Monday, 2 June 2014

26 week's pregnant

I am late in writing this post as i am now actually 27+6 day's pregnant, this pregnancy really is going by so fast ! I have had a super busy week so i am behind with all of my blog posts i was just going to do a week 26 and 27 update in one post but so much has been going on i thought it was best to stick to weekly updates. Well when i was 26 week's pregnant i was so busy as Sophia had her very first birthday and i was busy getting sorted for that. Also Chloe went on holiday to Spain and it was a last minute holiday with her grandad so i had a mad rush of getting her passport renewed in time and getting her holiday clothes and everything else sorted in time. And the other half has been at work a lot lately doing extra shifts so i have been rushed of my feet trying juggle all the housework , cooking , cleaning and childcare on my own and now Sophia is walking everywhere it is impossible to get anything done as i am constantly having to watch her and chase her around as she is into everything.

I have been feeling so tired lately also i think its a mix of being pregnant and being so busy but i have been going to bed super early each night as i just feel so exhausted. I have forgot to take a bump shot yet again, i really need to start taking photos as i have hardly any this pregnancy. But so many people have commented on the size of my bump this week and have said my bump looks the same size now as it did at full term with Sophia so i think i am having a big baby this time - i have a growth scan booked in at 28 weeks so i will be able to tell if baby is actually big or if i am just piling on the pounds but still no stretch marks which is brilliant.

 Although i don't think i am eating more then normal I'm probably eating a bit less as i am getting full so quick. I still don't have any cravings either even though i have been willing baby to want something nice to eat i would love a chocolate or Chinese craving then i would have a excuse to eat them all the time but no such luck baby is still happy eating pretty much anything.

I have not had any hospital or midwife appointments this week but apart from the tiredness i am feeling pretty good no sickness or heartburn or any nasty pregnancy side effects. I am getting lower back pain still now and then mostly if i have been doing housework and bending down and i am a bit stiff if i have been sitting down for a while and when i get out of bed but that's all. I have been sleeping loads better no more insomnia in the middle of the night but i have started waking up in middle of the night with trips to the bathroom to wee now baby is getting bigger.

Baby is moving loads now but all of the kicks are really low down still so i think baby might be breech at moment but there is still plenty time for it to turn so I'm not worrying yet. We still haven't picked a girls name and even though we do not know what baby is i am 99 per cent sure it is another girl. We still haven't done any baby shopping yet either i am so disorganised third time around. I think i am a lot more relaxed this pregnancy though i feel like i no what to expect and i am just finding this pregnancy so easy and straightforward and enjoyable compared to my other two.

The only downside to this pregnancy is me and the other half are clashing alot on a night time when the girls are in bed he wants to watch films and spend time together but i just don't have the energy, i am just so tired and want my bed and i feel a bit of a mess if I'm honest as i just never seem to have the time to do my hair and make up like i use to and i am always living in leggings and maternity tops so i feel a bit of frump.

I also think i am finding it strange not going to work anymore and not having my own money each month i guess i am finding it a bit hard to adjust to. I still love him loads i just feel a bit rubbish that i don't have time for him anymore and i miss how things use to be with us as we use spend so much time together and go out to loads of nice places and have a laugh together now I'm just boring and grumpy and tired all the time. I am such a cry baby lately too i cry at anything and everything i so hate pregnancy hormones they have been a real nightmare this pregnancy and turned me into a right grumpy crying witch .

Anyway's i best go now even though i have more to say as Sophia has just woke from her nap and is now trying to break the laptop and if i just save this post in my drafts i will never get around to actually publishing it.

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