Saturday, 10 October 2015

Life Without A Gallbladder

Two year's ago today I was in surgery getting my gallbladder removed, I was terrified about having the operation but now two years later I am so glad that I had it done. When I was 32 week's pregnant with Sophia I was struck down with my first gallstone attack, no-one knew what was wrong and I was admitted to hospital for almost a week while they ran testes to see what was making me so ill. Eventually they discovered I had gallstones and their was nothing they could do whilst I was pregnant, I wrote about gallstones in pregnancy when I first started my blog. 

When Sophia was two week's old I was struck down with another gallstone attack, that lasted a week. I could not eat anything without being in pain and lived on painkillers which ended up making me ill, I begged the doctor to do something and I was referred to the hospital where it was agreed that my gallbladder needed removed. Six weeks after meeting with the doctor I had my gallbladder removed. 

Apart from the two attacks I had I never actually had any other bother from my gallbladder due to being very strict with my diet and sticking to a low fat gallbladder diet. I was so miserable though as I could not eat much and could no longer eat out, every time I ate I always had the worry in the back of my mind that I would be struck down by that awful pain again. If you are unsure of what a gallstone attack is like the only way I can describe it is like one big long contraction type pain around your ribs that lasts for five to eight hours. It is awful, I have had three children two of which were painful inductions and gallstone pain is 100 % worse then childbirth without a doubt. 

I knew surgery was the only way to get rid of the pain and to get my life back as I was constantly on edge every time I ate worrying about the pain, it was no way to live. I nearly cancelled my operation so many times as I was terrified, thoughts such as what if I die or what if things go wrong and I am still awake when they operate on me plagued my thoughts. I knew that if I wanted to be happy and enjoy being a mum to girls that I had to go through with it though. 

The morning of my surgery arrived and I got a taxi on my own to the hospital at 7.30am and made my way to the surgical day unit. The other half was at home with the girls taken Chloe to school and Sophia to his mums for the day. I was so nervous as most people had someone with them, I was shown to a bed on the ward given a gown and stockings to wear and had the usual hospital checks done. I thought I would have ages to wait but I was first on the list to surgery, I remember walking down to theatre and feeling sick with nerves as I climbed on the bed and was wheeled into theatre.

I was taken to a small room just outside the theatre, the staff done an amazing job of distracting me by talking to me about my girls before I knew it I was hooked up to all the machines, a cannula was in my arm a mask was on my face and I was asleep, just like that. The next think I knew I was awake in the recovery room an hour later shaking and being sick, I was injected with medicines and wrapped in a heated blanket and taken back to the ward to rest. 

I felt awful off the operation, I was not in any pain I was just feeling awful of the anaesthetic, I was told to sleep it off which I did on and off. By tea time I was up and dressed and aloud to go home with a bag full of medication and strict orders to rest. The first few nights were uncomfortable as I had to lie on my back to sleep which I am not use to but other then that I had no pain. I had four keyhole surgery scars on my tummy and it just felt like I had done loads of sit ups rather then  being painful. 

Friday, 9 October 2015

Pumpkins Pumpkins Everywhere : Book Review

Last month I brought you my first Parragon book buddies review of a beautiful collection of 
Nursery rhymes. As a Parragon book buddie we get sent a book each month to review, as it is now October what better type of book than a Halloween one! We were sent a lovely picture book called "Pumpkins Pumpkins Everywhere" which is perfect for getting young children into the Halloween spirit. 

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

My First Thomas & Friends Rail Rollers Spiral Station - Review

We were recently sent a My First Thomas & Friends Rail Rollers Spiral Station toy for Jacob to review. I just knew that Jacob and his sister would love this toy as they both like Thomas and this toy was unlike anything that they already have. I was right because as soon as they both seen it they made a beeline for it and have not stopped playing with it since. 

When I opened the box I was a bit nervous as it is all in bits and I am totally useless at building toys, as I don't have the patience. I need not have been worried though as their was no screws, batteries or anything to build as the whole toy just clips together easily with super simple diagram instructions included. It only took me around five minutes to build the toy which I was impressed by, as their is nothing worse then trying to build toys for eager little ones to play with.

Slimming World Week 22 & 23

It has been a couple of week's since I posted a Slimming World update as I did not attend group last week as we had been away on a review trip and I was busy redecorating. I was so busy but also I was a bit scared of facing the scales after a weekend of overindulging, so I was a chicken and missed group. This week I faced the scales though expecting a gain, but I know now that the only way that I will lose all of this baby weight is if I go to group each week and stick to the plan. 

I started last week of well as I knew we were going away for a weekend and I knew I was going to enjoy some meals out. I was on plan all week, we even went out for a pub lunch and I ordered plain grilled chicken breast with a plain jacket potato and salad, which is unlike me as I always use eating out as an excuse to cheat and eat whatever I like. We were also out shopping at the Metrocentre and instead of going for a Mexican or to Pizza hut like we normally would I was good and went to Subway for a salad. I am a bit addicted to Subway salads at the moment they are so yummy with low syn sweet onion sauce on, they are only £2.29 for a salad of the day and really filling. 

I ate a lot of Subway salads this week.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Creating A Calming Bedroom For National Wallpaper Week

This week the 5th-11th October is national wallpaper week, I love how there is national day's and weeks for thing's like this. As part of national wallpaper week Graham & Brown will be celebrating the week with their seven feelings of wallpaper, these are 'feelings' that decorating your home can evoke. The week kicked off on Monday the 5th with 'Date night' Tuesday the 6th (today) is 'Calm', Wednesday the 8th 'Inspired', Thursday 9th 'Nostalgic', Friday 9th 'Funky', Saturday 10th 'Glamourous' and Sunday 11th 'Social'.

As part of national wallpaper week I was invited by Graham & Brown to chose a wallpaper from their truly amazing and vast range and recreate a feeling. I decided that I wanted to re-create a feeling of calm to my bedroom, as it was in dire need of being redecorated and I wanted somewhere calm and relaxing to help me get a good nights sleep. 

Saturday, 3 October 2015

The Marriott Hotel Gateshead Metrocentre : Review

Last week we stayed at the Marriott hotel Newcastle Gateshead Metrocentre as part of the Beamish Package that they offer. I wrote about the package as a whole earlier in the week but thought that I would do a proper review of the hotel as it was such a lovely hotel. The hotel is located near the A1 right opposite Europe's largest leisure and shopping complex the Metrocentre and just a short ten minute journey away from Newcastle city centre. The hotel is rated 4 star and is perfect for both business and leisure purposes. 

Friday, 2 October 2015

Sara's Tearooms - Great Yarmouth Seafront Cafe

Sara's Tearoom is a family and dog friendly cafe located on Great Yarmouth seafront and was awarded cafe Tearoom of the year 2013. The Tearoom is a family run, dog friendly cafe and restaurant located on the Great Yarmouth seafront in the Pleasure beach gardens, situated between the pleasure beach funfair and the Merrivale model village.