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The Perfect Scottish Family Holiday : The Isles Of Glencoe

We have not had a family holiday for three years thanks to two pregnancies very close together. I would love a holiday abroad in the sun, but with two of my children being so young (almost two year's old and eight months old) i think it would be far to much hassle and so we have been looking for holidays here in the U.K instead. One place we love is Scotland, it holds some special memories for us as it is where myself and the other half went for a weekend away when we first got together and we fell in love with the place and each other. Scotland is also close to where we live and is only around an hours drive from where we live in the north east to the Scottish boarders. 

Having such a big age gap family with a twelve year old a toddler and a baby plus parents who like different things makes finding the perfect holiday pretty tricky. But i actually think that i have found the perfect family holiday for us thanks to Parent Friendly Stays , let me introduce you to The Isles Of Glencoe Hotel . Situated in the Scottish highlands this hotel ticks all the boxes for a perfect family holiday it has stunning scenery, family sized rooms that accommodate three children, delicious food and activities to suit every single member of the family. 

The website says

 " A warm welcome awaits you at the isles of Glencoe hotel. Situated in a breath-taking lochside setting at the foot of dramatic Glencoe. Almost afloat, the isles of Glencoe hotel and leisure centre nestles in the side of a peninsula reaching into Loch Leven. Our friendly modern hotel offers everything you might need on holiday, spacious bedrooms with loch and mountain views and a relaxing atmosphere."  

Sounds pretty impressive and perfect doesn't it? If you check the website out you can see for yourself just how amazing it all looks for yourself. 

First up the hotel, The Isles Of Glencoe hotel is situated in a truly stunning location which i am sure are totally breath-taking in real life. The hotel rooms score major brownie points as i am sure that every parent with three children will love, as finding a hotel room that accommodates two adults and three children is nigh on impossible. You normally have to pay for two rooms and mum goes in one room with one or two children and dad in the other, which is far from ideal.

 But the rooms here can sleep up to two adults and three children, perfect! There is also a handy partition in the rooms so that the children's sleeping area is separate, meaning there is no need to go to bed when the children do or sit in darkness and silence whilst they are asleep. The rooms are modern with en-suite facilities and free wi-fi, perfect for the teen who is forever on you tube. And the rooms have stunning views of the loch and mountains which will be a delight to wake up to each morning.

There is also an on site restaurant called Lochside which lives up to it's name as it is situated by the loch with dramatic views of the loch and mountains. The restaurant serves delicious home cooked foods full of fresh Scottish ingredients and serves traditional Scottish breakfasts which i know we would all enjoy.

There is also an indoor pool which is open 7am-10pm which would be a hit with all three of my children and i am sure they would spend every day in there. There is also an outdoor activity centre Action Glen which i just know My twelve year old and other half would love. Chloe is a huge fan of outdoor water sports since visiting an outdoor activity centre with school last year, and i know she would love the activities available here such as Kayaking and paddle boarding which are situated right on the hotels doorstep. 

There is also other activities available close by that i am sure she would love too such as archery, windsurfing, segway riding and ice climbing. There is also local boat trips that the whole family can enjoy and fishing trips the half would enjoy. And there is a local riding school near by so you can have riding lessons which i would love as i was a keen horse rider before having my children and would love to ride again. 

There is also many near by activities which i know we could all enjoy as a family such as Oban sea life centre, my toddler and baby would adore this as they could watch the exotic fish and see the seals, otters and turtles and i am sure they would be amazed. And we would have to go for a ride on the Jacobite steam train on the west coast railway which is Hogwarts express! Where you can relive many scenes from the Harry Potter films as many scenes from the film were shot on location here. Chloe and my other half are huge Harry Potter fans so would love this. The train takes you on a 84 mile round trip taking in stunning scenery along the way. 

There is also many other things to do such as visiting the natural history centre, Urquhart castle, Glencoe folk museum, The treasures of the earth gemstone collection. Or just visiting one of the lovely tranquil beaches nearby. 

So as you can see The Isles Of Glencoe hotel really does tick all of the boxes for the perfect family holiday no matter how old your children as there is activities to suit children big and small. And hotel rooms that we can all fit into with stunning views, yummy food and lots to do for us all. It really would be a holiday to remember. 

* This post is an entry to win a stay at the Glencoe hotel with Parent Friendly stays #parentpanel.

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  1. This looks completely amazing, I want to go on that train journey so badly, it's on my bucketlist!

  2. I grew up in Scotland and absolutely love it! The scenery is so dramatic and beautiful to wake up to every morning. I lived on the Isle of Mull and Oban for a time and Glencoe is a stunning place to be.

  3. This looks absolutely fabulous. Those views! I adore Scotland, we would go a lot more often if it wasn't such a ridiculously long drive. Good luck in the competition Lindsay, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you, what a great entry.xx


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