Wednesday 18 June 2014

Sophia's 12 month update

I can not believe that my baby girl Sophia turned one and she is no longer a baby but an actual little toddler. I am sure that time speed's up when you are a parent as the last year really has flown by so quickly! So here is a quick look at what Sophia was like at 12 month's old.

We celebrated her very first birthday and she had a party at the local soft play with her little friends, she absolutely loved it and was running around and loved the slides although she was a bit unsure of the bouncy castles. She also loved her birthday cake which was a good job as we booked a first birthday cake smash photo shoot for a few days after her birthday which was very messy but resulted in some amazing photographs.

Sophia had her one year check up with the health visitor and she now weighs 23lbs, she fits into most of her 12-18 month clothes and is wearing size 5 nappies. We have noticed that Sophia is really tall compared to other babies her age, she has long legs like her daddy. She still only has 8 teeth but I think she may be teething again as she is getting dribbly, luckily we have never had any problems with her with teething. The health visitor was really happy with her development and she is doing everything she should be doing at her age. 

She is walking everywhere now and she just wants to be out her buggy and walking all over, she is so much harder work now she is walking as she climbs up on everything and grabs everything. She has also started to have little tantrums now if she can not get her own way, she will whine and stamp her feet like a proper little madam. She also thinks it is great fun to sit in her highchair and throw things on the floor and laugh when you go to pick things up. I forgot how much hard work toddlers are she was much easier as a newborn!

She still has the same routine that she has had since birth she wake's at 7.30am now instead of 6am,  she comes downstairs gets dressed and then has her breakfast and watches TV. She then sometimes has a morning nap around 9am but we have found since she is waking later sometimes she is having her nap later, so some days she just has one nap instead of two. We then normally go out somewhere like the park, shopping or baby groups we return home she has lunch if we haven't had lunch out. Sometimes she will have an afternoon nap she will then spend time playing with her toys, then has her tea and then spends time with her daddy after he gets in from work. She has her bath at 6.30 and bed for 7pm, she is taken ages to fall asleep with the light summer nights. She is sleeping right through the night now too. 

Sophia loves her food, she love's fruit and veg and her favourite foods are carrots, broccoli, strawberries, cheese, toast, yoghurts, quiche, chocolate buttons, chicken nuggets, sausages and Yorkshire. She also really loves pizza and garlic dip which we discovered when we went out for an Italian meal recently and she also had her first ice cream of the ice cream man and she loved it. She still loves her bottles of milk, we give her cows milk but she still has baby formula before bed she will drink out of her sippy cup during the day but she loves milk out of a bottle to go to sleep. I think it is a comfort to her and we are finding it hard to get her off bottles and onto beakers for her milk.

She is still a little chatterbox and try's to copy everything you say to her and she is saying new words all of the time. She also sings along to things in her own little baby language and dances which is so cute. She understands so much that you say to her now too, things such as if you ask her where something is she will point or if you say give the bear a kiss she will pick her bear up and kiss it.

I really am so lucky to have such a lovely happy little girl and I just hope she will be OK when her new little baby brother arrives in two months time. I still can not believe she is going to be a big sister when she is still so young herself.

We have loved having Sophia in our life for the last year, it has been so lovely to watch her grow and learn and turn into a lovely little girl. She is learning new things every single day and she makes us all laugh every day with her funny cute little personality which she is developing.


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