Tuesday 28 October 2014

Sassy Bloom Subscription Box

Edit I think Sassybloom have shut as the website no longer works. 

I always mention that since I started blogging earlier this year I have discovered so many new baby/ children brands via reading other people's blogs. One such brand is Sassy Bloom. 

For those of you who do not know Sassy Bloom is a monthly subscription box service especially for babies. They are suitable for mums-to-be in the final trimester of pregnancy up until children are two years old. You just visit the website www.sassybloom.com and choose your subscription option. You can buy a monthly box which costs £29.00 a month and you can cancel at any time or you can buy 3, 6 or 12-month subscriptions, the boxes can work out as low as £22.15 a box if you do this option. Once you have chosen your subscription option you then fill in a form with your child's details things such as there name, date of birth and gender. Then the lovely people at Sassy Bloom handpick items that are suitable for your child based on the details that you provided, they then wrap them in a beautiful box and deliver them to your door once a month. 

When the box arrives it is addressed to your, child which I think is a nice touch. The contents of each box will be worth at least £40. I really love the idea of these boxes as they are a nice surprise each month. 

Sassy Bloom Box

I have bought these boxes before for Sophia, which you can read about one of them here and she received some really lovely items in her box. I am not the only one who loves Sassy Bloom as they are a multi-award winning company, even celebrities such as Peter Andre, Kimberly Walsh and Kerry Katona recommend them.

I was recently asked if  I would like to a receive a Sassy Bloom box for Jacob and of course, I had to say yes!  It may not be the most expensive item I have been asked to review but it is defiantly the one that I have been most excited about, I could not wait for it to arrive so I could see what gifts Jacob would be receiving.

Contents of a Sassy Bloom Baby Box, ted, bottle, bib, teether

When the box arrived it was, as always beautifully wrapped, but Sophia the little monkey stole the ribbon off it as she said it was "ooooh pretty". I even filmed a short video of me opening the box which I will apologise now for as it is rather rubbish, I filmed it on my iPhone and I have never made a video before in my life so I had no idea at all what I was doing.

In the box we got.

  •  Two Sewlomax bibs-  Price £8.00. They are really nice and perfect for a little boy and something a 9-week old baby will defiantly need, we go through so many bibs as Jacob is a sickly baby. These are really useful and we will use them.
Baby Bib, white with blue dummy pattern on
  • Mam oral care rabbit- Price £4.99. Again this is something that we will use with Jacob and is something I had been looking at buying for him myself.
blue baby rabbit teether
  • Kaloo bunny - Price £21.99. I love the box this came in and the bunny is lovely, soft and cuddly and perfect for a young baby. Jacob will love this, it is my favourite item out of the box.
bunny ted with blue outfit on
  • Yoomi bottle- Price £7.50. Jacob is a bottle fed baby so this is perfect as it meant to help with colic and Jacob has been suffering from this. Again it something we will use, I have heard that these are good bottles as well. 
Yoomi baby bottle
  • Baby Gund elephant- Price £4.99. I really like this and I have actually been looking for a little toy to hang on his pram, so this is perfect. 
blue elephant toy to hang on a baby pram
  • Cuddledry bath mitt - Price £4.99 . I have heard that Cuddledry are a great brand and the flannel is really soft and perfect for bath time. 

The contents of the box are worth £52.46 which is above the £40 that they say your box will be worth, it is great value for the £29 you would pay for the box. I would have saved £22.72 compared to if I had brought all these products separately myself. Every single item we received is perfect and suitable for Jacob and most importantly we will use every single item in the box. All the items are from well know brands and there is no sample, it is full of quality, useful, lovely baby products.

Good points
  •  Beautifully wrapped box
  • Free delivery
  • Nice surprise for you and your child each month
  • Handpicked quality items
  • Contents are worth at least £10 more then you pay for the box
  • Would make a lovely gift for someone
  • Can cancel your subscription at any time
Bad points

I genuinely can not think of any at all, all the boxes I have received have been lovely. I have paid for Sophia's boxes myself in the past and I thought they were worth the money I paid for them.

My verdict

Would I recommend Sassy Bloom to a friend? Yes, I would I tell everyone I know how great these boxes are.

I would rate Sassy Bloom a 9/10

You can buy your own Sassy Bloom subscription box from www.sassybloom.com and if it is your first order I have a £10 off your first order code, so you would pay just £19 for a box. The code is BLG-NEWCAST  and if you order a one I am sure you will love them just as much as I do.

* Disclosure - Sassy Bloom kindly sent me this box free of charge for the purpose of this review, however, all views are my own. 



  1. A lovely selection of items there, and some new things that I haven't seen before! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

    1. Thank you for reading , we definatly got a lovely selection of items x

  2. These boxes look really lovely and sound like really good value too :-)

    1. They are lovely I am a big fan of them as I love the suprise elemet of wondering what you will get and they are a nice treat for Babies xx

  3. we had our first Sassy Bloom box this month too and loved it!! It was great. Love your review xx #triedtested

    1. Thank you , I seen your review too and it looks like you got some lovely items for your son. I really love these boxes xx

  4. What a great box....So many lovely things!
    Items like this make me want a baby....hehehe

    1. Haha you should have one you would get sent so many lovely things to review.since I started blogging I keep discovering new baby and maternity things and it makes me want another baby so I can but them all which is crazy as I have just had a baby and he is last one xx

  5. I'm currently reviewing the Nonabox and I must admit these look so much better! The items look lovely and usefull!

    1. I was going try a nano box but heard mixed reviews about them so tried sassy bloom instead and I love them we have had a few boxes and I have loved them all. Xx

  6. Such a cute picture! These looks so great, I would love the surprise! x #TriedTested

    1. Thank you , I love the suprise element of these boxes so much too xx

  7. Great review of items that you receive.

  8. What a lovely selection of items - it looks really well thought out.
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

    1. Thank you for hosting #TriedTested and taking the time to read my post. I love the items we recieved they are all perfect xx

  9. Great box! Ours was perfect too, love SassyBloom. #triedtested

    1. I seen your video and loved it! I love Sassy Bloom boxes every one I have received has been perfect xx


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