Wednesday 31 August 2022

University Ready With Very


Are you ready for your teenager heading off to university for the start of term? My 19-year-old daughter is about to start her second year of a four year degree in education (she want's to be a primary school teacher). Her first year at university was a bit of a strange one as it was still mostly online due to the pandemic, so she lived at home and travelled to university one day per week. This year things are back to normal so she is planning to move out for the first time and we have been trying to get her prepared. 

back to university with very

If you have a child at uni then you will probably know that they don't actually get their student loan until after they have started their course. Meaning a lot of the stuff they will need to buy to move into student accommodation or to study will have to be bought beforehand. So we have had to buy a lot of things, stationary, laptops, text books and if they are moving out basic household items such as kettles and toasters. 


Wednesday 24 August 2022

Packing Tips For Family Adventures

 Guest Post

Adventures come in all shapes and sizes, from visiting foreign shores to exploring a new region in your own backyard. If you're doing something or going somewhere that's new to you then it can be classes as an adventure. 

Given that even day trips involve some form of packing, we've rounded up some top tips for what to put in your bag and how to arrange them - so you can just get on and enjoy the experience.

bear in suitcase


Wednesday 17 August 2022

Staycation or Foreign Travel?

In Collaboration 

Holiday's abroad are nice there is no denying it, guaranteed sunshine, splashing in the pool, lying on a beach and exploring new places with your family. However they can also be rather stressful - this year more so than ever! Passport delays, flight delays, holiday's being cancelled, sunbed wars and extra entry requirements and testing due to the pandemic and Brexit. There is not a day goes by without travel chaos being in the news recently. 

 This year we are not having a foreign holiday, in fact we haven't been abroad for a few years as they kept getting cancelled due to restrictions at the time. So we are having a few UK staycations instead and you know what the UK actually has a lot to offer. 

Amble harbour, Northumberland


Tuesday 16 August 2022

Northumberlandia - The Lady Of The North


Did you know that there is a giant lady landform sculpture that you can walk up in Northumberland? Located on the outskirts of Cramlington, you will find her and it is free to visit with free onsite parking too. Read on to find out more. 

What Is Northumberlandia?

Well Northumberlandia or the Lady Of The North as she is often referred to is a giant - I'm not kidding she is huge at 100 foot high at her tallest point and she has four miles of footpaths around her. She is set in 46 acres of public park which is lovely with forest areas, ponds and footpaths around or up her. 

northumberlandia sculpture

It is the world's largest landform sculpture and she has been there about 10 years now. If you see aerial photos of her then you will see she is a giant female, however as she is so big when you are walking around you will only be able to see certain features - her head is very noticeable for example. 

Monday 15 August 2022

Horse Riding Lessons At East Boldon Riding Centre


Ever wanted to learn to horse ride? or maybe you have a child who adores ponies and you think they would like riding lessons. If so read on to find out what we thought of riding lessons at East Boldon Riding Centre, located in Boldon Tyne and Wear. 

We were kindly invited to East Boldon Riding Centre to try out a riding lesson and see what we thought. My daughter Sophia (9) has been riding for a year at a different riding school and is pony crazy. Plus I was horse crazy as a child / teen and rode for 10 years up to a high level before giving up in my late teens - something I massively regret. So we do know a little bit about horses and it is actually something we are interested in. 

East Boldon Riding Centre review


Sunday 14 August 2022

Places To Eat In Newcastle This Summer


I love dining out during the summer in Newcastle, so many places have outdoor seating areas to enjoy an alfresco lunch. It also means I don't have to cook in this heat, plus Newcastle normally has great offers on during the summer months, from summer menu's, kids eat free or half price deals to the popular restaurant week where you can snap up some delicious meals for an incredible price. 

As a family we often dine out but I also enjoy meals out with my husband or lunch out with my grown-up daughter too. It is so nice to be out enjoying meals again after the pandemic and it is nice to see places busy and back to how they used to be. The great thing about Newcastle is that there is a huge range of amazing restaurants, cafes, street vendors and takeaways to choose from. Everything from afternoon tea, popular chains, family venues, romantic settings for date nights and themed restaurants. There are so many places opening that my list of places to try is huge!  

mussels from The Hustle Newcastle


Monday 8 August 2022

Beating Boredom This Summer With A Fun Seaside Game


Do you ever plan nice days out or holidays to the seaside with your children and they complain they are bored? Now my own children are getting older (they are 7 and 9) they get bored a lot easier then they used to and simple games like eye spy no longer appeal to them for long. One thing they do like though is games and challenges as they are very competitive! 

On a day out I don't want to be lugging toys and big games or electronics out with us, I need something small and lightweight that we can pop in a backpack and can be easily transported. So the perfect game is of course a deck of cards. Now my children are 7 and 9 years old and they don't understand traditional card games just yet, but matching pairs is a simple game they have enjoyed for years. 

aura print matching pairs seaside card game


Sunday 7 August 2022

Beauty and the Beast summer pantomime at Whitley Bay Playhouse


A pantomime in the summer? Oh yes there is! 

Once again Reece Sibbald productions is back at Whitley Bay Playhouse in North Tyneside with a summer panto. Now I know what your thinking pantos are for Christmas, well they are just as much fun in the summer and are definitely not just for Christmas. 

This years production was Beauty and the Beast staring popular regular cast members Reece Sibbald, Cal Halbert and Pippa Smith alongside Ryan Hill as the beast, Leah Cook as Belle and Phil Dixon as Dame Dotty. This year they had a special guest Jamie and Chuck from Britain's Got Talent. 

Summer pantomime whitley bay playhouse

The show was running from the 3rd to 7th of August 2022 so you have probably missed out on seeing it this year as today is the last day. Hopefully they will be doing another summer panto next year so you can grab some tickets as we have watched the summer panto a few times before. 


Monday 1 August 2022

The Big Northumberland Gear Change


Have you heard about The Big Northumberland Gear Change? It is a campaign from Northumberland council that aims to encourage us all to slow down, take stock and adopt more sustainable ways of moving around the county by walking and cycling. 

If you are local you will know just what a beautiful part of the country Northumberland is, with lots of countryside and coast to explore. So slowing down and taking the time to appreciate where we live and what we have right on our doorsteps really appeals to me, that is why I have signed up for The Big Northumberland Gear Change six week challenge. 

walltown northumberland

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