Monday 4 May 2015

Chemist Direct : Review

As a mum of three, with two of my children being very young shopping, can be a bit of a nightmare, I avoid it as best I can these days and prefer to do most of my shopping online. Clothes, groceries, Christmas and birthday presents are all ordered online from the comfort of my own home, online shopping really is a godsend to us mums. 

So when I heard of Chemist Direct I thought oh what a brilliant idea, as it is as the name suggests an online chemist. You can order your prescriptions online and medicines if you are unwell and unable to get out of the house. You can also order everyday toiletries, beauty products, baby products and they even have a holiday and pet section. The products stocked are all well-known brands and a lot of the products available are cheaper then they are in the shops. Perfect for people unable to get out to the local chemist or for people who are just too busy to go shopping. 

box of products from Chemist Direct

I had a good look around the site with my oldest daughter Chloe, who is starting to take an interest in beauty products herself. I found the site so easy to use on my laptop and there were so many products to choose from. After spending a good half an hour or so looking around we decided to get a few lip balms and simple beauty products for Chloe as these are so gentle on her eczema prone skin. I also got some things to help with baby Jacobs teething and a few beauty products for myself. 

What We Got.

  • Garnier Anti-dark circles 2 in 1 tinted eye roll-on, I have wanted to try this for a while as I have heard great things about this. To be honest I need all the help I can get right now in combating the dark circles under my eyes, with having a baby that still does not sleep through the night and now wakes at 5.30am every morning. £6.99

garnier anti dark circle eye roll
  • Vichy corrective stick, I rarely get the chance to wear a full face of makeup anymore but this concealer is great for making me look a little more human. £14.29 
vichy make up stick
  • Gillette Venus razor. I love these razors as they are the only ones I do not cut my legs to bits with, so I had to get a one of these as mine needed replacing. £8.49
venus lady razor
  • Batiste dry shampoo. Total godsend and a product every mum needs as we all know sometimes we just don't have time to wash our hair. £3.99
dry shampoo cherry
  • Simple facial wipes, moisturiser and eye make up removers. Chloe suffers eczema and we have to be careful what products she uses on her skin. But she is at the age where she is starting to experiment with make-up, so I got her theses as they are the only products she can use. Face wipes £2.99, moisturiser £1.40, eye make-up remover £2.49
simple face products
  • Quickies nail varnish remover pads. Chloe loves painting her nails and doing nail art so I got her these as I am sick of the smell of nail varnish remover as she is constantly removing and reapplying nail varnishes.£1.79
tub of nail varnish pads
  • Nivea lip balm £2.79 and Blistex lip balms £1.55 again these were for Chloe as like most teenage girls she loves lip balms.

lip balms

  • Nuk Mini ice lolly baby set. Jacob is teething and I have heard these are great for making little ice lollies for babies to help soothe sore gums £5.69
ice lolly teether
  • Anbesol teething gel. Again something for Jacob to help with his teething as the teething gel we were using was not working and a lot of other mums recommended this one. £2.11
baby teething gel

The total for all the products we got came to £54.57 and we saved £10.49 against the RRP of the products we bought. I was amazed at how much we got for the money as some of the products were a bit pricey. Delivery was also free as we spent over £40 for normal five working day standard delivery, but there is also the option for next day delivery which costs £4.75 or £6.99 if you want your delivery before 1pm the next day. 

However, I waited 12 days for my delivery! I placed my order on Saturday and received an e-mail on Monday saying one item was out of stock (a lip balm) and there would be a few days delay with my order. I was not bothered by this as I was in no rush for my products but I found it a bit strange they did not just send the rest of the order out and send the out of stock item out at a later date or just refund me for the out of stock item, as this is what most companies do. However, I waited for my delivery and heard nothing at all back so when 12 days had passed I e-mailed them to ask where my delivery was and I got a reply a few hours later saying my item was being dispatched and I actually got it the next morning. So maybe my order had just slipped through the net as they were very quick to rectify the problem I had. 

When my order did eventually arrive I was impressed that it was all boxed up and the items were securely packaged. And they all arrived in perfect condition. I found the website easy to use, and the products are all great and lower priced then some other retailers and there are some great offers to be had on the site. However, the delay in delivery was a bit disappointing but they were great at sorting it out and promptly sent my parcel as soon as they were aware of the delay. But it is somewhere that I would shop at again.

* Disclosure: I received £50 credit to spend at Chemist Direct for the purpose of this review, however, all words and opinions are my own honest account of the service we received. 



  1. I think this is a fabulous idea, I hope that they will resolve the issue with not sending things out if one item is out of stock though. I hate going shopping so as far as I'm concerned the more I can buy online the better!xx

    1. I am the same i just hate shopping with two little ones in tow as it is more stressful then enjoyable, i love shopping online. I think there may have just been some kind of mix up and my order got forgotten because as soon as i contacted them about my order they e-mailed me and said it was on its way xx

  2. This sounds like a great idea although the delay in delivery is a bit off-putting. I'm not sure I would rely on something like this for getting prescriptions but then I'm lucky in having a very helpful local pharmacy 5 minutes walk from my house so there wouldn't really be a need. I love the Venus razors too for the same reason. Hope the teething gel and the mini ice-lollies help Jacob through the teething.

    1. Oh that sounds great , my doctors is a couple of miles from where i live. The Venus razors are the best ones around i think as there the only ones that i don'd cut myself with. They have been helping with his teething, thank you xx

  3. I reviewed this website too, and we also had problems with an out of stock item. well packaged though.

    1. Oh no did you, i hope you found them as helpful as i did when contacting them though, They really were very well packaged xx

  4. Hmmm I do like the concept but not keen on the delivery delay x

    1. I know the delivery delay was the only bad thing about it, but they did sort it out very quick as soon as i contacted them and i had my parcel the next day so i can not fault them there xx

  5. Those teething lollies look great! Will have to try them on our seven month old xx

    1. They really are we have just used pure fruit and froze them and he loves them and they have really helped with his sore gums xx


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