Sunday 29 June 2014

The Second Trimester

I am now almost 32 week's pregnant and I am well into my third and final trimester of my third pregnancy. I am getting so close to my due date, if the baby was to arrive anytime soon he would now have a very good chance of survival. So I thought that it would be nice to look back on what my second trimester was actually like, all the pregnancy books and magazine often tells you that the second trimester is the best as you have energy, you get a bump and feel baby's movements for the first time and hopefully if you suffer morning sickness it should have disappeared by now and you are glowing and blooming and fully enjoying pregnancy. And I have to admit the second trimester is actually probably my best but for me personally, it is not quiet as amazing as book's/ magazines and films actually make it out to be.

The 13-week scan
The second trimester runs from week's 13-28 of pregnancy and at week 13 of pregnancy I had just had my very first dating scan and found out baby's due date, I was relieved to find out that everything seemed o.k with the baby and we could finally tell everyone that we were going to have a baby! It was also discovered at 13 week's that I was suffering from pregnancy-induced high blood pressure and I was put on medication for this. But apart from that, I was feeling fine, I really have been lucky this pregnancy that I have not really suffered from any sickness, craving's, aches and pains or heartburn etc.

I started to get a bump and due to this being my third baby I actually started feeling kicks at around 14 week's and feeling baby's movement's really is the best part of pregnancy for me, it is so magical knowing there is a little person growing inside me and that he is o.k. I had my 20-week scan and even though we wanted to find out baby's gender we were unable to as he had his leg's crossed and also the placenta and his hand were in the way. We were going to keep baby's gender a surprise until birth but when I had a growth scan (as there is concerns baby is a bit small due to my blood pressure medication) at 28 week's baby had it's legs wide open for all to see and it was obvious that we were having a little boy. This was a huge shock as I had been so sure that I was having another little girl! But we are so happy to be having a boy and we already have his name picked out Jacob Oliver which is actually the name that we had picked out if Sophia had been a little boy.

Health wise since starting my blood pressure medication my blood pressure has been completely normal and I have been getting it checked first weekly and then fortnightly throughout my second trimester, so that if I do develop pre-eclampsia which I am at risk of then it will hopefully be picked up early on. I have also had a glucose tolerance test at 24 week's pregnant which was due to diabetes running in my mum's side of the family and thankfully that was fine and I do not have gestational diabetes.

Baby wise he is really active and he has developed a pattern of when he is most active, I normally get lot's of kicks after I have eaten, when I am in the bath and when I go to bed, he is actually most active on a night time and often keeps me awake with his kicks. At first, they were just little wriggles but towards the end of my second trimester I was getting big movements and you can actually see my tummy moving through my clothing and you can feel and see his little feet sticking out my side sometimes which is a little bit painful at times but still amazing to see.

How I have been feeling, I really have been feeling pretty good this trimester I have had more energy then I did in my first trimester but I have not had loads of energy like people often say you will but that is probably down to the fact that I am running around after a one-year-old toddler all day. Am I glowing like people often mention? I would not say so, yes my skin feels really smooth and my hair does not get dirty as quickly as normal but my hair has not gone lovely and thick and long like it did with Sophia and I don't think I am glowing as most people just comment on how tired I look rather than how good I look. 

Do I have a big bump? You can obviously tell I am pregnant and have a bump but it is not huge and I would love to look hugely pregnant as sometimes I think I just look fat rather than pregnant. I feel like I am bigger all over this pregnancy, I have actually gone up a clothes size in maternity clothes as I have gained weight all over my body.

Eating for two? one of the perks of pregnancy people often talk about is 'eating for two' obviously I know this is not recommended but pregnancy is the one time in a woman's life where she does not have to worry about her weight or her jean's being too tight. It is also an excuse to give into the cravings for cake's and other goodies that we normally deprive are self off. But you know what I have not really had any craving's I have eaten thing's in this pregnancy that I would not normally eat like kebab - shudder. But I have not had any cravings like I did with the girls, I have never woke up in the middle of the night and ate cake's or pickled onions dipped in chocolate or any other weird food combinations. I also have not really been eating a lot more than normal either, I am normally starving in a morning when I wake up and have been eating a lot of carbs ( mainly bread) but other than that I have not been eating for two. 

28-week bump

 I can not wait to discover what my third trimester is like and to meet my baby at the end of it.

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