Monday 7 July 2014

Week's 31 & 32 Pregnancy update's

I have been trying to write weekly pregnancy up date's as I feel this will be lovely to look back on in year's to come, but I just have not had the time or energy to blog lately. So I thought that it was best to do a week 31 and 32 updates together as I am going to be 33 week's pregnant tomorrow.

I am still lucky in that I am not suffering from any sickness, heartburn, cravings or aches and pains etc. And my skin and hair are still looking great and I still don't have any stretch marks - yay. My hormones are still under control with no bursting into tears or being grumpy and snappy which I am glad about, crazy hormones have been my biggest problem this pregnancy. However, I am still feeling really tired and have no energy at all to do anything as I mentioned in my previous update my recent blood tests had shown that I was suffering from low iron levels which were making me so tired and breathless. I have started taking iron tablets three times a day and I do have slightly more energy but not much, I am still lacking in motivation and I am getting so tired easily of simple things like going to the shops and doing housework, although the breathlessness seems to have improved.

The heat is also really getting to me still as I am getting so sweaty and hot and uncomfortable being so heavily pregnant, ice lollies and lots of water to drink have been a must. Sleeping is a struggle in this heat and cooking is also becoming a struggle if the kitchen gets too hot, so the other half has been cooking a lot more lately. I am also struggling to sleep well on a night time I am still lucky enough to be able to get comfortable in bed but the heat and the constant toilet trips during the night for a wee and a baby who seems to come to life at bedtime have made sleeping impossible. I get a few broken hours sleep if I am lucky. I am also still having really vivid horrible dreams which I never normally have.

I have been suffering from lots of braxton hicks as well lately and lots of cramp type pains which come and go, I never experienced these with either of my girls so I actually thought I was going into early labour when I first experienced them. 

Appointment wise I had a midwife appointment when I was 31 week's pregnant and my blood pressure was actually a bit low but my urine and everything else was fine. We got to hear baby's heartbeat which was lovely as the other half actually came with me and it is rare that he gets to come to midwife appointments with me due to work. My bump was also measured and it is now measuring a week behind what it should be and has actually shrunk from when it was measured two weeks previously by 4 cm. So I don't know if the baby has just moved position, the midwife was not concerned as I was booked in for a scan at 32 weeks. I don't feel like my bump has grown much but it does feel like it has dropped down a bit and I am getting less pressure under my ribs.

At 32 week's I had a hospital appointment for another growth scan and also an appointment with the consultant. The scan went fine and baby is still a little boy (I had to double check). He was head down so we couldn't see his face and he kept wriggling about but everything seemed normal on the scan with baby and placenta, but the fluid around the baby is a little low and has went down from the last scan. The scan was lovely and we could see him practising his breathing with his little lungs moving. We didn't get a scan pic as they said it was pointless paying for one so late in pregnancy as you cant see much as baby is so big.

After my scan I had my blood pressure and urine checked and everything was normal and then I saw the consultant who said that baby was still measuring a bit small on my chart but he is grown so it's not a great concern. I am lucky that my NHS trust - Newcastle have the growth assessment programme which is a customised growth chart that takes in my height, weight and my previous baby's weights and it shows how big my baby should be as it has shown he is measuring small so that extra checks can be made on him, but if I was just issued with a standard growth chart which some NHS trusts have his small growth would probably not have been picked up on. I have to go back to the hospital in four weeks time at 36 weeks for another growth scan to check baby and to talk to my consultant about induction of labour at 38-39 weeks, they won't let me go over my due date due to my high blood pressure and being on blood pressure medication.

Growth chart shows baby is just below average
In some ways i want to be induced as I know that it is probably safer for baby to be born if there is a risk I could develop pre eclampsia. All I want is what is best for baby and if that means an early induction then I am happy with that.

So because baby will probably be arriving in 5-6 weeks time instead of in 7 weeks I think it's time I started baby shopping and organising his sleeping space (the corner of my bedroom for now), so that's the plan for next week as the other half has a week off work so we are going to buy most of the baby's stuff and pack the hospital bags.

I also had my whooping cough vaccine at 32 weeks pregnant at first they were not going to give me it as I had one only 15 months ago when I was pregnant with Sophia but they said that I needed it again as it is to protect the baby. I was happy to have it as me and Sophia were fine last time I had it. I had a really sore arm for a few days after it but that was it.

Baby is still active after I have eaten when I am in the bath and at bed time, his kicks are so big now and sometimes they hurt but I love watching my belly move about and I know I will miss it when he is born. I have a midwife appointment tomorrow when I'm 33 weeks pregnant and I will take a bump photo and hopefully get my hospital bag packed and actually start being organised for our little boys arrival next month!

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