Monday, 28 July 2014

My Ten Tip's For Surviving Pregnany In Summer

As everyone is aware we are having a bit of a summer heatwave going on in the u.k this summer and for once the north east is actually enjoying a lovely hot dry summer. Normally i love the summer and love sunbathing in the garden and going on days out to the beach but not this year as i am now 36 weeks pregnant and i must say being so heavily pregnant in this heat is no fun at all. Obviously i have been pregnant in summer before as Chloe was born in the october so i was pregnant during the summer but not so heavily so it was not to bad and Sophia was born in the may so it was warm but not as warm as it is now. Before the heatwave struck i was having such a easy pregnancy but due to the heat and nearing my due date i am now starting to struggle with this pregnancy and after seeing lots of other pregnant people on my twitter and facebook feeds also mentioning they are struggling in this heat i know that i am not the only one. And it is no surprise that us pregnant ladies are struggling in this heat as we are carrying extra weight, we have all them lovely crazy hormones racing around are bodies and we have extra blood in are bodies when pregnant so are temperature can be higher then normal. So here is my ten tips that i have found useful for surviving a summer pregnancy.

1.)Drink lots of water. I know that sometimes when you are pregnant the last thing you want to be doing is drinking lots of water as you are often needing to wee often enough but i have found drinking lots of ice cold water a big help. It is so important to keep hydrated in pregnancy even more so in hot weather and i find that i am getting so thirsty in this heat. A nice drink of ice cold water cools me down and refreshes me.

2.) Eat cool refreshing food's. Even when i am not pregnant in the summer i always find that i want to eat healthy foods like salads and fruit and i just don't fancy hot meals often. And this is even more true now i am pregnant plus if i eat the odd healthy meal it means that i can indulge in a cake or two. Another food i am having lots of now is ice lollies! they are a godsend on hot days especially when us pregnant ladies cant eat mr whippy ice creams and ice lollies are so refreshing too i am having lots of fruity ice lollies to keep warm although its a battle to get them in this house as the other half and Chloe are forever pinching them before i get a chance to eat them.

3.) Get someone else to cook. On the subject of food i have found that i am really struggling to cook in this heat even with all the windows open i get all hot and bothered standing in the kitchen cooking and i also can not be bothered some days as my back and feet ache so one thing i recommend is getting the other half to cook its the least he can do to look after you after all the hard work you are doing growing a baby after all.

4.) Wear cool clothing. Maternity fashion is not the best i must admit i mainly live in leggings/jeggings with tops and a cardigan when i am pregnant. I would love to be able to wear pretty summer dresses but its just not happening when i feel like a huge hippo. So i have found myself living in vest tops, flat sandals ( when my fat feet let me) and i also find the kimono style cover ups great as you can hide your wobbly bits while still keeping cool and looking stylish. Other people swear by maxi dresses in pregnancy but i have yet to find a nice one that does not make me look like the size of a elephant.

5.) Slather on that suntan lotion. Obviously everyone should make sure they wear suntan lotion in the summer but i often forget but now i am pregnant i have found that my skin is much more sensitive and i am burning easily off the sun , i am blaming them crazy hormones again. So i have been slathering on lots of factor 30 suntan lotion before i go out. I have still ended up covered in freckles though.

6.) Cool showers. I am normally a bath lover i love nothing more then a red hot bubble bath at the end of the day but i have found now i am pregnant i am wanting nice cool showers . In this heat i am getting all hot and sweaty and feel dirty so i am loving nice cool showers every day to cool down and freshen up.

7.) Stay indoors when its very hot. I hate being indoors especially when it is warm and the children are off school i love days out and having family adventures and i had so many things planned for the summer but i have to face reality that i simply can not go out everyday all day in the heat as i am really starting to struggle with being hot, uncomfortable, sweaty and out of breath and just generally knackered if i am honest. So i have been staying at home indoors a lot more then normal don't get me wrong i am not a hermit just yet we still have days out just not as many as normal and i just try to avoid being out at lunch time when it red hot.

8.) Put your feet up and relax. This heat has made my feet swell right up i have even had to go out and buy new shoes in a size bigger as none of my shoes fitted me. And i have also been getting achy legs and everyone keeps telling me to relax and sit with my feet up. And i have been doing this not very often when i get the chance and it does help with the swelling. But if you are in the position to relax with your feet up a magazine and a bar of galaxy in hand then go for it although i will be very jealous.

9.) Water mist spray and a fan. I have a water mist spray and when i am hot and bothered its lovely to spray on my face and helps keep me cool and i intend to pack it in my hospital bag for when i give birth. Also a fan will be amazing in this weather although we have not got one i really wish i did as everyone swears by them.

10.) Keep cool in bed. I am struggling the most with the heat at bed time i have my bedroom window wide open , i don't use the duvet and i normally love wearing pj's but i have swapped them for a cool cotton nightie or the other half's football tops to try and keep cool during the night.

So there we are those or my ten tips for trying keeping cool in the summer when you are pregnant. I would love to know if anyone else has any tips for keeping cool in the summer as i still have 4 more weeks to go and i am not looking forward to them at all if the weather stays like this. Sorry everyone who loves the sun but i would love for some windy cooler day's.

Lindsay x

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Sophia's 13 month update

Sophia has just turned 14 month's old on thursday so i am a bit late in posting her 13 month update ( whats new i have so much blogging to catch up on as always ) so here is a quick look at what Sophia was like at 13 months old.
Sophia had her immunisations when she turned 13 months old and her daddy said apart from a little cry when she had the injections she was fine, i always get her daddy to take her for her injections as i feel bad taken her for them. She has also got her ninth tooth a one at the back on the bottom and her tenth tooth is also starting to come through as well on the other side. We have been lucky that Sophia has not really been bothered by teething she just gets a bit dribby. We have not taken her to get weighed this month so i have no idea how much she weighs but she is still wearing her size 4 pampers nappies and all of her 12-18 month clothes now fit her perfectly and she is still a size 4 and a half f in shoe size.

Sophia is so confident in her walking now and she walks everywhere and loves toddling about outdoors although she often try's to pick things up off the ground and eat them such as stones and grass so we have to watch her. She is also running around and she climbs all over now which is a nightmare as she grabs and pulls things she is not supposed to touch and she has no fear at all so we have to watch her nonstop as she will often climb up on her toys. Her talking and understanding is also coming on loads now too and she is copying almost everything we say and she understands so much she knows peoples names now and will point to them if you say there name and repeat there name. She also points if she wants something and she puts her hands up in the air if something has gone ,normally if she throws food out of the highchair or when her daddy goes to work. She seems to understand the telly now too as when she is watching her programs she will laugh and jump and point at things that are happening. She has such a lovely personality and is so happy and playful she never whinges or cry's and she is happy to see anyone and is still not at all clingy.
She still has the same routine she has had since birth she wakes between 7 -8 am and when she wakes up she will stand up in her cot and shout 'hey' and then she smiles and laughs and plays peekaboo with you , she then comes downstairs and gets changed then has some toast in her highchair and watches doc mcstuffin then she will spend the morning playing or we go out. She is down to one nap a day now normally around 11 am and she will sleep for 1 - 2 hours. She then wakes up and has her lunch and then plays with her toys or we go out then she has her tea at 5 and she will eat anything we put in front of her at the moment she loves sausages, cheese, pasta, any fruit and vegetables and anything with garlic on. Sophia then has a bath at 6.30 which she loves and then her daddy takes her to bed at 7  and she falls asleep straight away and then sleeps until morning.
This month we have taken Sophia out for few meals and she has loved it and behaved and happily sat in the highchair and ate whatever we give her i think she loves going out for meals as we have been taken her to restaurants since she was a few days old. We went for a indian meal and she happily ate poppadoms and salad and she loves prawn crackers from the chinese and pizza is another thing she loves and fish. She will tell us if she likes something by going 'mmm nice' . We have also been on some days out to soft plays and parks and she has loved going to places like this as she can run around and she loves being around other children.

Sophia is still a total daddy's girl she loves him so much so i am a bit worried how she will cope with the new baby arriving in a few weeks as i think she will get jealous if she sees her daddy with a baby but we are buying her a dolly and pram as a present of the baby so she does not feel left out and we have said we are going to keep her in her routine as best we can and hopefully she will slowly get used to him. I really can not believe that she is probably going to be a big sister within the next month at only 14 months old. I love watching her grow and learn new things everyday and i hope that she still stays the same lovely little girl that she is once she is a big sister.

Lindsay x

Saturday, 26 July 2014

First Baby Haul

As i am now only one month away from my due date i am starting to get prepared for baby's arrival and we have started baby shopping after putting it off for so long mainly due to the fact that we did not find out baby's sex until i was 28 week's pregnant. After having two girl's i am finding it so strange shopping for a little boy as i keep automatically looking at little girl's clothes and i am a bit unsure of what to buy a little boy if i am honest so the other half has been picking most of the things we have brought so far so here is a little look at what we have been buying baby.
First soft toy
We got this lion soft toy from the little white company we seen it when we were in Fenwick's baby department recently and the other half seen it and wanted it as a first soft toy as he had a lion when he was little.We got this lion for £10 reduced from £20 as it was in the half price sale the little white company had on.  And both the girls have special soft toys that i brought them before they were born as i think it is nice to take a soft toy into hospital with you and put in the cot with baby when you take photos and they can keep it for years to come .Chloe has a little white bear that my mam brought her when i was pregnant that she still has now and we brought Sophia a elephant when i was pregnant with her and she has it in her cot with her.
Newborn sleeping bag
We got this sleeping bag yesterday from jojo maman bebe and it was £18. Sophia loves her sleeping bags and they have been brilliant at keeping her safe and warm during the night and we wanted one for baby but all the ones we have seen have been really thick and not suitable for a newborn but this one is for a newborn baby and it is really thin material perfect for a summer baby and it has built in arms and scratch mits so will be perfect to wear over a vest on warm nights and i love the little blue elephant pattern on it.
First  tiny outfits
These are some of the little outfits we have brought the little white baby grow that says born in 2014 was £6 from next and was the first thing we brought baby and Sophia had the same one saying born in 2013 so i just had to get it. The blue baby grow saying little brother is from Matalan and was £5 and was just so cute we had to get it. The blue striped romper suit is from Marks and Spencers and was £12 and comes with a cute little hat and this is what we are planning on bringing baby home from hospital in, it looks much nicer in real life then on the photo. The little t-shirt was from Next and was £6 and the jeans are from Sainsburys and were £6 and we got the cardigan from Mothercare and it was in the sale for £8 reduced from £14 and i think it will go with everything and be great for keeping baby warm when we are out. And the little jacket is from Marks and Spencers and was £12 and we got this in 0-3 months so that it will last a bit longer for when the weather gets cooler in september.
And lastly we got two blankets for use in the pram the blue one is from Boots and was £5 in the sale reduced from £10 and the white and grey wool one is from Morrisons and was £8 and will be nice and cosy for winter.
Now i have started baby shopping it is starting to seem more real that i am having a baby now and i cant wait to buy the rest of his things although i will probably end up doing the rest of my baby shopping on line as it is too hot at this time of year to go shopping when heavily pregnant. Lets just hope baby is a boy and the scan was right now i have started to buy everything blue.

lindsay x

Family Day Out At Morpeth Park

When i was a child i always remember going to visit Morpeth park every summer and have fond memories of visiting so now i am a mum myself i take my own children there every summer for a day out. Morpeth park is situated near the town centre of Morpeth in Northumberland and i love it and think it is one of the nicest park's in the north east. The park itself is not very big but there is a large paddling pool for children to go in and a small play area for smaller children and then another area for older children but it is situated in such a lovely well kept park garden and there is a river running through it where you can feed the ducks and go on the rowing boats.
Fun on the see saw
As it is the summer holidays and the other half was off work and the weather was nice we decided to visit Morpeth park yesterday as it was such a lovely hot day and it is only a fifteen minute drive from where we live. We arrived at 11 and the park was already really busy so we headed to the shops and stocked up on drinks and bread to feed the ducks and we stopped off at the chinese van which is just outside the park and you have to visit here if you are in Morpeth they do meals for only £3 and they are so nice and quiet big portions. We headed to the park and ate are chinese and Sophia loved the prawn crackers.
The girls then spent some time playing in the park before going to feed the ducks and then Lee and Chloe went on a rowing boat on the river which was only £4 to hire for half an hour. We then stopped off at the doughnut van where they make yummy sugar doughnuts before heading into the town centre to look around the shops as me and Sophia were both starting to struggle with the heat.
Chloe and Lee on the rowing boats
We had a look around the shops and we got some gorgeous things for Sophia and the baby in jojo maman bebe shop and we then headed to marks and spencers and brought more baby things.
We spent most of the day in Morpeth and we had a lovely day just the four of us as i want to try and spend as much time as i can having nice days out with the girls before baby arrives and also because Chloe is going to secondary school after the holidays and she probably wont want to come on days out with us much longer. I love family days out creating memories and we have visited a local soft play and went out for a lovely indian meal with my dad this week too but i have realised that at almost 36 weeks pregnant i need to slow down a bit and i cant really go on all the days out that i want to at the moment as i am starting to get tired easily and the heat is awful in late pregnancy and i was in so much pain with my hips and pelvis after being out all day yesterday. But hopefully we will get some more nice family days out this summer as i love spending time with my girls having fun .

Sophia and her daddy

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Week's 33 And 34 Pregnancy Update

I am now 35 + 1 day's pregnant only five more week's until my due date! I know that i say this all of the time but i can not believe how fast this pregnancy has flown over it seems like only last week that i found out that i was pregnant and now i am only a few week's away from meeting my baby!
A lot has been happening baby wise now that i am nearing the end of my pregnancy so i think i will start doing weekly updates again rather then fortnightly ones next week. But here is what week's 33 and 34 of my pregnancy were like.
34 week bump
I had a midwife appointment when i was 33 week's pregnant and my blood pressure and urine were fine and baby was measuring exactly 33 week's so my bump is not measuring small anymore hopefully it is a sign that he is starting to grow and wont be small on my next growth scan. We also got to hear his heartbeat which is the best part of midwife appointments for me i never get bored of it and could listen to it all day long. I had my blood's taken again just to check that the iron tablets that i have been prescribed are working as i had low iron levels on my last blood results a few week's ago.
I have also been feeling pretty good still no sickness, cravings, heartburn or aches and pains. Although i have been finding my back hurts and i am finding it difficult to bend down now and i am starting to find it uncomfortable lying in bed and i am forever tossing and turning all night. And the heat is really getting to me the bigger i get i am getting so hot and sweaty and i can not bear being out in the sun as i just get so hot and bothered and tired and out of breath and i normally love being out in the sun. Sleeping on a night time in this heat is awful,being heavily pregnant in this heat is no fun at all. But apart from these little niggles i have been feeling fine and i am still finding this my easiest pregnancy yet especially now that my iron tablets are working i find that i am not as tired as i was and i have more energy now then i did.
In other news my maternity pay has finally been sorted as you may know i gave up my job after my maternity leave to Sophia ended as the cost of childcare for two children was going to cost more then i earned so i did not think i would be entitled to any kind of maternity pay but because i was still classed as employed when i fell pregnant i am entitled to maternity allowance which is based on my pay slips from work and i actually end up receiving more in maternity allowance then i did of statutory maternity pay i received from work when i was on maternity leave the last time. So i am finally starting my baby shopping now my maternity allowance is sorted as i have been putting it off for ages. I have only brought some clothes and bottles and blankets so far for baby and my hospital bag things as we just can not seem to make are mind up on things like the double buggy and moses basket etc. I am just lucky i have a lot of baby stuff still off Sophia as at this rate i will not have started my baby shopping before baby's arrival.
Week 34 i had a midwife appointment when i turned 34 weeks and my blood pressure and urine were fine and baby's heartbeat was fine but my bump was measuring 38 cm so it is now measuring 4 weeks ahead which is crazy as i don't feel like my bump has grown and i have gone from measuring small for dates to big for dates but i am not worrying yet as i will see what they say at my next growth scan. I also mentioned that baby has been a bit quiet lately and not moving as much as normal so i was sent straight to the hospital maternity assessment to get checked out where i was hooked up to the heart trace monitor and of course as soon as that was put on baby woke up and had a party kicking and wriggling nonstop. But they said baby was lying back to back and was in a funny position so that was probably why the movements had changed. I felt a bit silly but i am glad i went and got checked out as it is best to be safe.
Getting monitored
I have started to struggle with this pregnancy now i am getting tired easily and i am finding it hard running around after Sophia as she is into everything and the heat is just making things worse i am so hot and uncomfortable my feet have swollen i have had to go and buy shoes in a bigger size as none of mine fit. I am finding it hard to get comfortable in bed on a night time and i am so hot and i am also up visiting the bathroom numerous times during the night as baby is so low down now and pressing on my bladder.
My lower back has been sore this week and i just can not get comfortable even sitting on the sofa is becoming impossible as i am so uncomfortable all the time. My legs have also been really achy all week but i find going for a walk then sitting with my feet up is helping. Still no cravings, heartburn or sickness which is brilliant and my skin is smooth and clear and my hair is still shiny and thick which i love. Baby is really active this week he wriggles and kicks nonstop and you can see my tummy changing shape and moving i will miss the feeling when he is born.
Also this week Chloe left primary school and i thought that my hormones would make me cry and i nearly did but i managed not to. I am really  looking forward to spending time with both of my girls before baby is born. I have also started nesting of sorts i have been making lots of to do lists and i have started having a clear out of the house and i am trying to be organised i have a list of what we need for baby and i am going drag the other half shopping to get it all in next week when he is off work i have even been and got Chloe's new school uniform in for september. And i have also made lots of lists of things to do to improve my blog and i have a list of lots of blog post ideas as i want my blog all nice and organised ready for baby's arrival. Talking of blogging i have had some lovely items sent out to review such as maternity clothing from mothercare so look out for a review next week. I will post my 35 week update next week, thank you for reading.

lindsay x

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Walking Baby Sophia And Her First Shoe's

This post has actually been sitting in my draft box for two month's now and i was just going to delete it as Sophia has been walking and got her first shoes age's ago but i thought that it would be nice to post it so i can look back on when she started to walk and getting her first shoe's.
Sophia has always been really quick at doing thing's ever since she was born she is really smart for her age so she obviously does not take after me or her daddy she has been sleeping on a night time since the day she was born, she was rolling over at 12 week's old and she just seems to pick thing's up so easily and loves to learn new thing's. But Sophia never really properly crawled she bum shuffled along the floor really quickly to get what she wanted from around 5-6 month's but at christmas time when she was 7 month's she started pulling her self up on furniture and cruising along the sofa's and before long she was walking along pushing her baby walker at 8 month's old then when she was 9 month's old she took her very first step's she would only take one or two steps then fall back down on her bum but she didn't give up and seemed determined to walk and when she was 10 month's old she started to walk properly across the room on her own although sometimes she was still a bit unsteady on her feet. But as soon as she turned 11 month's there was no stopping her and she was toddling along confidently all over she was even talking steps when we were out in public and wanting to walk everywhere so we had to get her some shoe's.
Loves to walk
Like most parent's when you think of getting your child's first pair of shoe's you go straight to Clark's and that's what we done . I always remember getting all of my shoe's as a child from Clark's back in the day when you get a secrete key hidden in the sole of your shoe. And i have always taking my oldest daughter Chloe to Clark's to get all of her shoe's although now she is starting secondary school i don't think she will be wearing them any more as she lives in converse these days.
So we went to Clark's and they measured Sophia's feet and she was a four and a half f they brought a selection of shoe's out for us to pick from and me and her daddy both picked the same navy dotty shoe's. But of course when we tried the shoe's on Sophia she refused to stand up or walk and just sat on the floor trying to pull the shoe's off and eat them!And getting a photo of her with her shoes on was a nightmare she just would not look at the camera, But the staff managed to check the shoe's fitted and we got them.
pretty first shoe's
They were expensive they were £34 and they will only last a few month's as she is grown so much all of the time. But i just love clarks children's shoes and i personally think that they are worth paying a bit extra for as your child's feet are measured properly and i hate seeing small children going around with really cheap looking shoe's on they look horrible and poorly fitting and normally fall apart really quickly.
Walking with her sister outdoors
Now Sophia is almost 14 month's old and she walks everywhere and climbs and runs and is so confident on her feet and loves walking outside with her shoe's on although she normally try's and picks stones up off the ground and eat them so we cant let her walk around as much as we would like outdoors. She is no longer my little baby but a actual cheeky toddler who is into everything . I couldn't wait for her to start walking but she really is so much harder work now she is walking so to all them parents out there who are wishing there babies would hurry up and walk enjoy them not walking for now because when they do find there feet you will be exhausted from chasing them all day.

Lindsay x
Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Passport Nightmare

Recently it has been splashed all over the media about the passport nightmare facing thousand of holiday makers in the u.k and we were one of the unlucky ones caught up in this. I totally understand that you should leave plenty of time for a passport to arrive and we thought that we had but here is what happened .
The sought after passport
My dad had arranged to go on holiday at the may half term with his partner however she could not go with him so he decided to take Chloe my oldest daughter instead, she has been abroad before but she had always wanted to go to Spain as she has never been and she has not had a holiday for a few years now as we had Sophia last year and this year i am pregnant again. So in April my dad booked for Chloe to go away with him to Spain and we applied to renew Chloe's passport as it had run out. We checked how long a child renewal would take and we were told 3 week's as we had 6 week's until she travelled we thought we would pay a little bit extra to send the passport off check and send via the post office. So we sent the passport off and i received a text a couple of day's later to say the application had been received and we should receive it within three week's.
Three week's came and went and still no passport and there had been no mention of delays on the news or anything at this point so i rang the passport helpline and got through to someone in a call centre who informed me the passport was in the final stages and would be issued soon but they would request a call back within 48 hours from Durham passport office where her passport was getting issued from. I waited for the call back it never came so i rang again and this time was told that the passport was in examination and had been since they received it and they would request another call back so i waited still no call back.Once again i rang the helpline and was told that passport had not been looked at and we were unlikely to receive it back in time and they would request another call back and i am still waiting for a call back now over two months later. By this point they had the passport for 4 week's and we had 2 week's until she travelled. So i looked on the internet to see how long a passport should take and i came across a thread on netmums which was full of people saying they were having the same problems and there passports were taking ages and some people had even missed holidays due to this and they advised to contact your local mp who can contact passport office direct on your behalf. So i emailed my local mp and i received a email back a few hours later saying that they would contact passport office and look into things for me. I also found a number for Durham passport office on line and so i rang them direct the next day and was told that the passport had not even been looked at yet as there was a backlog but the mp had got the passport put in a que to be fast tracked which would cost us extra but that the they work on date of travel order so not to expect a call to renew until few days before travel but that a child renewal passport was the most easy and straightforward of all passports.
By now i was worrying that we would never got the passport back in time. By now it was in the news about the massive delays the passport office were facing and i really did lose all hope of getting things sorted. However three days before Chloe had to travel we received a phone call from the passport office who said that they had looked at the passport and if i paid £60.50 extra they would fast track the printing and we could go and pick the passport up the next day i happily paid the money there and then on the phone and the next day we travelled to Durham which is about 45 minutes away from where we live to collect the passport. When we arrived at the passport office there was ques of people outside mostly foreign people waiting to be seen but luckily as i had a appointment i could go straight through i walked in told them i was there to collect a passport and i was handed it over after a few security checks. I couldn't believe we finally had a passport at last.
Once we had the passport we told Chloe she was going on holiday as we had not wanted to tell her until we were sure her passport would be back in time and she was over the moon. And she had a amazing time she went to Marbella in Spain on 25th may ( Sophia's birthday) for a week and loved it my dad said he never seen her as she was just in the children's club all day and the only time he seen her was meal times and night time. She came back with a lovely suntan and had made lots of new friends and made some amazing memory's she will keep forever.
We were lucky that we managed to get things sorted with the passport. I totally agree that you should leave plenty of time to get a passport especially in the summer as it is a busy time, but we were told the passport would only take 3 weeks but it took us almost 6 weeks and a extra £60.50 and that was for a straight forward child's renewal. After hearing all the stories on the news yes i have symphony for some of the people who have missed out on holidays two of are neighbours have also been caught up in the passport backlog too. But some of the people on the news are going mad because they have missed a holiday but they sent for a first adult passport with 4 weeks to spare when you are told a first adult passport will take at least 6 weeks and you need to attend a interview etc so i think some common sense is needed when applying for a passport and i will make sure that all of are passports are in date and never run out as i never want to go through all that worry and hassle again in getting a passport.