Thursday 28 August 2014

Introducing baby Jacob Oliver

You might have noticed I have been quiet on my blog and social media recently and if you follow me on twitter you will have seen that baby Jacob Oliver arrived on Tuesday at 9.31pm after a super quick labour (40 minutes) weighing 8lb 6 1/2oz at 39 weeks pregnant.

Jacob had hypothermia at birth so we had to spend a few days in hospital so he could warm up in a heated cot. But he is totally perfect and we are all in love with him. I can not believe he is now nine days old. We have spent the last nine days getting to know him. 


Monday 18 August 2014

Review- Yoga For Pregnancy App

I had never done yoga before until last year when I started to take Sophia to baby yoga classes and I have to say both myself and Sophia loved these classes, I would recommend them to anyone as they are lots of fun. So when I found out I was pregnant I toyed with the idea of joining a pregnancy yoga class, as I had heard that yoga in pregnancy is brilliant and can be useful for birth. But having two children and a partner who work's shifts meant that I simply did not have the time to join a pregnancy yoga class. So when I was given the chance to review a pregnancy yoga app I thought this would be a perfect substitute for not being able to attend classes.

The app


Thursday 14 August 2014

Week 37 Pregnancy Update

Today I am 38 week's and 2 day's pregnant and I now only have less than one week of pregnancy left. It feels so strange knowing that in a few days time I will have my baby and that I won't be going overdue this time around. I am starting to get very nervous about the birth now, I am not sure why as I have been lucky and had two normal straightforward easy birth's with the girls and I have also been induced before in my first pregnancy so I know what to expect. I guess it is just last minute nerves and the fact I am a born worrier in life, I just hope everything goes o.k and everything is o.k with the baby.

Bump has grown a lot in a few weeks!


Thursday 7 August 2014

Review - Bakerdays Letterbox Cake

Since I started blogging a few month's ago I have discovered so many brilliant companies that I had never heard of before, one of them was Bakerdays who make cake's that are then delivered via post which is small enough to fit through your letterbox. I thought that this was a brilliant idea as it enables people to send friends or relatives that they may not be able to see or who they want to surprise a personalised cake through the door as a nice surprise.

Recently Bakerdays asked me if I would like the chance to review a one of there letterbox cake's myself and of course I said yes, what pregnant woman would turn down cake! I went on the website and was impressed with all the different designs and types of cakes on offer they do everything from birthday cakes, new babycakes to cupcakes and if there is not a ready-made design you want you can even just send them an image of what you would like and they will make it for you.

Bakerdays letterbox sponge cake with hearts pattern on
The cake we received


Week 36 Pregnancy Update

I am now 37 +2 weeks pregnant and I only have at most two weeks of pregnancy left! Week 36 was a busy week so let me tell you what my pregnancy was like at 36 weeks.

If you saw my pregnancy post last week 35 update you will have seen that I had a hospital appointment to see my consultant and for a growth scan when I was exactly 36 weeks pregnant. All was well on the scan and baby has had a bit of a growth spurt and is now no longer small, they estimated his weight to be around 6lbs and told me to expect a 7 and a half pound baby at birth. If that is true then he will be my smallest baby as the girls were 8lb3 and 8lb2, I am still expecting him to be a big baby for some reason even though my bump is not that big.


Sunday 3 August 2014

10 Thing's I Love About Being Pregnant

Lately, I have been a bit fed up with pregnancy as you may have noticed from my previous posts on  pregnancy when your a mum and surviving pregnancy in the summer. And yes I am struggling with being so heavily pregnant in the summer and having two other children to look after when I am so tired all the time. But I have loved and enjoyed this pregnancy and I think pregnancy is such a special time so here are the ten things that I love about being pregnant.


Saturday 2 August 2014

Pregnancy When Your A Mum

As you know this is my third pregnancy and I already have two girl's aged eleven and one, I love them to bits and would not change them for the world but I just have to say to all you first-time mum's to be out there I am jealous of you! Being pregnant when you already have children to look after is damn hard work. In your final weeks of pregnancy you are advised to rest and put your feet up and enjoy nesting but in reality, you cant do any of that when you have other little people to look after. Looking after yourself and resting comes bottom of your list of priorities.

I am lucky that this has been my most easy straightforward pregnancy so far but now my due date is looming I am starting to feel pretty knackered, my feet are swollen, I spend half the night awake as I cant get comfortable. But I still have to get up at 7am with Sophia and I still have to cook, clean, and try and entertain a toddler and a tweenager all day long. I am bloody exhausted.

My girl's


Friday 1 August 2014

Week 35 Pregnancy Update & 36 Week Growth Scan

I am now 36+3 day's pregnant and I can not believe that I am so close to the end of my pregnancy now, in a few day's time I will be classed as full term and baby could arrive at any time. Lot's has been going on since my last update last week so here is what happened when I was 35 week's pregnant and how I got on at my 36-week growth scan and consultant appointment.

I had no midwife or hospital appointments when I was 35 weeks as I was booked in for a growth scan and an appointment with my hospital consultant when I was exactly 36 weeks pregnant. In some way's I have still had an easy pregnancy in that I have had no sickness, cravings, heartburn etc. But this week I have really started struggling with pregnancy. The heat is getting unbearable and I am constantly hot, bothered and sweaty and I hate going outdoors in the heat as I just feel so uncomfortable in it. I am also feeling really tired but I am struggling to sleep on a night time due to the heat and I am also now starting to find it hard to get comfortable in bed as my back and legs ache, not even my pregnancy pillow is helping me get comfortable now.

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