Sunday, 31 May 2015

A Birthday Tea Party

Last week my daughter Sophia turned two and we had a softplay party for her. However as her Birthday was on the bank holiday Monday we held her party the day before as i really did not want to face soft play on a bank holiday. On her actual birthday we wanted to do something nice to celebrate her special day so we went out for a meal with family at lunch time and then we had a tea party at home in the evening. 

Sophia is Doc Mcstuffins mad and we had decided that we were going to have a Doc Mcstuffins theme to her birthday we had Doc invites and birthday cards and balloon for her already. So when we were offered the chance to try out some party products from Party Bags And Supplies  i was pleased to see that they stocked Doc Mcstuffin party products and knew i had to get them to complete her birthday. 

Party bags and supplies is a UK based online party shop selling a huge range of children, adult and celebration party products. There really is so much choice on the website from Baby's first birthdays to the latest children characters. There really is everything you could need for any celebration and a design to suit everyone. 

We were sent the Doc Mcstuffins party pack for eight which cost £19.40 and contained one table cloth, eight plates and cups, sixteen napkins and eight filled goody bags. The goody bags contained One notebook, one pack of stickers, a pack of crayons, a ruler and a sweet. Everything was matching and it was all covered in the Doc Mcstuffins design which of course Sophia loved. 

I was really impressed with the goody bags as when i seen that the goody bags were pre filled i thought that they would probably just be any old cheap tat in a bag that you had to fill the goody bags up with yourself. That was not the case at all each goody bag was in fact all ready filled and in each bag the items were all Doc Mcstuffins products we got a big book of boo boos notebook, Doc crayons and ruler and a packet of plaster stickers and also a flump sweet. The goody bags defiantly stole the show and we give them out at the soft play party and all the children loved them. 

We used the rest of the table wear at the tea party on her birthday and she adored this and was so happy to be drinking and eating from the themed cups and plates. The table wear defiantly made the tea party a huge success and feel like a celebration, they were really good quality and looked amazing. 

Overall i was very impressed with Party bags and supplies as i found the website super simple to use and the prices were much lower than other party suppliers i have came across in the past. Also i found the party pack we received so handy and saved me having to look all over for suitable and matching things. Buying everything in one pack probably would have saved me a lot of time and money as i am sure buying everything separate would have cost a lot more then buying it all in a set. 

When the products arrived they were very well packaged and arrived quickly in just a couple of days via royal mail. Everything we received was a high quality and perfect for us, i especially love the pre filled goody bags and can not recommend them enough. My son will be one in August and we are planning a big tea party at home for all are family and friends and i know that i will be buying everything from Party bags and supplies as i loved the set and service that we received. The only hard thing will be deciding on a theme as they have so many amazing ones to choose from. 

So if you are planning a party then do check out as they often have offers on and i am sure you will find everything you are looking for and i can not recommend them highly enough.

* Disclosure: I was sent one party pack free of charge for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are my own honest account of the products and service we received. 

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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Pikku The Best Children's Hair Salon In Newcastle

Last week i took Sophia aged two to get her hair cut at Pikku in Gosforth near Newcastle, i can not wait to tell you all about it as it was amazing and somewhere i know every child will love. As a mum of three i have been to many children hair salons over the years and Pikku is without a doubt the best one we have been to and i honestly think it is the best one in the Newcastle area.

Pikku is situated on Gosforth high street opposite the Brandling Arms right in the heart of the high street, it is just a few minutes drive from Newcastle city centre. Many of the buses to and from Newcastle pass through here and stop close to the salon, it is also just a short walk from regent centre metro and there is two car parks located very close by.

Pikku is easy to spot as it so nicely decorated from the outside and has a shop window full of gorgeous children's clothes. When you enter Pikku you are met with an adorable little children's boutique full of truly gorgeous baby and children's clothing and super friendly staff.

The salon is located upstairs and is equally amazing as it is bright and colourful and so appealing to both young children and adults alike. The walls are painted in bright primary colours of yellow, green, orange and white with cute animal stickers dotted around. There is pom poms hanging from the ceiling and black mirrors adorn the walls giving it a slight edgy feel to it.The whole salon is child friendly with safety gates on the stairs and everything is out of reach from small hands. There is a selection of toys in the corner for children to play with and a colourful sofa for parents to sit on whilst awaiting their appointment.

There is two car chairs for children to sit in to get there haircut a pink one and a yellow one and also a salon chair for older children. Sophia picked the pink car and she was fastened into the car by a seat belt and their was an ipad attached to a stand at the front of the car so she could watch Peppa Pig to distract her whilst getting her hair cut. She was so excited and too busy looking around and playing with the cars steering wheel to watch her program though.

The stylist was amazing and so patient with Sophia and a total expert at distracting her so she could cut her hair, She was so lovely and friendly and instantly put us both at ease. Sophia has wild curly hair that we can not really do anything with but it was trimmed and cut and made to look lovely and is defiantly the best hair cut she has had.

After the haircut Sophia was given a little crown to wear which she was so happy about and then the stylist started blowing some bubbles which she was amazed by and this just finished things off perfectly and we were also given a balloon. The whole experience was amazing and enjoyable for Sophia and also for myself. Often small children find getting a hair cut a chore or they get bored and restless, i know Sophia has in the past. But Pikku have made getting a hair cut fun and exciting for children and a far less stressful experience for us parents.

After the hair cut we made our way back downstairs to the boutique and i did want to have a look at the clothes but Sophia was having none of it, thankfully they do have an online shop selling the lovely clothing such as Rachael Riley and Slugs and Snails to name just a few.

Not only is Pikku a children's boutique and salon it also hosts pamper parties which my lovely friend Sam from North East Family Fun has written about Pikku Pamper Parties . They also run classes teaching us parents how to plait hair so we can make are little ones have Elsa hair and even better they run classes teaching dads how to do there little ones hair too which is a brilliant idea.

We left feeling happy and relaxed and with a cool new hair cut and i have not stopped telling everyone how amazing it is and that they really must pay Pikku a visit , as i just know that every child will love it as much as mine did. We will certainly be returning for all future haircuts and to buy some slugs and snail tights from the boutique.

 Haircuts costs £12.50 for children aged 1-5 and £14.50 for over 5's and £7.50 for under ones you can also book to have your child's hair styled or plaited. If you have more than one child you can receive a 25% discount off sibling haircuts when taken at the same time as a full paying child. Pikku is open Monday to Saturday and full opening times, prices and courses can be found on the website  and you can even book your appointment online or by calling them on 0191 4471300

* Disclosure : We received a complementary haircut from Pikku for the purpose of this review, however all words and opinions are my own. 

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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Sponsor Me For Britmums Live 2015

I have been debating writing this post for months now as i don't really like the idea of asking for things, it is the northerner in me. But i thought i may as well as like they say in Newcastle " Shy bairns get nowt " people do actually say that by the way i didn't make it up. 

Anyway enough of me blabbering on time to get to the point, the biggest blogging event of the year Britmums live is just a few weeks away and i am one of the lucky bloggers who is going to be attending. Britmums is a two day blogging event held in London on the 19th and 20th June 2015 and will be attended by hundreds of UK parenting bloggers. But it is not just a social event it will also be attended by many brands and will also have many workshops throughout the two day's so i can actually learn all about blogging and social media instead of having to goggle everything. You can find out all about Britmums live here

However as the event is held in London and i am in Newcastle these things end up being rather expensive as i have had to buy a ticket, pay for train travel and book a hotel. And i am looking for a sponsor to help me with some of the costs as i am currently on maternity leave and the pay is pretty rubbish. I am offering full or partial sponsorship to cover my return train travel Newcastle to London which is £80 and one nights hotel stay which is £60 which in total comes to £140. I have managed to keep costs as low as possible by booking everything in advance, i will cover all other costs such as extra travel and food myself. 

In return for sponsoring me to the event i will be your blogger on the ground at the event and will offer a one year advertising package in return which would include.
  • A blog post introducing you as my sponsor with links to your site and social media, which i will share across my social media.
  • Mention you with links in all blog posts about Britmums before and after the event.
  • Tweets before, during and after the event mentioning your brand, i have 3000 + Twitter followers.
  • Include your logo and details on my business cards which will be handed out at the event ( no extra cost) 
  • Wear a badge with your details on or use branded stationary etc at the event if you wish to supply some.
  • Have your badge on my blog homepage sidebar for one year, which will stand out as i currently have no advertising on my blog. 
  • Review and run giveaways of your products on my blog throughout the year if you wish.
  • Guest post on your blog and you can guest post on my blog about your brand. 
I am happy to discuss any other ways that we could work together throughout the year as part of a sponsorship package. 

So why sponsor me? 

I know i have probably left it far to late to actually get a sponsor now as the event is less then four weeks away, but i have booked my tickets and will be going regardless of if i get a sponsor or not. However i would love a sponsor as now that i have started to spend more time on my blog and watch it grow i would love to build a lasting relationship with a brand that i can work closely with throughout the year and beyond. I have only been blogging a year and i still have so much to learn which i hopefully will do at Britmums. I have already achieved so much in a year of blogging and i know that if i worked hard and spent more time on my blog i could make it even better and this in return would generate more exposure for your brand. 

If you are interested in finding out more or would like to sponsor me either fully or partial then please email me Lindsay at  

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Monday, 25 May 2015

Sophia You Are Two

Dear Sophia Ella

Today you are two years old and it really does not seem very long ago since mummy sat down to write you a letter last year on your first birthday. So much has changed in the last year as you became a big sister when you were just 14 month's old. At first you hated your brother and you just totally blanked him for the first few months of his life, although you would sometimes steal his bottle and dummy and try and hit him. Now the two of you are the very best of friends and you play together and you are always giving him hugs and kisses, you do still fight over toys from time to time as you have not learnt to share properly yet. 

You still adore your big sister although you often climb all over her and pull her hair as you think this is funny. You wish she would play with you more but she is big now and wants to be out with her friends or on her phone all the time in her room. Your still a daddy's girl but not as much as you use to be as you have started wanting mummy when you are hurt or unwell lately. You like your cousin Heidi who is a year older then you and get all excited when she comes around to play with you, it is so cute watching the two of you play together. 

At the moment you still like Sofia the first but you are Doc Mcstuffin crazy and you have two lambie teds which go everywhere with you and you won't go to sleep without them. You also love watching films and will sit through some films from start to finish without moving. You have went through phases of films you liked first it was Despicable me 2 then Cloudy with a chance of meatballs two, Monsters university, Toy story 1,2,3 and recently Beauty & the beast. 

You love playing outside and you would run around in the garden chasing spiders all day long if we let you. You hate being indoors and always want to be out and about and get excited when you go out places, you like visiting soft plays and parks and going out in the car. You play properly with your toys now and you will talk away to your toys which is so sweet. Your favourite toys are your happyland house, doctors set and peppa pig weebles, you also love colouring in and playing with wooden puzzles and mega blocks.

You have grown so much this year and have changed from a baby into a proper little girl with a big personality. You are such a character and everyone who meets you comments on how strong willed and cheeky you are as you make everyone laugh with your little ways. You are so outgoing and confident and have no fear at all, you are always climbing and laughing. You have started to have tantrums now if you don't get your own way but thankfully they are not to bad. 

You have hair now  too which is so curly and we can not do anything with as you rarely let us put it in a bobble and even when we get it cut it stays wild and curly. You still sleep amazing on a night time sleeping 7-7 but you very rarely nap during the day any more. You love your milk, i think milk is your most favourite thing in the world. You are also so independent and want to do everything for yourself now.

This last year has gone by so quickly and you have grown and changed so much, but i still remember the day you were born like it was yesterday and you will always be mummy's and daddy's baby girl. You have coped so well becoming a big sister and it melts my heart seeing the love you have for your brother and sister. 

I hope you have an amazing second birthday princess and you love your presents, we have got you a red little tikes car for the garden, some more happy land toys and a big yellow dumper truck as you always play with these when you see them when we are out. I am sure you will enjoy eating your minion cake, going out for a meal and having a little tea party as you love your food. You had such a great time yesterday at your soft play party playing with your friends and your face lit up when everyone sung happy birthday to you and you blew out your candles on the cake even though you did try and grab the lit candle. 

Happy birthday Princess Sophia mummy, daddy, Chloe and Jacob love you lot's and we hope that you have a great year filled with love, laughter and adventures as that is what being two is all about. You light up are world and make us smile every single day and i am so lucky that you are mine. 

Love you always mummy xxx

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Friday, 22 May 2015

Slimming World Week Six

I can not believe that i have been on the Slimming World diet plan for six weeks now, it has gone by so quickly! Anyway last week i was over the moon to have lost 4lb and i was determined to lose 2lb this week which would have meant i had lost a stone and i really wanted that one stone certificate and sticker. So this week i was really good and had no cheeky takeaways and all my meals were 100 % Slimming World friendly, i drank loads of water, ate more fruit and i even swapped the sugar in my hot drinks for sweeteners. My clothes have been feeling a lot looser so i thought i may have lost 2 lb this week and had my fingers tightly crossed. 

On Thursday i stepped on the scales and i had only lost 1 lb. I admit i was gutted as i really wanted my one stone award. I know i should be happy i have lost weight but it is just a pound and that's not much especially when i had been so good all week. I think i also think because i have a lot of weight to lose that i should be losing weight quicker, but that does not seem to be happening at all. 

Anyway i was unable to stay to class as i had to rush off for Sophia's hairdressers appointment, i left the group feeling a bit deflated about my small loss. And i ended up doing what i always do when I'm a bit down i went home and ate, i had a kitkat chunky and two bags of quavers. Did it make me feel better ? no not at all. I then went on to eat a turkey sandwich made on white bread with lashings of butter and some of the girl's chicken pop pops and a cheese dunker. 

Thankfully i came to my senses and stopped eating before i could do anymore damage and had a Slimming World friendly tea of baked potato, salad and grilled pork. After my little blow out i felt rubbish and i realised that my taste buds have changed so much over the last six weeks as i did not like the taste of white bread anymore, it tasted like it was full of sugar and i ended up thrown most of it away. I use to love bread that was one of my biggest weaknesses so maybe i am starting to break my old eating habits. 

This week i am expecting a gain, i have had my blow out yesterday and i also have my daughter Sophia's birthday this week as she is two on Monday. We are having a party on Sunday at the local soft play and we will probably have lunch out somewhere afterwards. Then on her actual birthday we are going out for a meal and then we are having a small tea party with birthday cake and i know i will be eating a slice or two of cake and probably won't resist the party food. But i am hoping if i can stick to the diet the rest of this week then it wont be to much damage. 

I am also planning on giving it 100 % again next week and keeping my fingers crossed for that first one stone award. I brought the new magazine which is available to buy in class before it hits the shops and it is full of lots of yummy looking recipes, so i am planning on trying lots of new meals out this week too. 

 To find out more about the Slimming world plan or find your nearest class then visit the website 

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Super Busy Mum

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Haberman 360 Junior Beaker Review & Giveaway

My toddler Sophia is almost two and as she gets closer to her second birthday we have noticed a huge change in her as she is becoming so independent and is trying to copy everything we do. One of the things she likes to so is try and drink out of big cup like we do, but of course she is still so young and has not grasped how to do so without spilling juice everywhere. She has baby sippy cups but i think she is getting a bit to big for these, so when i heard of the Haberman 360 junior beaker i was intrigued as i had never seen anything like this before and it seemed like the perfect beaker for her.

The Haberman 360 junior beaker is a drip free, sprout free cup which holds 250 ml of liquid and is just the right size for toddlers. It can be used in a dishwasher and microwave and is really easy to clean and wash. It comes in a choice of three colours which are red, blue and green and we were sent the red one. It is made from BPA free materials and has been tested to the highest standards. And it is suitable for children aged 24 months + .

It just looks like a normal beaker when you first look at it but when you take the lid off you will see that it looks different to other children's cups as there is no sprout  or straw to drink from and when the cup is filled with juice if you turn it upside down it does not leak at all, amazing! Instead you just gently sip on the rim of the cup as it has a circular valve system allowing you to drink from anywhere around the rim.

I initially thought that Sophia would find this difficult as she has never used anything like this before and when i first give her the cup she was unsure what to do, but after a few minutes she sussed out how to use the cup and she loves it. I also had a try just to see how it works and it is so easy to drink out of. It comes with a lid which we have not even used as it has not spilled at all and we have been using it daily for almost two weeks now.

These beakers really are perfect for toddlers around Sophia's age who are starting to become independent but have still not grasped how to drink out of a cup properly as they teach children to drink independently and to sip instead of sucking whilst drinking. I really do highly recommend these cups and will be buying my baby boy one when he is old enough as they are so good. I would give this product a 10/10 as i can not fault it at all. You can view the full range of Haberman products on there website

The Haberman 360 Junior Beaker retails at £5.95 and you can buy them from Mothercare, Waitrose and Amazon. And i have one of these genius beakers to giveaway to one of my lucky readers just enter the rafflecopter below for your chance to win a one in the colour of your choice.

To enter:
  • Sign into the Rafflecopter below with either your facebook account or by putting in your name and e-mail address. Don't worry you are not signing up to anything it is just so you can be contacted if you win and it is super quick and easy to sign in.
  • Follow the instructions on Rafflecopter and tick the boxes to say you have done so. And that is it so quick and easy to do. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The closing date is the 3rd of June 2015, one winner will be selected at random after this date from all correct entries via rafflecopter. Winner will be e-mailed within 48 hours of the giveaway ending and the prize will be sent direct from Haberman. Open to UK entrants only.

Why not enter more giveaways at

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* Disclosure: I was sent a Haberman Beaker for the purpose of this review, however all words and views are my own honest account of the product we received. 

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

I'm Going To Britmums Live 2015

Last June i seen Twitter go crazy with talk of Britmums Live a two day blogging event in London and i wanted to go. I never went last year as i was very new to blogging and had no idea these kind of things even existed and i was also heavily pregnant with baby number three. I vowed to go this year and i actually brought my ticket when they went on sale last year and my hotel has been booked for weeks.

 But if you follow me on social media you will know i have been having huge doubts about going as i  have never attended anything like this before and i am very nervous. And also because i have never left my little two before and my baby is only nine months old. I have been thinking of selling my ticket and just not going, but after talking to some lovely ladies on Twitter today who i have arranged to meet before the event i have changed my mind and decided to be brave and go, as i know i will regret it big time if i don't go. So here is my I'm going to Britmums post and if you see me then please do come say hello as i will be the nervous Geordie girl.

This is me 

Name : Lindsay

Blog: Newcastle Family Life

Twitter: @nefamilylife

Height: 5'7

Hair: Currently long straight and ombre but will probably be back to being dark brown by June.

Eyes: Grey

Is this your first blogging conference ? Yes and i am terrified as i know no-one and have no idea what to expect. Although i have arranged to meet up with some lovely people when i arrive in London, here is hoping i don't get lost when i get off the train!

Are you attending both days? Yes i am arriving on the Friday morning and staying overnight as i live miles away in Newcastle. I will be going home on the Saturday tea time as i want to get home to my children.

What are you most looking forward to at Britmums live 2015?
Actually learning about blogging as i have no idea about any of it at all and i have to goggle everything which takes forever at times. Also meeting other bloggers who i speak to daily and having a full nights sleep as having two children so close in age means i haven't had a full nights sleep in over two years !

What are you wearing? 
I have no idea at all as i don't know what you wear to these kind of things. I will probably buy something new for the Friday and then just wear jeans on the Saturday for travelling home in.

What do you hope to gain from Britmums? 
So many things such as making new friends, learning about things i have no idea about also meeting brands as when i have met brands face to face in the past i have found it much better then via e-mail.

Do you have any tips to pass on to others who may not have been before?
I have never been before so i have no tips, i will be reading everyone's posts though to hopefully gain some.

So if you see me then please do come say hello and don't let me near the wine as i haven't drunk in years so i will probably pass out drunk after one glass. And if you are a brand looking to sponsor someone to the event then please do consider me and i promise i won't touch the wine.

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Monday, 18 May 2015

The Perfect Scottish Family Holiday : The Isles Of Glencoe

We have not had a family holiday for three years thanks to two pregnancies very close together. I would love a holiday abroad in the sun, but with two of my children being so young (almost two year's old and eight months old) i think it would be far to much hassle and so we have been looking for holidays here in the U.K instead. One place we love is Scotland, it holds some special memories for us as it is where myself and the other half went for a weekend away when we first got together and we fell in love with the place and each other. Scotland is also close to where we live and is only around an hours drive from where we live in the north east to the Scottish boarders. 

Having such a big age gap family with a twelve year old a toddler and a baby plus parents who like different things makes finding the perfect holiday pretty tricky. But i actually think that i have found the perfect family holiday for us thanks to Parent Friendly Stays , let me introduce you to The Isles Of Glencoe Hotel . Situated in the Scottish highlands this hotel ticks all the boxes for a perfect family holiday it has stunning scenery, family sized rooms that accommodate three children, delicious food and activities to suit every single member of the family. 

The website says

 " A warm welcome awaits you at the isles of Glencoe hotel. Situated in a breath-taking lochside setting at the foot of dramatic Glencoe. Almost afloat, the isles of Glencoe hotel and leisure centre nestles in the side of a peninsula reaching into Loch Leven. Our friendly modern hotel offers everything you might need on holiday, spacious bedrooms with loch and mountain views and a relaxing atmosphere."  

Sounds pretty impressive and perfect doesn't it? If you check the website out you can see for yourself just how amazing it all looks for yourself. 

First up the hotel, The Isles Of Glencoe hotel is situated in a truly stunning location which i am sure are totally breath-taking in real life. The hotel rooms score major brownie points as i am sure that every parent with three children will love, as finding a hotel room that accommodates two adults and three children is nigh on impossible. You normally have to pay for two rooms and mum goes in one room with one or two children and dad in the other, which is far from ideal.

 But the rooms here can sleep up to two adults and three children, perfect! There is also a handy partition in the rooms so that the children's sleeping area is separate, meaning there is no need to go to bed when the children do or sit in darkness and silence whilst they are asleep. The rooms are modern with en-suite facilities and free wi-fi, perfect for the teen who is forever on you tube. And the rooms have stunning views of the loch and mountains which will be a delight to wake up to each morning.

There is also an on site restaurant called Lochside which lives up to it's name as it is situated by the loch with dramatic views of the loch and mountains. The restaurant serves delicious home cooked foods full of fresh Scottish ingredients and serves traditional Scottish breakfasts which i know we would all enjoy.

There is also an indoor pool which is open 7am-10pm which would be a hit with all three of my children and i am sure they would spend every day in there. There is also an outdoor activity centre Action Glen which i just know My twelve year old and other half would love. Chloe is a huge fan of outdoor water sports since visiting an outdoor activity centre with school last year, and i know she would love the activities available here such as Kayaking and paddle boarding which are situated right on the hotels doorstep. 

There is also other activities available close by that i am sure she would love too such as archery, windsurfing, segway riding and ice climbing. There is also local boat trips that the whole family can enjoy and fishing trips the half would enjoy. And there is a local riding school near by so you can have riding lessons which i would love as i was a keen horse rider before having my children and would love to ride again. 

There is also many near by activities which i know we could all enjoy as a family such as Oban sea life centre, my toddler and baby would adore this as they could watch the exotic fish and see the seals, otters and turtles and i am sure they would be amazed. And we would have to go for a ride on the Jacobite steam train on the west coast railway which is Hogwarts express! Where you can relive many scenes from the Harry Potter films as many scenes from the film were shot on location here. Chloe and my other half are huge Harry Potter fans so would love this. The train takes you on a 84 mile round trip taking in stunning scenery along the way. 

There is also many other things to do such as visiting the natural history centre, Urquhart castle, Glencoe folk museum, The treasures of the earth gemstone collection. Or just visiting one of the lovely tranquil beaches nearby. 

So as you can see The Isles Of Glencoe hotel really does tick all of the boxes for the perfect family holiday no matter how old your children as there is activities to suit children big and small. And hotel rooms that we can all fit into with stunning views, yummy food and lots to do for us all. It really would be a holiday to remember. 

* This post is an entry to win a stay at the Glencoe hotel with Parent Friendly stays #parentpanel.

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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Slimming World Week Five

This week was my fifth week on the Slimming World plan and i am finding the plan so easy now as i feel like i know what i am doing and no longer need to keep looking up every single thing i eat. I am also getting use to not eating as much bread as i normally would which has made me feel so much less bloated. I am also drinking less fizzy pop and have cut out crisps and chocolate and i honestly don't even miss them now.

Last week i had lost 2lb and i was hoping for another 2lb loss this week, however after my weigh in last Thursday things went a bit pear shape and i ended up having a takeaway for tea. I tried to be good and had a chicken kebab with salad but i also ended up eating half a portion of chips and a slice of garlic bread too. I got back on track the next day though and stuck to Slimming world friendly meals all week eating homemade burgers, salads, roast gammon dinner, slow cooked beef stew and i also tried the big mac style meal which was delicious. I stuck to around 10 syns per day which i mainly used on things like ketchup and extra hi-fi bars. 

Slimming World style bac mac with salad & chips.

On Thursday morning when i went to get weighed i was hoping for a 1lb loss, but  as it was star week i was not sure i would get it especially after having a cheeky takeaway. But i somehow managed to lose 4lb's! I was amazed and utterly gobsmacked as i don't feel like i have done anything different to any other week this week and i feel like i have eaten loads. I have now lost a total of 12lb in five weeks which i am over the moon about as i have never once felt like i am on a diet or felt hungry .I am really hoping for another 2lb loss this week so that i get my one stone award. 

I am feeling so much better in myself since starting Slimming World i am feeling less tired and bloated and my skin is much better. I have more energy and the best thing is my clothes are fitting me better, my jeans are starting to feel loose which feels amazing. I am finding Slimming world so easy and most of the meals i am eating the whole family eat and as a family we are eating a lot more healthier tastier foods. I no longer buy sauces out of jars which we use to eat about 3 times a week before i started eating healthier. 

So fingers crossed for a 2lb loss next week i going to try some new meals this week and i have cut sugar out of my diet as i was drinking it in my tea and coffee but i have now swapped it for sweetener. I am also making an effort to drink more water and eat more fruit as i don't eat as much as i probably should do. If you have any tips or recipes then do please let me know as i am always looking for inspiration.

To find out more about Slimming World or to find your nearest class then please visit the website . 

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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Ten Years Without A Mum

The 12th of May 2005 is a day that i will never forget, it was the day my life as i knew it changed forever. The 14th of May 2005 was the day my world was turned upside down.

 I can not believe that ten years have passed as i remember every little detail like it was yesterday. What started as a normal day ended up being the worst day of my life. I don't really talk about this but my mum, my best friend had an accident and she never woke up. I did not know how serious it was, i thought she would be ok. Myself and my brother went to hospital and we were told she had suffered catastrophic brain injury's and there was nothing they could do, it was just the machines keeping her alive and the kindest thing to do would be to let her go. She was only 44, no age to die. 

Two day's later after lots of tests we had to decide what to do, turn off the machines or donate her organs my parents were divorced so it was up to us to decide. We were still so young only 21 and 19, such big decisions to make at such young ages. We donated her organs, so no-one else had to lose there mum and go through what we were going through. I know we done the right thing, but we weren't able to be there at the end, we never got to say goodbye properly that's just the way it is with organ donations. But i will never forget the machines, i will never forget how it looked like she was just sleeping and i will never forget how my little girl Chloe who was only two was shouting wake up nana and kissed her goodbye, it broke my heart. As did seeing my nana saying goodbye to her daughter and my little brother saying goodbye to his mum. 

Ten years ago today i thought i would never be happy again, that my life was over too. But life is far from over and i am happy and i know that my mum would want me to be. The first year was hard, it was unbelievable hard. Anniversary's, birthdays , mothers day , Christmas i dreaded them all. i cried every single day, i talked about her non stop i thought the grief and pain would never end. 

People would say it gets easier, i never believed them, but it does it really does. I think i learnt to accept shes not coming back , that sometimes life is just unfair. I learnt to deal with the grief so that it no longer consumed my every thought, i learnt to live again. I had to for Chloe's sake she was my little girl and she needed me, she was my reason for getting up in the mornings and my reason for making something of my life. 

Just because i have learnt to live without a mum doesn't mean i have forgotten her far from it, i think of her every single day and i miss her every single day. I still cry just not so often, although i do have tear in my eye writing this. Anniversary's are hard as it is another year without her, i hate how when i found out i was pregnant she wasn't there, when i gave birth she wasn't there, she never got to meet Sophia or Jacob or my brothers little girl or to see Chloe grow. She never got to see me or my brother grow and meet are partners and get proper jobs. I hate how when something important happens i want to tell my mum but can't or when i am having a rubbish day and all i want is my mum and i cant have her. I have my dad who is amazing and is like a mum and dad rolled into one at times but its not the same.

But i still remember her, i remember what she looked like and how small her hands were, i remember the laughter lines around her eyes, how she always wore make up no matter what. I remember her perfume and what she smelt like, i remember her voice and how she use to sing along to all her favourite songs in the car. I remember what she liked and didn't like and how she use to always eat midget gem sweets. I remember the amazing holidays we went on as children, all the times she looked after us when we were ill and comforted us when we were sad. And most of all i know how much she loved us me my brother and Chloe were her world she told us every single day and i know she knew how much we loved her. 

My mum may have died in a tragic accident but that's life, she still lives on  shes in are hearts always. I see her in my children,i hear her in there laughter, i see her in my dreams, a smell , a song , feathers in the breeze. Keeping people alive with her no longer needed organs, the gift of life. She will always be my mum. 

I don't want any sympathy for this post, it was ten years ago i have learnt to live with it and i am ok with it now. But i just wanted to write this to say if you have a mum then give her a cuddle tell her you love her and create lots of happy memories as memories are what helps me remember my mum with a smile. And if you have lost a parent it really does get easier and you will never ever forget them i promise you that. 

                                              "  Softly the leaves of memory fall, 
                                                 gently i gather and treasure them all. 
                                                Unseen, unheard, you are always near, 
                                                so loved, and missed, so very dear"    -Author Unknown.


Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Wicked Uncle Online Toy Shop Review

Being a mum of three children i love shopping for gifts for them for birthdays and Christmas but when it comes to shopping for friends or relatives children i don't have a clue what to buy them. So when i heard of Wicked Uncle online toy shop i was pleased to see that this was an online toy shop that would make this task a lot easier.

The website is really easy to navigate and is broken down into sections by age and gender, making it so simple to select a gift for whoever you are buying for. You just click on the age and gender of the child you are buying for and a selection of toys will show up to suit a range of different budgets. There is a good range of toys available to suit any child and budget and you can even chose to have your item gift wrapped for you and sent direct to the person you brought it for, perfect for sending to a child you may not see often. It makes present buying so stress free. 

We were given a voucher to try out the website and there was so many lovely toys to choose from but in the end i decided on some garden toys for my toddler as she loves being outdoors. We got a Happy Hopperz white cow which was £26.99 and some hand crafted wooden animal skittles which were £14.95. We placed the order on the Thursday night using the standard delivery option which costs £2.95 and it arrived first thing on the Monday morning via royal mail, you can select express UK delivery which costs £8.95 if you wish. 

The parcel was well packaged and arrived fairly quickly for standard delivery and i was informed via e-mail that my order had been dispatched and was on it's way. I was really impressed with the items we received as i have seen the Happy Hopperz before and they looked amazing and the skittles are beautifully decorated and i adore wooden toys, there is some gorgeous wooden toys available at Wicked Uncle. 

The Happy Hopperz was really easy to blow up as it came with a pump and it only took a few minutes to inflate. Sophia is almost two and she loves it and she will sit on it, although she has not figured out how to bounce on it just yet. We have used it in the garden and it has not popped and it has been inflated for two weeks and has not needed blown up again yet. It really is a great high quality toy that toddlers will adore and it will last. I have also heard it is also really easy to deflate and store away when not in use, which is always good for storing toys away in the winter. 

The hand crafted animal skittles are just beautiful they are fairly small but just the right size for children to play with. They are all different animals and they have so much detail and look amazing, they also come with two wooden balls so you can play skittles and they are really sturdy and don't wobble or anything when they are upright but they are also really easy to knock down, perfect for toddlers. Sophia loves these and she plays with them in her doll house rather then as skittles but i am sure she will love playing skittles with them as she gets a little older. 

Overall i am really impressed with the toys we received and also with the Wicked Uncle website and the service they provide. If you are ever stuck on what to buy a child then go check out the website and i am sure you will find the perfect gift in no time, i for one know where i will be doing my toy shopping from now on. 

You can visit Wicked Uncle and see what a great selection of toys and gifts they have at

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* Disclosure : I received a voucher to spend on the Wicked Uncle store for the purpose of this review. However all words, opinions and photos are my own. 

Sunday, 10 May 2015

50 Things That Make Me Happy

I have been seeing so many people do the 50 thing's that make me happy posts and i have loved reading everyone's answers. I have been tagged twice to take part from Lianne over at The Brunette Says and Laura at Laurasarahdoll and i have eventally gotten around to posting my answers, so here is 50 thing's that make me happy

1.) My children

2.) My partner

3.) My dad as he's my mum & dad all rolled into one

4.) Sleep

5.) Home

6.) Family time

7.) Hot bubble baths

8.) Day's out

9.) Memories of my mum

10.) My iphone

11.) My blog

12.) Slimming World & Losing weight

13.) My children's laughter

14.) Fresh bedding

15.) Hot cup's of tea

16.) Chinese food

17.) Christmas

18.) Cuddles

19.) Maternity leave

20.) Watching my children play together

21.) A tidy house

22.) Yankee candles

23.) Birthdays

24.) Meals out

25.) Reading

26.) Roast dinners

27.) Watching my children sleep

28.) Diet coke out of a can, as it tastes nicer.

29.) Looking back at old photo's.

30.) Disneyland

31.) Sunny day's

32.) Good hair day's

33.) Shopping

34.) The smell of my freshly bathed babies

35.) New pj's on xmas eve

36.) Going to the cinema and eating popcorn mixed with minstrels

37.) Holidays

38.) Horses

39.) Peace and quiet

40.) Being cozy in bed when its raining outside

41.) Visiting the seaside for fish and chips

42.) Fairgrounds

43.) Adventures

44.) Galaxy chocolate

45.) Relaxing with a cuppa and a magazine

46.) Cool running's, its my happy film

47.) New shoes

48.) Getting my hair done

49.) Lie ins

50.) Life

I now tag Karen at Monkeyfooted Mum Steph at Mental Parentals  and Beth at Betty and the Bumps if they would like to join in.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Slimming World: Week Four

After gaining a pound last week i knew i had to get back into the habit of writing down everything that i have ate and plan my meals properly in advance. So i made a weekly meal plan and made sure i had all the ingredients available, and started to write in my food diary everything that i had been eating this week.

 And it worked as i lost 2 lb this week, meaning i have lost 8 lb in four weeks. I know that is good but i admit i was feeling a little disappointed that all i have lost is 8 lb in four weeks, as i was hoping to lose around a stone. But all my children were 8 lb something born and thinking about it like this made me realise that i have actually lost a good amount of weight. And as they say slow and steady wins the race and at least i am losing the weight in a sensible way which means that i will be more likely to keep it off in the long run. 

This week i have been eating more of the Iceland Slimming World ready meals and the noddle's were really nice. These meals are perfect for when you just can not be bothered or simply do not have the time to cook, great for busy mums like myself. I have also ate omelette's with chips and curry sauce, roast chicken, chilli, cheese burgers and chips and what tasted like enchiladas but without the wrap served with spicy chips and a side salad, it was amazing and best of all it was all free foods! I will be sure to share the recipe with you soon as it is the best slimming world meal i have tasted by far. 

This week i am going to keep writing everything down, i am going to try a few new recipes as i am eating the same meals over and over and i am really going to try and drink more water as i hardly drink any and i keep saying i am going to drink more and then never do. I also need to eat more fruit and buy some sweetener for my coffees instead of using loads of syns on sugar. 

So fingers crossed i manage to lose again next week as i would love to lose another 2 lb, although i did eat a takeaway last night and a bag of monster munch today so i am not exactly expecting to lose anything at this rate. Oh well as they say in class a bad day does not mean a bad week. If you have any tasty Slimming world meal ideas then do let me know as i really do need to start cooking more. 

To find out more about Slimming World or to find your nearest class then please visit the website 

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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Am I The Only Mum Who

My other half often says that i worry too much about my children , that i check they are okay during the night too often and that i hate being apart from them and i am too over protective. It got me thinking that i bet i am not the only mum who does some of these things.

My Children, My world.

  • Check's on their children during the night. I even still check on my twelve year old.
  • Place my hand on there chests to check they are still breathing during the night.
  • Worry about them non-stop in case something bad happens to them.
  • Get upset if someone is mean to them.
  • Spend far to long watching them sleep.
  • Feel guilty and miss them if i go somewhere without them
  • Then text whoever is looking after them non-stop to make sure they are okay.
  • Feel bad when i have to tell them off.
  • Be amazed everyday that they are mine.
  • Phone in sick from work to watch school assemblies or if they just want a day with mummy.
  • Get more excited about their birthday's then my own.
  • Go overboard when shopping for birthdays and Christmas.
  • Dress them better then myself, always.
  • Take millions of photos of them everyday.
  • Go shopping for myself and end up spending the money on my children.
  • Stay up all night worrying and checking on them when they are unwell.
  • Always check the tweens phone and social media to keep an eye on her.
  • Turn into a nervous wreck when she goes out with her friends alone.
  • Feel awful for hours if i have snapped at them.
  • Cry when they get hurt.
  • Cry when they do well in something.
  • Always wish i could do better.
  • Always kiss them good night before i go to sleep. 
  • Know that i will always love them no matter what. 

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