Wednesday 31 August 2022

University Ready With Very


Are you ready for your teenager heading off to university for the start of term? My 19-year-old daughter is about to start her second year of a four year degree in education (she want's to be a primary school teacher). Her first year at university was a bit of a strange one as it was still mostly online due to the pandemic, so she lived at home and travelled to university one day per week. This year things are back to normal so she is planning to move out for the first time and we have been trying to get her prepared. 

back to university with very

If you have a child at uni then you will probably know that they don't actually get their student loan until after they have started their course. Meaning a lot of the stuff they will need to buy to move into student accommodation or to study will have to be bought beforehand. So we have had to buy a lot of things, stationary, laptops, text books and if they are moving out basic household items such as kettles and toasters. 

I am not going to lie university shopping can add up and be rather expensive! Luckily Very came to the rescue as they have a whole host of back to University products at an affordable price that will set your child up for university life.  

very back to university laptop range

University Must Have's

Obviously students will need text books, planners, notebooks, pens  and other stationery plus clothes and electrical devices. But what else do they actually need? 

  • Laptop

Laptop is a must as my daughter used to take hers into university everyday as she needed it in lectures. They are going to be carrying it around with them so a nice lightweight laptop is ideal, we have got this HP laptop which is currently on special offer and it is ideal for essay writing and researching.   

HP laptop from very back to uni range

  • Desk and Computer Chair

We found that she was spending a lot of time on her laptop from writing essays to online lessons and researching. So a desk and a chair were a must, she found the chair she had uncomfortable so this computer chair was perfect as it is roomy and comfortable.

computure desk from very back to uni range

  • Student Bank Account

It is worth setting up a student bank account as they often come with some extra perks, such as cashback, vouchers or even a student rail card. My daughter gets her student finance paid into hers and also her wages from her part-time weekend job and they are worth looking into, they can have some useful benefits. 

kettle and toaster student range at very

  • Household Essentials 

If they are moving out into student accommodation or a house share then they are going to need some essentials - this is a biggie but on our list we have. Duvet and pillows, bedding, mattress protectors, pop-up laundry basket, towels and flannels, Coat hangers, storage boxes, extension lead, bin and a lamp.
They may need Kitchen items such as mugs, glasses, tea towels, utensils, plates and cutlery. They may even need a microwave or pans depending on what kind of accommodation they are moving into. We got a swan kettle and toaster set which will be ideal for making cuppas, pot noodles and toast or pop tarts - about the only things my own student can cook! 

We are also planning on some essentials that she won't think about such as toilet rolls, kitchen rolls, cleaning wipes, washing up liquid and sponges, bin bags etc. As well as any toiletries she may need plus food items and snacks such as  tea, coffee, sugar, juice, cereal etc. 

I have also included things such as plasters, paracetamol, allergy tablets, vitamins and a little first aid kit just in case they are ever needed. 

Final Thought's From A Parent

Sending your child off to university is such a bittersweet moment, you are excited for them and the adventure they are embarking upon. However, at the same time you can't help but worry a little, especially if it is their first time away from home. 

student laptop from very

As my daughter is now in her second year we found that being prepared and giving her time to adjust worked well. It is a big life change going to university and is very different from school / sixth form and they have freedom that they have never had before. It has been a learning curve for her and for us as parents. 

It has also been an experience that she will never forget, she has made new friends, tried new things and pushed herself out of her comfort zone as well as learning new skills and studying for her future. 

If your child is at uni or is off to university soon I hope that they enjoy it and if you have any tips be sure to let me know in the comments below. 


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  1. Oh wow! Good luck to your daughter. How exciting for her to be moving out and it sounds like she is well prepared. I hope you are doing OK x


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