Saturday 28 June 2014

30 Week's Pregnant

Once again I am late in posting my weekly pregnancy update as I sit here now to type up this post I am now 31+4 day's pregnant and I am now down to single figure number of weeks until baby number 3s arrival.

Week 30 was quiet uneventful I did not have any midwife or hospital appointment's this week and we still have not started baby shopping either. I am still feeling pretty good with no sickness, heartburn, cravings or aches and pains. But I have been so tired this week I have no energy at all and I am also finding it really hard to sleep on a night time, as I keep waking up and finding it so hard to fall back to sleep again. Also, the heat has really been getting to me and I get so hot and bothered and seem to be sweating loads. I am still feeling really breathless as well and I am getting so tired and out of breath just of doing normal everyday things like walking to the shop or doing housework. I feel like all my get up and go has got up and gone as I have no motivation at all to do anything. I do not have the luxury of being able to relax and rest as I have two children to look after and run around after non-stop.

Anyway as I mentioned last week at my 29-week midwife appointment I had a routine blood test and I got a letter from my G.P's surgery asking me to call them in regards to the blood test as they showed I had very low iron levels. They have prescribed iron tablet's for me to take three time's a day plus a higher dose folic acid tablet to take daily for the rest of my pregnancy. As my low iron levels are what has been making me feel so tired and breathless. I am hoping once these tablet's kick in I will start to feel a bit more human as I really have been feeling rather dreadful, so I am now on eight tablets a day to help me through my pregnancy (iron, blood pressure, asprin, and vitamins) now I just need to remember to take them daily which will be a challenge with my baby brain.

Also this week my bump seem's to have stopped growing as much it does not seem so big this week, but I am not worried as I am sure it's just due to baby moving position and I am sure I will get bigger in the next few weeks as I near my due date. Baby is still very active and is wriggling and kicking a lot more now and seems to like to kick me under the ribs, ouch! He gets the hiccups a lot now too which I love the feeling of, its like little bubbles popping in my tummy.

I still have no craving's and I am eating the same as before and my appetite has returned to normal after having a few weeks of constantly feeling hungry. With the weather being hot I have realised I have been wanting to eat more salads and fruit and ice lollies but I still love my carbs and bread is still a firm favourite at the moment.

That's all that has been happening this week, I will update on what week 31 of pregnancy was like soon.

You can catch up on my week 29 update here.


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