Thursday 30 October 2014

Jacob's Newborn Photoshoot

* Note - Tina has since changed her photography business name to Capture Forever. 

When I was pregnant with Jacob I came across an advert on facebook from a local photographer who was advertising for newborn babies who were going to be born at the end of August to take part in a free photo shoot. As you may know, Jacob was due in late August so I contacted the photographer and was lucky enough to be offered a free photo shoot once he was born.

newborn photo shoot, Jacob as a batman


Tuesday 28 October 2014

Sassy Bloom Subscription Box

Edit I think Sassybloom have shut as the website no longer works. 

I always mention that since I started blogging earlier this year I have discovered so many new baby/ children brands via reading other people's blogs. One such brand is Sassy Bloom. 

For those of you who do not know Sassy Bloom is a monthly subscription box service especially for babies. They are suitable for mums-to-be in the final trimester of pregnancy up until children are two years old. You just visit the website and choose your subscription option. You can buy a monthly box which costs £29.00 a month and you can cancel at any time or you can buy 3, 6 or 12-month subscriptions, the boxes can work out as low as £22.15 a box if you do this option. Once you have chosen your subscription option you then fill in a form with your child's details things such as there name, date of birth and gender. Then the lovely people at Sassy Bloom handpick items that are suitable for your child based on the details that you provided, they then wrap them in a beautiful box and deliver them to your door once a month. 

When the box arrives it is addressed to your, child which I think is a nice touch. The contents of each box will be worth at least £40. I really love the idea of these boxes as they are a nice surprise each month. 

Sassy Bloom Box


Friday 24 October 2014

10 Sign's You Are A Parent To A Newborn

As Jacob is now two month's old and no longer classed as a newborn baby I thought I would look back on what life was like with a newborn baby. If you are a parent yourself you may recognise some of these things. So here is my ten sign's that you are a parent of a newborn baby.


Wednesday 22 October 2014

Heroes Of Olympus The Lost Hero - Book Giveaway * CLOSED*

Saying as it is my daughter's 12th birthday today I thought that I would run a little giveaway on the blog, as I was recently sent some book's to giveaway from Puffin books. I have four copy's of Heroes Of Olympus The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan, which is part of the Percy Jackson book series.  It is perfect for older children, teenagers or adults to read.


Tuesday 21 October 2014

Review: Theraline Wynnie Nursing Pillow

As you all know I recently had my third baby, little Jacob and as you can imagine my house is full to the brim with baby paraphernalia. But one baby item that I had never tried out before was a nursing pillow. As any parent to a baby will tell you even though babies are tiny they do start to feel rather heavy, your arms begin to ache when you are feeding them. In the past, I have tried using cushions off the sofa to try and prop my babies up when feeding them, but I found this to be not very comfortable or practical.

When Jacob was born I was very kindly offered the chance to try out a Theraline Wynnie nursing pillow . Theraline is a company who specialise in maternity and nursing pillow's, but they also sell other products such as baby pillow's - to help prevent flat head syndrome, neck pillows, for children to use on car journeys and maternity products such as cesarean belts and breast pads.

nursing pillow
Theraline Wynnie Nursing Pillow


Saturday 18 October 2014

Review: Zippy FirstBib

As anyone who has a newborn knows they feed a lot and they are forever dribbling milk and being sick, so a stockpile of bibs is a must. I bought loads of bibs for Jacob before he was born but they are fairly thin and the milk/ sick just seeps through them onto his clothing.


Friday 17 October 2014

Review : The Mumsnet Book Of Animal Stories

As my regular readers may already know I love book's and I always have done since I was a small child. I have always loved nothing more than getting lost in a good story and I wanted my children to carry on my love for reading and are home has always been filled with many books for them to enjoy. My oldest daughter Chloe is at an age where she is more interested in her tablet than reading but my youngest daughter Sophia is starting to discover and enjoy book's more the older she is getting. So when we were recently sent the Mumsnet Book Of Animal Stories to review I could not wait to have a good read of it with Sophia.

The Mumsnet Book Of Animal Stories


Thursday 16 October 2014

My Daily Routine With A Tweenager A Toddler And A Newborn

I love routine even more so since I became a mum, I find that without a routine everything just seems to get a bit hectic and overwhelming. When we had Sophia we were lucky that she just slotted into the routine we already had in place for Chloe, and I believe that is why she is such a settled happy baby who sleeps well and always has done. So when we recently had Jacob he just slotted into the routine we had with the girls too. Although having two children under two things don't always go to plan, as you can guarantee that when its time to leave the house to go out one of them will need a nappy changed, or at bedtime one of them might take twice as long as normal to go to sleep.

Ready for bed, he may be cute but he is a tinker
Now I am not one of those super strict parents where everything has to be run to military precisions, to be honest, I am far too lazy and laid back for that. We do have set bath and bedtimes etc. So this is what a typical day looks like in our household.


Wednesday 15 October 2014

Life Lately

As you may notice since having Jacob eight week's ago I have been quieter than normal on my blog and social media. I have been busy spending time getting to know my new son (still sounds weird saying I have a son) and adjusting to life as a family of five. 

Newborn baby Jacob dressed as Batman
Baby Jacob at two week's


Monday 13 October 2014

Babies R Us Babyologist Baby Monitor Review

When you are having or have a baby there is so much choice available when it comes to what baby items to buy, especially when it comes to baby monitors. There are so many different makes and models on the market all with different features. As I am a bit, a lot of a worrier I have always wanted monitors that detect baby's breathing as I am forever up checking on my children multiple times during the night.  I had heard of so many people that their monitors kept going off for no reason during the night worrying them. So, in the end, I did not buy any and just brought normal monitors instead which turned out to be a bit rubbish if I am honest as they were really crackly.

However, a few week's ago I was very lucky to be selected to be a tester for Babies R Us and they sent me some new baby monitor's to try out that had babysense movement monitors included. This was perfect for me being a mum to a one-year-old and a newborn.

We were sent the Motorola MBP16 baby monitor and Babysense bundle. 

Motorola monitors for baby
What we got


Monday 6 October 2014

Review: The Luck Uglies Book

As I mentioned in many posts I love to read, I always have done since I was a small child. I have always wanted my children to continue with my love of reading, however now that my oldest daughter Chloe is older (she is almost 12) she prefers to spend all of her time on her tablet than reading books. I have been trying to encourage her to read more and when I was given the chance to review a copy of The Luck Uglies I thought that this would be a great chance to encourage her to read more. 

We were actually sent this book back in the summer and Chloe read it during the summer holidays, but with having a baby I had to take a bit of a break from blogging and have only just got back into blogging recently so I am catching up on overdue blog posts.

The Luck Uglies paperback book


Saturday 4 October 2014

Review: Rainbow Braid 5400 Piece Loom Refill Kit

If you are a parent then I am sure that this summer you became well aware of loom bands as children all over the country went crazy for them. My oldest daughter Chloe certainly did, she has thousands of them. We can not go to a shop without her nagging me for a bag of them, she spends hours watching youtube videos of people creating things with them and then hours trying to make her own creations. But I found that I was spending a fortune on them as a small bag of them was costing me £2 and I found that they snapped easily and some of them had a strange rubbery smell to them. 

Anyway back in August, I was given the chance to review some Rainbow Braid Looms and Chloe was over the moon at getting the chance to review them. They actually arrived the day that I came home from the hospital with her new baby brother, so they were a brilliant distraction for her and kept her occupied in those early newborn days where I did not have the time or energy to take her on days out. 

Bags of coloured loom bands
What we recieved
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