Friday 13 June 2014

Week 28 pregnancy update

Wow, I can not believe that I am 28 week's pregnant and I am in the final trimester, only 12 more weeks to go until baby arrives! Lot's has been happening this week, I had a scan and a consultant appointment when I was exactly 28 week's pregnant due to me being a high risk pregnancy and being on medication for my blood pressure. I have to have extra growth scans in my last trimester just to check baby's growth and that the placenta is functioning o.k. We had the scan first of all and we found out that baby is a little boy!!! I was so shocked I couldn't believe it i am still finding it hard to believe that I am having a boy. I was so sure I was having another girl, so much for mothers intuition, I have been wrong with all three of my pregnancy's now.

me at 28 weeks pregnant with baby number 3
massive 28 week bump

I am so happy to be having a little boy, it will be so nice to experience having a boy and buying boy clothes and toys after having two girls. I am a little bit nervous that I won't know what to do with a boy and it will be so strange changing a little boy's nappy.

Anyway back to my scan they said that baby was weighing about 2lbs and that everything seemed perfect with him and the placenta was fine and I had the right amount of fluid. But the baby was measuring a bit smaller then he should be, they weren't too concerned and I will have another scan in four week's to check to see if his growth has increased or if he is still a bit small. I then had my appointment with my consultant and my blood pressure was a little bit high but my urine and everything was fine and I was just told to get my blood pressure checked at my midwife appointment next week.

 I then had an appointment with the anaesthetist due to me being a high-risk pregnancy, she just spoke to me about c-sections and epidurals which i am hoping to avoid as I managed my last two labours with just gas and air and diamorphine so I am hoping to do the same again this time. Even though they have said baby is small I feel so huge, I feel like I am so much bigger than my last pregnancy.  I certainly weigh more and even though I am wearing maternity clothes my maternity tops are starting to feel a bit small and keep riding up which I hate. 

I am really struggling with this heat being so big and pregnant, I get out of breath so easily and the heat is making me so uncomfortable. Apart from that, I am still feeling pretty good and I am sailing through this pregnancy with no sickness, heartburn, cravings or aches and pains. I can't believe how different it is to my other pregnancy's. I am suffering a little bit from insomnia which is probably just due to the heat and the need to get up during the night to pee alot and little baby always seems to come to life and kick and wriggle lots when I go to bed, it is when he is the most active. I have realised that I am getting tired a lot more easily now too, I don't know if that is due to lack of sleep and running around after a toddling one year old or just of nearing the end of my pregnancy.

I still have not started baby shopping but we are going to soon, I have started looking online at little boy things and I have made a list of what we need. I think I will probably start ordering some things online as I have discovered some lovely website who sell gorgeous baby things.

Also this week Chloe my eldest daughter fell off a climbing frame at school and hit and twisted her arm so I had a phone call from the school to go and get her and take her to hospital as they thought she may have broke it. The other half was at work so I had to take her, and of course, I couldn't go in the x-ray with her when I am pregnant. Thankfully she has not broken it she has just badly bruised and sprained it.

That's all I have been up to this week really, I'm still loving being pregnant and enjoying every second. I am still very unorganised for baby's arrival but I know that I will get everything sorted in time. I am not panicking yet.

So that's another pregnancy week over with and another week closer to meeting my baby boy and becoming a family of five.

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