Monday 25 May 2015

Sophia You Are Two

Dear Sophia

Today you are two years old and it really does not seem very long ago since mummy sat down to write you a letter last year on your first birthday. So much has changed in the last year, you became a big sister when you were just 14 month's old. At first, you were unsure of your baby brother and you just totally blanked him for the first few months of his life, although you would sometimes steal his bottle and dummy. Now the two of you are the very best of friends and you play together and you are always giving him hugs and kisses, you do still fight over toys from time to time as you have not learnt to share properly yet. 

You still adore your big sister although you often climb all over her and pull her hair as you think this is funny. You wish she would play with you more but she is big now and wants to be out with her friends or on her phone all the time in her room. Your still a daddy's girl but not as much as you use to be as you have started wanting mummy when you are hurt or unwell lately. You adore your cousin Heidi who is a year older then you and get all excited when she comes around to play with you, it is so cute watching the two of you play together.

At the moment you still like Sofia the first but you are Doc Mcstuffin crazy and you have two lambie teds which go everywhere with you and you won't go to sleep without them. You also love watching films and will sit through some films from start to finish without moving. You have gone through phases of films you liked first it was Despicable me 2 then Cloudy with a chance of meatballs two, Monsters University, Toy Story 1,2,3 and recently Beauty & the Beast. 

You love playing outside and you would run around in the garden chasing spiders all day long if we let you. You hate being indoors and always want to be out and about and get excited when you go out places, you like visiting soft plays and parks and going out in the car. You play properly with your toys now and you will talk away to your toys which is so sweet. Your favourite toys are your happyland house, doctors set and peppa pig weebles, you also love colouring in and playing with wooden puzzles and mega blocks.

You have grown so much this year and have changed from a baby into a proper little girl with a big personality. You are such a character and everyone who meets you comments on how strong willed and cheeky you are as you make everyone laugh with your little ways. You are so outgoing and confident and have no fear at all, you are always climbing and laughing. 

You have hair now too which is so curly and we can not do anything with as you rarely let us put it in a bobble, even when we get it cut it stays wild and curly. You still sleep amazingly on a night time sleeping 7pm-7am but you very rarely nap during the day any more. You love your milk, I think milk is your most favourite thing in the world. You are also so independent and want to do everything for yourself now.

This last year has gone by so quickly and you have grown and changed so much, but I still remember the day you were born like it was yesterday and you will always be mummy's and daddy's baby girl. You have coped so well becoming a big sister and it melts my heart seeing the love you have for your brother and sister. 

I hope you have an amazing second birthday princess and you love your presents, we have got you a red little tikes car for the garden, some more happy land toys and a big yellow dumper truck as you always play with these when you see them when we are out. I am sure you will enjoy eating your minion cake, going out for a meal and having a little tea party as you love your food. You had such a great time yesterday at your soft play party playing with your friends and your face lit up when everyone sang happy birthday to you and you blew out your candles on the cake, even though you did try and grab the lit candle. 

Happy birthday Princess Sophia mummy, daddy, Chloe and Jacob love you lot's and we hope that you have a great year filled with love, laughter and adventures as that is what being two is all about. You light up our world and make us smile every single day and I am so lucky that you are mine. 

Love you always mummy xxx



  1. Aww! Bless her! I hope she has had a fab day! Happy Birthday Sophia x

  2. Lovely post and what a beautiful photo. Happy birthday Sophia, I hope you have a lovely day.xx

  3. Awww bless her, Happy Birthday princess Sophia. You are very beautiful. What a lovely post xxx #sharewithme

  4. Oh, happy birthday to your girl. This is a lovely post, so full of love. I hope the coming year is just as wonderful x

  5. What a beautiful post and tribute to your little one. A huge happy birthday! Prepare for being two its not as bad as they say. lol Thanks for linking up to Share With Me I hope you are enjoying my blog hop and thanks for all the linky support! #sharewithme

    1. Thank you , i am really hoping being two is not all terrible xx


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