Sunday 17 May 2015

Slimming World Week Five

This week was my fifth week on the Slimming World plan and I am finding the plan so easy now, I feel like I know what I am doing and no longer need to keep looking up every single thing I eat. I am also getting used to not eating as much bread as I normally would which has made me feel so much less bloated. I am also drinking less fizzy pop and have cut out crisps and chocolate and I honestly don't even miss them now.

Last week I had lost 2lb and I was hoping for another 2lb loss this week, however, after my weigh in last Thursday things went a bit pear-shaped and I ended up having a takeaway for tea. I tried to be good and had a chicken kebab with salad but I also ended up eating half a portion of chips and a slice of garlic bread too. I got back on track the next day though and stuck to Slimming world friendly meals all week eating homemade burgers, salads, roast gammon dinner, slow-cooked beef stew and I also tried the big mac style meal which was delicious. I stuck to around 10 syns per day which I mainly used on things like ketchup and extra hi-fi bars. 

healthy chips, salad, mince and gherkins with thousand island sauce

On Thursday morning when I went to get weighed I was hoping for a 1lb loss, but as it was star week I was not sure I would get it especially after having a cheeky takeaway. But I somehow managed to lose 4lb's! I was amazed and utterly gobsmacked as I don't feel like I have done anything different to any other week this week and I feel like I have eaten loads. I have now lost a total of 12lb in five weeks which I am over the moon about as I have never once felt like I am on a diet or felt hungry. I am really hoping for another 2lb loss this week so that I get my one stone award. 

I am feeling so much better about myself since starting Slimming World I am feeling less tired and bloated and my skin is much better. I have more energy and the best thing is my clothes are fitting me better, my jeans are starting to feel loose which feels amazing. I am finding Slimming world so easy and most of the meals I am eating the whole family eat and as a family, we are eating a lot more healthier tastier foods. 

So fingers crossed for a 2lb loss next week I going to try some new meals this week and I have cut sugar out of my diet as I was drinking it in my tea and coffee but I have now swapped it for sweetener. I am also making an effort to drink more water and eat more fruit as I don't eat as much as I probably should do. If you have any tips or recipes then do please let me know as I am always looking for inspiration.

To find out more about Slimming World or to find your nearest class then please visit the website . 



  1. Well done gorgeous. That's great news. So pleased for you. Can't believe where the five weeks has gone!! Nearly a stone!! Immense. Xxx

    1. Thank you lovely, i know five weeks have flown over ! i hope your diet is still going well too xx

  2. Thank you very much, i just hope i can keep it up xx

  3. Wow you are doing fabulous! x

    1. Thank you Beth, you are doing amazing on Slimming world too xx

  4. FABULOUS weight loss Lindsay - you are doing really well and should be very proud of yourself. Eeeek not long until a stone!


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