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Why Work With Me?

There are thousands of family lifestyle blogs around at the moment and even a fair few here in the North East now too, so why should you work with me? 

I have been blogging for almost 5 years now and I have recently taken the plunge and decided to blog full-time now that my children are all in full-time school. As I have been blogging for such a long time I have built up a genuine readership that trusts what I say and who actually go out and buy things, visit places or even book holidays after seeing my recommendations as I am just a normal everyday mam that they can relate too. After posting about our holiday to Majorca (which we paid for ourselves) six separate people messaged me to say they had booked the same holiday after seeing my review - screenshots available upon request. 

Every single one of my followers on social media is real and almost every single post written on this blog has been written by myself. I don't post irrelevant copy and paste sponsored posts or links to spammy sites, I only work with brands that are family friendly. As I write all my own sponsored posts and put my own spin on things my readers like this and a few of the sponsored posts I published last year were my most read posts of the year. 

I am a mam of three and have been a mam for sixteen years so I have a wealth of experience to draw on and can bring many different perspectives to a campaign from life with teens to life with young children (my youngest is four). I am also a bride to be so that's a bit different for a family blogger too. 

My Readers

This blog is read by mainly females who have their own families aged 25-44 years of age, most of my readers are based in the UK with just under half based here in the North East. Local content, travel posts and restaurant reviews always perform the best on my blog, although wedding posts are popular too. 

I have a good social media following which is engaged 

Twitter - 10k followers
Facebook - 2270 + followers
Instagram - 3540 followers 
Pinterest - 2200 followers 
YouTube - 285 subscribers 
Bloglovin - 645 followers 

My blog DA is 36 and I am have consistently been ranked in the top 100 of the Tots100 parent blogger leaderboard for the past two years. 

Previous Work

I have previously worked with many big named brands on sponsored posts, social media campaigns, reviews, competitions, and press trips and I am always open to suggestions on how I can work with different brands.

 Some of the brands that I have previously worked with include

Smyths Toy Superstore, The Premier League, Jet2,  Beko,  Asda,  McDonald's, Hasbro, Debenhams and Pampers to name just a few. 

I have also worked with lots of restaurant chains, local and national attractions, hotels, transport companies, car dealerships and theatres. 

I have experience with working with brands and sticking to a brief and creating content brands are happy with and I often work with the same brands multiple times. I always complete work on time and as agreed and remain professional on my blog and social media accounts at all times. 

So if you are looking for an honest, relatable and reliable family blogger to work with then feel free to get in touch to discuss working together in the future. You can contact me via email at and I will aim to get back to you within 24 hours. 

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