies are struggling in this heat as we are carrying extra weight, we have all them lovely crazy hormones racing around our bodies and we have extra blood in our bodies when pregnant so are temperature can be higher than normal. So here are my ten tips that I have found useful for surviving a summer pregnancy.


Sunday 27 July 2014

Sophia's 13 month update

Sophia has just turned 14 month's old on Thursday so I am a bit late in posting her 13-month update, so here is a quick look at what Sophia was like at 13 months old.

Sophia had her immunisations when she turned 13 months old and her daddy said apart from a little cry when she had the injections she was fine, I always get her daddy to take her for her injections as I feel bad taken her for them. She has also got her ninth tooth a one at the back on the bottom and her tenth tooth is also starting to come through as well on the other side. We have been lucky that Sophia has not really been bothered by teething she just gets a bit dribbly. We have not taken her to get weighed this month so I have no idea how much she weighs. She is still wearing her size 4 Pampers nappies and all of her 12-18 month clothes now fit her perfectly, she is still a size 4 and a half f in shoe size.


Saturday 26 July 2014

Mini Baby Haul

As I am now only one month away from my due date I am starting to get prepared for baby's arrival and we have started baby shopping after putting it off for so long, mainly due to the fact that we did not find out baby's sex until I was 28 week's pregnant. After having two girls I am finding it so strange shopping for a little boy as I keep automatically looking at little girl's clothes and I am a bit unsure of what to buy a little boy if I am honest. So the other half has been picking most of the things we have brought so far, so here is a little look at what we have been buying baby.

First soft toy

Family Day Out At Morpeth Park

When I was a child I always remember going to visit Morpeth park every summer and have fond memories of visiting, so now I am a mum myself I take my own children there every summer too. Morpeth park is situated near the town centre of Morpeth in Northumberland, I love it and think it is one of the nicest parks in the North East. The park itself is not very big but there is a large paddling pool for children to go in and a small play area for smaller children and then another area for older children. It is situated in such a lovely well-kept park garden and there is a river running through it where you can feed the ducks and go on the rowing boats.

Fun on the see-saw


Wednesday 23 July 2014

Week's 33 And 34 Pregnancy Update

I am now 35 + 1 day's pregnant only five more weeks until my due date! I know that I say this all of the time but I can not believe how fast this pregnancy has flown over, it seems like only last week that I found out that I was pregnant and now I am only a few week's away from meeting my baby!
A lot has been happening baby wise now that I am nearing the end of my pregnancy so here is what week's 33 and 34 of my pregnancy were like.

34-week bump


Sunday 20 July 2014

Walking Baby Sophia And Her First Shoe's

This post has actually been sitting in my draft box for two month's now!  I was just going to delete it as Sophia has been walking and got her first shoes age's ago but I thought that it would be nice to post it so I can look back on when she started to walk and getting her first shoes.

Sophia has always been really quick at doing thing's ever since she was born she is really smart for her age so she obviously does not take after me or her daddy she has been sleeping on a night time since the day she was born, she was rolling over at just twelve week's old and she just seems to pick thing's up so easily and loves to learn new thing's. But Sophia never really properly crawled, she bum shuffled along the floor really quickly to get what she wanted from around 5-6 month's but at Christmas time, when she was 7 month's she started pulling her self up on furniture and cruising along the sofas.  Before long she was walking along pushing her baby walker at 8 month's old then when she was 9 month's old she took her very first step. She would only take one or two steps then fall back down on her bum but she didn't give up and seemed determined to walk. When she was 10 month's old she started to walk properly across the room on her own, although sometimes she was still a bit unsteady on her feet. As soon as she turned 11 month's there was no stopping her and she was toddling along confidently all over, she was even talking steps when we were out in public and wanting to walk everywhere so we had to get her some shoes.


Wednesday 9 July 2014

Galt Mini Masterpiece- The kiss

As anyone who knows us will know Chloe my eldest daughter loves art's and crafts and is forever making things and drawing. So when Galt toy's recently offered her the chance to create her own 'mini-masterpiece' she was over the moon and couldn't wait to get started. 

Galt recently launched a 'mini-masterpiece' series which is six famous work's of art that they have templates of on there website that you can print off and get your children to colour in and decorate themselves to recreate there own 'mini-masterpiece'.

Galt art jar
Huge art jar


Monday 7 July 2014

Week's 31 & 32 Pregnancy update's

I have been trying to write weekly pregnancy up date's as I feel this will be lovely to look back on in year's to come, but I just have not had the time or energy to blog lately. So I thought that it was best to do a week 31 and 32 updates together as I am going to be 33 week's pregnant tomorrow.

I am still lucky in that I am not suffering from any sickness, heartburn, cravings or aches and pains etc. And my skin and hair are still looking great and I still don't have any stretch marks - yay. My hormones are still under control with no bursting into tears or being grumpy and snappy which I am glad about, crazy hormones have been my biggest problem this pregnancy. However, I am still feeling really tired and have no energy at all to do anything as I mentioned in my previous update my recent blood tests had shown that I was suffering from low iron levels which were making me so tired and breathless. I have started taking iron tablets three times a day and I do have slightly more energy but not much, I am still lacking in motivation and I am getting so tired easily of simple things like going to the shops and doing housework, although the breathlessness seems to have improved.


Thursday 3 July 2014

Sassy Bloom subscription box

Before I started my blog I had never heard of Sassy Bloom or subscription box's for that matter, but as I got to know other bloggers via twitter I heard a few people mention them and I thought they sounded great. So when I saw that Sassy Bloom had an offer on where you could buy a box for just £1 plus £4.95 postage I just had to get one to try out for myself  Sophia. 

Sassy Bloom Subscription Box

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