Saturday, 21 June 2014

Week 29 pregnancy update

I am now 30+4 day's pregnant so i am a bit late in writing up my week 29 pregnancy update as usual.  I had a midwife appointment when i was exactly 29 week's pregnant and my blood pressure and urine are fine so thankfully my blood pressure medication still seems to be working and there is no sign of pre-eclampsia. I also had my blood's taken to check my sugar levels, iron count etc, i use to hate getting my blood's taken but now after two pregnancy's in a year and suffering gallstones and having surgery its like second nature to me and it doesn't bother me at all any more.

My bump was also measured and i was told that my bump is measuring four weeks ahead and i will be having a big baby well this totally confused me as at my growth scan the week before i had been told that baby was measuring small! So i don't know what to think as in my pregnancy with Sophia my bump was small and i hardly put any weight on yet she was 8lb 2oz so i am just taking what they say with a pinch of salt at the moment as everyone seems happy with how my pregnancy is going and baby seems healthy which is all that matters , maybe i have just been eating too much or maybe baby will be a chunky little 10lb baby only time will tell.

I am still feeling pretty good considering i am now into my third trimester which i normally find the hardest,  i am still sailing through this pregnancy i still have no sickness, heartburn , stretchmarks or aches and pains. My skin is still glowing and my hair is still thick and shiny. My bump is growing all the time and i am feeling bigger all over this pregnancy i have put weight on all over my body not just my bump. Baby deffinatly has a routine for kicks now and i can predict when he is going to be active and the movements are so big now i can actually feel his little feet sticking out my tummy at times and he like's to get them stuck under my ribs which can be quiet painful at time's but i love feeling him move its the best part of pregnancy for me. I still have no craving's i am eating pretty much anything, i am eating some thing's that i probably would not normally eat but there not cravings i am just more open to trying new food's now i am pregnant as i am normally quiet a fussy eater. My appetite seems to have growing i am starving when i wake up in the mornings and i am eating so much toast but i am hardly hungry in a evening.

It has been really hot this week and i am starting to really struggle with the heat i just feel so big and tired and the heat gets to me so easily i feel all sweaty and out of breath just off walking to the shops and i have to have a sit down and recover when i get home which makes me feel about 90 years old. I am also still finding it hard to sleep thankfully i am still able to get comfortable in bed i just keep waking up lots during the night needing the bathroom and finding it hard to fall back to sleep. And someday i really struggle with a lack of energy which i am sure is just down to the heat and running around after Sophia non stop all day long. I have got quiet lazy lately though i sometimes really lack the motivation to do thing's like go shopping or do housework which is quiet bad , i do the basic housework but i have a huge list of things i want done to the house before baby arrives but i just have no motivation to do it. Thankfully my hormones seem to be back under control this week and i have not been crying and snapping so much which is good.

I have had quiet a busy week this week with life in general we attended a 2nd birthday party and it was such hard work running around after Sophia in the heat and being so big but both girls had a great time. It was also fathers day and we just had a quiet day at home and i cooked a roast as my dad and the others half's dad's were both away on holiday's. And me and the other half actually went out for a meal together to a Italians which was lovely as we never get the chance to do anything like that these day's and we use to all the time.

In baby news i still haven't started baby shopping but i really must start as i only have nine week's left and i have a feeling baby might arrive early mind you he will probably be late as both the girl's were overdue. I have also signed up to a exciting blogging opportunity this week to be a resident blogger on a fab site so keep a eye out for an update on that soon too as i really am going to start taking my blogging more seriously i have even brought my own domain name for my blog and everything this week and i managed set it up all on my own with thanks to google of course.


  1. Aw sounds like you're having a fab pregnancy hun!!
    I'm totally with you on the heat thing - I'm struggling too!!
    Love reading peoples pregnancy updates! I posted mine this weekend too if you fancy a read!
    Take care!
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

  2. Thank you yes i really am lucky to be having such a easy pregnancy. the heat is awful in pregnancy isint it, I love reading other people's pregnancy updates too will check out your blog now x


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