Thursday 5 June 2014

Week 27 pregnancy update

I am now 28 week's pregnant so here is a quick update on what week 27 was like. I did not have any midwife or hospital appointments this week and I have still been feeling pretty good with no heartburn or sickness, yay! I still have no craving's either and no sign of any stretch marks. I am still getting a little bit of lower back pain when I am doing housework or when I get out of bed in the morning's but it is not too bad. My skin is still lovely and clear and soft and my hair is still thick and shiny and does not get greasy very much. 

I mentioned last week that I thought the baby was breech as all the movements I was feeling were very low down but I think baby must have turned now as I am getting lot's of kicks under my ribs and in my side's. I am also now constantly needing to wee and I am waking up lot's during the night for trips to the bathroom. I also feel really big and heavy and get uncomfortable when I walk and I am getting short of breath really easily, I feel about 90 at times. 

My hormones are still going crazy too and I am crying at everything I cry at least once a day which is so unlike me. I have also been feeling so exhausted lately, I have not had the energy to do anything and I have been going to bed super early each night.

In other news's this week Chloe came home from her holiday, I had missed her loads but it seems like she has had a brilliant time and has a lovely sun tan. I haven't really done much else this week other than normal mum tasks like shopping, cooking, cleaning and running about after the girls.

I am still finding this pregnancy so easy and enjoyable compared to my previous two it is going by so quick and I am finding it so easy and I do not even feel pregnant half the time. I really do feel so lucky and it is so nice to actually be able to enjoy the experience and have a nice pregnancy this time around.

One thing I have noticed since I have been pregnant is that everyone keeps commenting on the sex of the baby and keeps saying to us "oh I bet you want a boy" I honestly do not mind what sex the baby is. In some way's I would like a boy as I have two girl's and it would be nice to experience what having a boy would be like and buy boy clothes and toys instead of being surrounded by pink and dolls. But in a way, I would also like another girl as I feel like I know what to do with girls and I have so much girl things I would hardly have to buy anything for the baby.

That's all that's been going on this week, just a quick update as not much has been going on but I like to record my pregnancy so I can look back on it as this is probably my last pregnancy.

You can read about my 26th week of pregnancy here. 


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