Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Review: Theraline Wynnie Nursing Pillow

As you all know i recently had my third baby , little Jacob and as you can imagine my house is full to the brim with baby paraphernalia. But one baby item that i had never tried out before was a nursing pillow. As any parent to a baby will tell you even though babies are tiny they do start to feel rather heavy and your arms begin to ache when you are feeding them. In the past i tried using cushions off the sofa to try and prop my babies up when feeding them but i found this to be not very comfortable or practical.

When Jacob was born i was very kindly offered the chance to try out a Theraline Wynnie nursing pillow . Theraline are a company who specialise in maternity and nursing pillow's, but they also sell other products such as baby pillow's - to help prevent flat head syndrome, neck pillows- for children to use on car journeys and maternity products such as cesarean belts and breast pads.

Theraline Wynnie Nursing Pillow
We received a Wynnie baby feeding pillow in pale yellow which is a lovely neutral colour that will work well for either a boy or a girl and fit in with any home's colour scheme. You can also get it in different colours and patterns , and i have recently seen that Theraline have brought out some really lovely new covers. The pillow is shaped like a crescent and is designed to fit around mums waist and to support baby comfortably whilst feeding. The cover is removable and washable which is perfect as we all know how sickly newborn babies can be, my Jacob certainly seems to be sick on everything!

So what did i think? 

The first thing that i noticed when we received the Wynnie pillow was just how soft the cover was, it is a really nice super soft fleece type material which is so nice and snuggly for both mum's and babies. I also had a good squidge of the pillow and it is nice and firm but also really squidgy and not hard . When you place baby on the pillow they look really well supported and comfortable, Jacob always looks super comfortable when he is on it and he snuggles right into me which is wonderful.
Now Jacob is such a hungry horris of a baby he feeds every two hours day and night and is currently draining 5 oz bottles so he has ended up being a bottle fed baby. But i am sure that this pillow would be such a help to breastfeeding mothers. It is so easy to use you just place it around your waist and then rest it on your legs when you are sitting down and then place baby on the pillow putting them at the perfect height and position for breastfeeding. Getting the pillow in place is so quick and easy i easily manage it with one hand whilst holding Jacob with the other hand.
Even though Jacob is a bottle fed baby i am still using the Wynnie pillow to feed him as he is such a chunky baby and using the pillow stops my arms aching and the pillow is nice and comfortable for both of us and defiantly so much better then using the cushions of the sofa.
This pillow has little features to it that i really like such as you can remove and wash the cover easily, i also believe that you can buy additional covers for the pillow which would be perfect for having a spare when your cover is in the wash. Another thing i like is that the zip for the cover is on the bottom of the pillow and it is hidden away so that it does not dig in or catch on parent or baby. The cover has remained super soft even after weeks of use and being washed in the washing machine. And the pillow has retained its shape and firmness very well , it looks and feels exactly the same as when we first received it and we have been using it every day. Another great thing is that not only can it be used as a feeding pillow but also as a support for when baby is a little bit older and is trying to sit up as it is the perfect shape and size to help stop them toppling over and will help them gain there balance. My 16 month old daughter is always pinching this and sitting on it to watch the t.v.I think that we will be getting plenty of use out of the Wynnie and it will last us well past these early newborn week's.
Nice and comfy for mum & baby

Good Point's
  • Suitable for breast and bottle feeding
  • Lovely super soft cover
  • Removable , washable and changeable covers
  • Firm and comfy and perfect for supporting babies
  • Can be used as a support for when baby is older to help them sit up safely. 
Bad Point's
  • The pillow was a bit snug around my middle as i have a bit  a lot of a mummy tummy after having Jacob, so if i was much bigger i don't think that it would fit me very well. So maybe they could make this in a range of different sizes to suit everyone. 
My Verdict

Would i recommend this product to others? yes i would do as it is great for breast and bottle feeding, it is nice and comfortable for mums and babies and you can also use it as a support aid to help baby learn to sit up.
I would give the Wynnie pillow a 9/10
So comfy he even falls asleep on it when we prop him up with it
You can buy the Theraline Wynnie pillow and all the other Theraline products on line from www.theraline.co.uk so why not go and have a look at the products they sell , i have heard that there maternity pillow's are rather amazing. The Wynnie pillow we were sent is priced at £23.95 which i think is really good value for such a good quality and useful product.

Lindsay x

* Disclosure - I was very kindly sent the Theraline Wynnie nursing pillow for the purpose of this review, however all views are my own honest account of this product. 

Family Fever
Saturday, 18 October 2014

Review: Zippy FirstBib

As anyone who has a newborn knows they feed a lot and they are forever dribbling milk and being sick so a stockpile of bibs is a must. I brought loads of bibs for Jacob before he was born from the shops but they are fairly thin and the milk/ sick just seeps through them onto his clothing so i end up forever having to change his clothes.

Recently i was sent a FirstBib for Jacob to try out from Zippy Suit . I had not even heard of Zippy suit until i recently discovered them on Twitter, they were set up by founder Nicole Graham when she got frustrated trying to match up the poppers on her daughters babygrows  ( i am always getting in a muddle when popping babygrows up even after three children) so she decided to make a babygrow with zips and so zippy suits were born and its where the name comes from. But they dont just make babygrows they also make bibs and have three different kinds FirstBib, Fun bandana bibs and Absorbent bandana bibs.

Obviously as Jacob is still a small baby we were sent a FirstBib which is size 0-3 month's and is designed like a traditional flat bib but is gathered around the neck so that it stretches and catches milk so that milk does not get into all them little creases tiny baby's have around there necks. When the bib arrived i was impressed with just how soft it felt and it was thicker then other bibs i have purchased as it has a cotton fleece backing which makes it extra absorbent. And the best thing is it has poppers on the back instead of dreaded velcro that most bibs have that get caught on everything.

Now Jacob is quiet a little chunky monkey with squishy chubby cheeks and i was worried that the bib might be a bit small but i need not have worried as it fitted him perfectly. There is two poppers on the back so you can adjust the bib and either have it on a small or bigger fastener, we had it on the bigger fastener.And as the front of the bib is stretchy it fitted around his neck perfectly and we had no dribbles of milk escaping into his creases like happens with his normal bibs. And even when he was sick his clothes did not get wet as the bib absorbed it and stopped it soaking through to his clothes.

I really liked this bib as it is perfect for newborns as it is so absorbent and soft and fits nice and snug around there little necks without being restrictive or tight and i also like the fact that you can have the poppers on different fastenings so that it fits your child better. And it even washes really well , i have washed this bib a few times now and it still looks like new there is no fading or bobbling and it has kept its shape.

This bib gets a big thumbs up from us as it is perfect for newborn babies. We were sent this bib in pale mint but it also comes in a range of different colours and they even do preemie sizes for tiny tiny babies and all the FirstBibs are priced at £2.50 which i think is great value. You can buy them online from www.zippysuit.com so why not pop on over and have a look at the lovely range of bibs and zippy suits that they sell.

* Disclosure - I was kindly sent this Zippy FirstBib for the purpose of this review however all views are my own. 

Jacob's First Few Day's

As i started this blog as a way of recording my pregnancy with Jacob i also wanted to record his early years as well, but since he was born eight week's ago i have been so busy being a mum that i just did not have the time nor the energy to blog. But i have been making notes of things that i wanted to write about and one of the things was his first few days in the world,as having a baby is such a magical time and i want to remember it all.

Jacob was born on Tuesday 19th august at 9.31pm and you can read all about his birth story here . Because he was my third baby and i had such a quick and easy labour i thought that i would be home from hospital the next morning but that was not the case i ended up having to stay in hospital for two days due to my blood pressure being dangerously high in labour so the doctors wanted to keep an eye on me for 24 hours after birth to make sure it remained stable. Also Jacob was suffering from hypothermia , his temperature had been ok at birth but an hour later when they checked again it had dropped . When i think of hypothermia i always think that the person would be freezing cold but that was not the case at all , Jacob felt nice and warm but his temperature was saying otherwise.  We had to spend a few hours after his birth cuddling him close to see if that would warm him up and they kept checking his temperature but it was still low. The midwife was unsure if the post-natal ward would accept us with his temperature being low or if he would have to go to special care for a little while but luckily due to the fact he was a good birth weight of 8lb 6 they agreed he could go to the post-natal ward with me but he would have to be placed in a special heated cot and monitored every two hours.
Tiny newborn 
We arrived on the post-natal ward at around 1.30am and he was placed in a cot with a heated mattress in and he was put in a cardigan and a hat and wrapped up tight in lots of blankets. I spent the whole night just lying in bed watching him in the cot beside me as i could not sleep due to the adrenaline rush of giving birth , the noise of the post-natal ward and the fact that the nurses were coming to take my blood pressure every hour and check his temperature every two hours. I was dying to pick him up and cuddle him but i had to leave him in his cot to stay warm which was hard as i just wanted to hold him.

The next morning i was tired and just wanted to go home but the midwife said i would be in for at least another night as Jacob's temperature was still low and i still also needed monitored. I remember he woke up for a feed at 7am and while i was feeding him he opened his eyes for the very first time and i actually got to see what he properly looked like which was wonderful. With the girls they both opened there eyes when they were born but he had his tight shut and when he opened his eyes i realised he had no eyelashes at all , i don't know if that is because he was born a week early or not.
He opened his eye's
At around 9am Lee arrived at the hospital with the girls and they got to meet there baby brother for the very first time. Chloe was excited and dying to see him and hold him and came straight over and peered in his cot and asked if she could hold him. Sophia was in her buggy and did not have a clue what was going on as she was only 14 months old , when i seen Sophia she just suddenly seemed so big! I remember looking at her and thinking her hands looked big which was so strange as the day beforehand i thought she was still tiny it is so strange seeing the size difference between your children if you have them close in age.

Lee and the girl's could stay at hospital all day but after half an hour Sophia went out with her grandma shopping and for lunch as she was getting restless at the hospital. The paediatrician came around and give Jacob a check up which he passed no problem but his temperature was still a bit low. Then after lunch we received are first visitors Lee's mum and her partner and Lee's grandma came to visit and they had Sophia with them as they had been watching her. Then my dad and his partner came to visit ,when i was pregnant my dad did not want to know what i was having and he thought that i was having another girl so he was shocked that i had a boy and it was nice seeing him meet his first grandson.
First cuddles with his biggest sister
Lee and the girl's had to go home at tea time as Sophia was getting tired and i was a bit sad as everyone else on the ward had there partners with them and i was on my own and i admit i did have a little cry as i missed the girls and i was tired and i just wanted to go home. But by now Jacob was out of his heated cot as he had warmed up a bit and they wanted to see how he went without it. I had another sleepless night in hospital as typically my baby slept but everyone else's screamed all night and the nurses were still coming to check my blood pressure every two hours and Jacobs temperature.

On Thursday morning Lee arrived at the hospital at 8am with a McDonald's breakfast for me, and he actually got to spend a few hours cuddling Jacob and spending time with him which he never really got to do when he was first born and the previous day. They came and checked his hearing which he passed no problems. The doctor came to see me and said my blood pressure had remained stable and they were happy for me to go home but that i would need to keep taking blood pressure medication for a few weeks and to get it checked of my GP and i would also need to have anti clotting injections every day for six weeks due to my blood pressure being so high as i was at risk of blood clots.
Coming home
Finally at lunch time after the midwife filled in all her paperwork and my medication had been delivered from the pharmacy i was free to go home two days after after the birth with my baby boy and start are new life as a family of five! We arrived home and then my brother came around with my two year old niece as he had been watching the girls. It was so nice to be back home i had a lovely relaxing bath and we had a Chinese take away for tea and Jacob just slept nonstop only waking every few hours for a feed then went straight back to sleep.

First day at home
The first week went by so quick we had a steady stream of visitors during the first week and we did not get the chance to go out anywhere as we had so many people coming around, we did not get to take him out in his pram until he was a week old. I was surprised at how easy the first week was he just slept all the time and only woke up for a feed he hardly ever cried and he was even sleeping at night from 9pm-7am only waking a few times during the night for a feed.

Jacob really has completed are family , the girls love him and me and his dad love him and it feels like he has always been here. So far life as a family of five has been great and i can not wait  to see his little personality start to show and to see what adventures we get up to as a family of five.

Lindsay x
Friday, 17 October 2014

Review : The Mumsnet Book Of Animal Stories

As my regular readers may already know i love book's and i always have done since i was a small child.I have always loved nothing more then getting lost in a good story and i wanted my children to carry on my love for reading and are home has always been filled with many book's for them to enjoy. My oldest daughter Chloe is at an age where she is more interested in her tablet then reading  but my youngest daughter Sophia is starting to discover and enjoy book's more the older she is getting. So when we were recently sent the Mumsnet Book Of Animal Stories to review i could not wait to have a good read of it with Sophia.

The Mumsnet Book Of Animal Stories is ten short stories which were written by ten Mumsnet and Gransnet members and they have been illustrated by up and coming artists to make this beautiful treasury of animal stories.

The stories are
  • Little Miss Wolfy Good - a good wolf who gets sent to bad wolf school.
  • Captain Yuri And The Space Mission-about a hamster going into space
  • The Hedgehog Who Wouldn't Sleep- a little hedgehog who wanted to see winter
  • The Great Meerkat Escape- adventurous meerkats trying to escape a zoo.
  • The Tale Of The Winged Lion- how a girl and a lion save her father in a storm
  • The Elephant Carnival- how a baby elephant steals the show in a parade
  • A Pile Of Panda- why a panda is not such a great pet
  • Atuki And Serai- A brave young goat who saves there owner
  • Up In The Trees Is Not For Me- A scared little monkey learning to climb trees
  • Basil And the Brave- about a bat finding his wings

The thing that stood out to me when we received this book was just how beautiful the illustrations are and they really do help to make the stories come alive and help capture young children's imagination.Each story is around ten pages long and is broken up with pictures so they are the perfect length for bedtime reading. All ten stories are really lovely but are favourite has to be Little Miss Wolfy Good as Sophia seemed to really enjoy this one and actually sat and listened to the whole story from start to finish which is practically unheard of for her as she is a typical one year old who never sits still .

Overall we really loved this book it is perfect for young children like Sophia to enjoy as a bed time story or for older children to read themselves. I am sure that this book will be loved and read many times for a long time to come in are house. 
This book is available to buy on Amazon and is priced at £12.99 and would make a perfect gift for any young child as a lovely edition to there book collection. 

Lindsay x

* Disclosure- I was kindly sent this book for the purpose of this review from Mumsnet, however all opinions are my own honest account of this book. 

Thursday, 16 October 2014

My Daily Routine with a tweenager a toddler and a newborn

I love routine even more so since i became a mum as i find that without a routine everything just seems to get a bit hectic and overwhelming. When we had Sophia we were lucky that she just slotted into the routine we already had in place for Chloe and i believe that is why she is such a settled happy baby who sleeps well and always has done. So when we recently had Jacob he just slotted into the routine we had with the girls too although having two children under two things don't always go to plan as you can guarantee that when its time to leave the house to go out one of them will need there nappy changed or at bedtime one of them might take twice as long as normal to go to sleep.

Now i am not one of those super strict parents where everything has to be run to military precisions , to be honest i am far to lazy and laid back for that but we do have set bath and bed times etc. So this is what a typical day looks like in are household. 

  • 6-7am - Jacob wakes up and i will bring him downstairs and feed and change him as lee will normally be at work by now. 
  • 7 am- I will wake Chloe up if its a weekday and she will get herself ready for school and then make her own cereal, but if its a weekend she will have a lie in normally until lunch time as she is such a lazy tweenager. 
  • 7-8 am - Sophia will wake up and i will bring her downstairs , change her nappy and then she will go in her high chair in the living room and watch Disney junior on tv while having some toast for breakfast and i will normally have my first coffee of the day ( its my new best friend since i had Jacob) as Jacob will normally be asleep in his bouncy chair.
  • 8 am - Chloe leaves for school she gets the school bus with her friends even though we only live three bus stops and a ten minute walk away from her school, but it is so nice not having to do the school run any more.
  • 8- 9 am - I will get dressed and check twitter/emails etc  and make a start on the never ending pile of laundry while Jacob naps and Sophia is watching telly and having her breakfast 
  • 9 am - Jacob normally has a feed and Sophia will be trashing the house  playing
  • 10-11.30 - On a Tuesday we will go to toddlers or some day's we will go out to the shops or to meet friends and family for a few hours.
  • 11.30-12.30- If we are at home normally Sophia and Jacob will both have a nap at the same time and i spend time on my phone on twitter do some housework , sterilise Jacob's bottle's, do more laundry .
  • 12.30-1.30 - Sophia will wake up from her nap as she only has an hour at most and then i normally put a film on as she is obsessed with Despicable me 2 as she loves the minions and we will have some lunch she normally has something quick like a sandwich or grated cheese and fruit and Jacob will normally wake up and have a feed. 
  • 1.30- 3-30 pm - On a Tuesday i take Jacob out to baby massage on an afternoon but normally we just spend time at home playing and reading books, but if we have been out in the mornings Sophia will normally be having a nap around now. 
  • 3.30 pm - Chloe arrives home from school and will normally do her homework as soon as she gets in 
  • 4 - 5 pm -I normally do more housework and make tea , some time's Lee is home from work at 4 and other days at 7pm depending on what shift he is on.
  • 5pm - we have tea.
  • 6pm - On a Tuesday we take Chloe to guides but the rest of the time i try and spend half an hour talking to her about her day after tea. 
  • 6.30 pm- Sophia has a bath and then she gets ready for bed and has a bottle and goes to bed for 7pm.
  • 7pm - Jacob is normally screaming the house down and will of been for the last hour or so as he is so unsettled on a night time with colic so i have to try and comfort him 
  • 7.30- Jacob will have a bath and get ready for bed and on a Tuesday we will have to go and pick Chloe up from guides. 
  • 8pm -9pm - i normally have an hour to myself if Jacob is settled so i can have a bath but sometimes i end up catching up on housework if we have had a busy day. 
  • 9pm - Jacob normally falls asleep so we take him to bed and it is also Chloe's bedtime on a weeknight and i normally end up going to bed too as i am normally up between 2-4 times during the night doing night feeds. 
Ready for bed, he may be cute but he is a tinker

And then it all starts again the next day, it does not seem like i do much now i have written it all down but some days are hard as i seem to spend the whole day changing nappies and feeding Jacob and tidying up off Sophia as she is into everything and is forever pulling the sofa cushions off and making a mess and some days Jacob just screams for ages. And i also try and spend time with Chloe helping with homework or just spending time with her painting her nails or watching tv together. And trying to find time to spend with Lee is impossible as he is always at work or we are so busy with the children but i know it wont always be this hectic. 
On Lee's day's off we normally have a day out somewhere or we visit family or go shopping and we normally take Sophia to soft play on one of his days off as she loves it and so does her daddy. Tuesdays are super busy days as Sophia has toddlers in the morning, Jacob has baby massage in the afternoon and Chloe has guides in the evening. But i am going to look into finding some more baby groups during the week that i can go to as i hate being stuck at home.
So as you can see i rarely get any time to myself which is why the blog has taken a bit of a backseat at the moment but hopefully that will change soon.
She love's soft play

Lindsay x

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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Life Lately

As you may notice since having Jacob eight week's ago i have been quieter then normal on my blog and social media. Before i had him i intended to take a week's break from blogging and then get back into things and spend a couple of hours each night blogging when then girls were in bed and the other half was home from work spending time with Jacob, i even drew up a blogging schedule and had lists of posts to write and when to write them etc.
So what went wrong ? I was naive and an idiot thinking that having a third baby would be easy and life would carry on as normal , you would think i would have realised by my third baby that all babies are different and that i must have just been super lucky with Sophia as she slept at night from day one and hardly ever cried, Jacob is the opposite to his sister in every way possible.
Baby Jacob at two week's

The first two week's were ok he was a typical newborn who slept most of the time and this give us the chance to spend lots of time with the girls so that they did not feel left out and so that they accepted him into the family. The first week passed in a blur of visitors , feeding and nappy changes . The second week was harder as Sophia was acting a bit jealous she was hitting me and her dad when we held Jacob and pinching his things so we spent a lot of time with her giving her attention and thankfully this seems to have worked as she loves him now and has accepted him no problem. Also my oldest daughter Chloe started secondary school so i was spending time with her making sure she settled in ok and was happy which she is as she loves her new school and has made lots of new friends , so blogging took a bit of a back seat while i spent time with my girls.

Then Jacob hit two weeks old and he changed from a sleepy newborn into a baby who just screamed and wanted held all day long , from the moment he woke up to the moment he went to bed at night he just screamed , he wanted fed every two hours day and night , he screamed when he was awake and the only place he would sleep was in my arms. We could not even take him out in the pram as he hated it and just screamed the whole time we were out anywhere. I was exhausted and it was hard in fact it was really hard there were many days when i was in tears just due to sheer tiredness as i also had Sophia to look after as well and she was only 14 months old when Jacob was born so i could not even nap during the day. The house was very neglected and such a mess , i was neglected finding the time to grab a quick five minute shower was a luxury! So blogging was the very last thing on my mind.

When i did have the rare odd hour to myself when the other half was off work  rather then trying to catch up on  missing sleep i was trying to write up review posts as i accepted reviews when i was still  pregnant and Jacob was first born. Now don't get me wrong i feel so lucky that i am starting to be approached by brands to review products and services on my blog and i love reviewing things as lets be honest who doesn't like a freebie ? and review posts are often enjoyable to write. But i only ever accept reviews that i feel are fitting and relevant to my blog and i only accept around two reviews a week simply because i didn't start a blog for the freebies i started it to record are family life hence the name of my blog.

Anyways because Jacob has been such an unsettled baby and i have been busy trying to juggle his needs with the girls and running a house all my review posts started stacking up as i didn't have time to blog so i just wanted to take this chance to apologise to my readers that my last few posts have mainly been reviews as i know as a blog reader myself constant reviews on a blog can be off putting.
I do however have some rather lovely products that i will be posting reviews of but i will also be making sure that i post other posts as well and not just reviews.

Anyway back to life lately as i was saying Jacob would not settle at all and we tried everything to settle him we even took him to the doctors and nothing much was working but suddenly when he got to 7 weeks old after five weeks of nonstop crying he changed he stopped feeding every two hours and he stopped the constant screaming. He really is like a different baby he sleeps at night from 9pm until 7am and only wakes two to three times during the night for a feed and then goes back to sleep, and he is a happy little boy during the day he smiles lots and loves sitting in his bouncer chair and he falls asleep on his own in his chair or moses basket. I feel like i can actually enjoy him at last as before we could not really enjoy him or do anything as he just cried all the time. I have started taking him out places and we even ventured out to toddler group with Sophia and he has started baby massage classes. We have a little routine and i manage just fine juggling everything now the house is looking tidier and i'm managing more then one shower a week now i actually get the chance to relax in the bath with a magazine most nights. Both the girls are doing great Chloe loves secondary school and is settled and happy and she will be celebrating her 12th birthday next week, and Sophia is her normal happy self who loves her baby brother to bits although she does still try and steal his bottles to drink at any opportunity she can get. And me? well i am starting to feel like me again i am feeling like i can juggle everything and i actually have time to myself to get back into blogging and i have lots of lovely posts to share with you all and i am going to try and find the time to catch up on all the lovely blogs i follow also.

So that is why i have been quiet on my blog lately but now life is getting back to some sort of normality i can not wait to get back into blogging as i have actually missed it and i have some great ideas for blog posts.
Thanks for reading

Lindsay x

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Monday, 13 October 2014

Babies R Us Babyologist Baby Monitor Review

When you are having or have a baby there is so much choice available when it comes to what baby items to buy, especially when it comes to baby monitors there are so many different makes and models on the market all with different features.
As i am a bit  a lot of a worrier i have always wanted monitors that detect baby's breathing as i am forever up checking on my children multiple times during the night. But i had heard of so many people that there monitors kept going of for no reason during the night worrying them .So in the end i did not buy any and just brought normal monitors instead which turned out to be a bit rubbish if i am honest as they were really crackly.
However a few week's ago i was very lucky to be selected to be a babyologist tester for Babies R Us and they sent me some new baby monitor's to try out that had babysense movement monitors included. This was perfect for me being a mum to a one year old and a newborn.
We were sent the Motorola MBP16 baby monitor and babysense bundle and this is a bit of information about the product and what we thought of them.
What we got

About the product
A bundle that includes Motorola baby monitors to hear baby and a babysense sensor pad to place under baby's mattress to give you peace of mind that they are breathing when they are asleep.
The baby monitor has a 300 meter range so you can use it in any part of your house or garden as the parent unit is portable and includes data encryption to prevent any interference . It has back lit LED screen, built in nightlight , and lullabies and a two way talk as added features.
Babysense sensor includes two highly sensitive sensor pads that monitor baby's breathing when they are asleep.  If baby stops breathing after 20 seconds a high pitch alarm will sound and it will also sound if less then 10 movements per minute detected. And is recommended for healthy babies up to one year of age.

Product description

Baby monitors 
* Rechargeable parent unit
* Two way talk feature
*  Night light
* Lullabies
* Thermometer
* High sensitivity microphone
* Back light & sound indicators
* Eco mode
* 1.8 Ghz DECT technology

The parent unit
The baby unit
* Dual sensor pad monitors
* High pitch alarm to wake you & baby
* Indicates low breathing
* Indicates partial loss of breathing
* Alarm sounds after 20 seconds
* Alarm sounds after 1 minute with less then 10 movements
* Baby unit fits on cot/ crib
* Can be used in moses basket/ cribs & cots

The sensor pad
The sensor unit
How they look in the basket

What i thought

The box arrived and inside there was two smaller boxes one with the monitors in and the other with the babysense monitors in. We have been using them for a few week's now every day to really test them out fully and we have found them so easy to use .
They were both super easy and quick to set up with easy to follow clear instructions included. With the baby monitors you literally plug them in to charge and turn them on and that's it they are ready to use, a little message will flash up on the screen telling you if they are not connected.
I have been using the monitors with Sophia who is one year old and we use them when she goes to bed on a night time. We live very close to Newcastle airport and we are right under the flight path and the planes fly really low above are house with are old monitors we had interference due to this but with these monitors we have had no interference or crackling sounds at all. The sound quality is fantastic as i can hear every little noise that she makes so clearly.
The parent unit can be charged up and carried around with you so that you can hear baby anywhere you go in the house or garden. And it also shows you the temperature in the baby's room so you can make sure they are not to hot or cold. And if you press a button you can talk to baby through the monitor if you wish like a walkie talkie.
The baby unit also has some great extra features too such as a built in night light and it plays soothing lullabies at the touch of a button.
If the baby unit is not plugged in or is turned off by mistake the parent unit will beep and a message will flash up on the screen telling you that it is not connected so you can be sure that the monitors are connected properly. They are brilliant we found them so easy to use with great sound quality and lots of useful extra features.
We have been using the babysense monitor with Jacob for the last few week's as obviously he is still a tiny baby who is with me all the time and sleeps in are room on a night time so we don't need the monitors for him yet. But the babysense sensors and the baby monitors would work great together when he is older.
The babysense sensors were again super easy and very quick to set up , we have been using it on a moses basket and it fits perfectly but it can also be used on cribs and cots. Because Jacob is still so young we only use one of the pads supplied but once he is a bit older and is in a cot and moving around you use both pads supplied spaced out in the cot to detect movements better.
We placed the pad under his mattress and plugged it into the monitor and the monitor then clipped onto the end of his moses basket.The monitor is battery operated and the batteries are included so there is no wires plugged into the mains making it safer.
Once the sensor is set up you just put baby in the cot and press a button to turn the sensor on and a blue light will flash to let you know that its detecting breathing movements through the mattress.
The sensor pads detect baby's breathing but if it detects no movements after 20 seconds then an alarm will sound which is meant to wake you and baby up. We have not had any false alarms like people have mentioned with similar products, the only time i have heard the alarm sound was when i picked Jacob up and forgot to turn it off.
This is a perfect product for someone like me who worries a lot about there children and is constantly waking up to check they are ok and still breathing during the night as this reassures me that Jacob is ok and it also stops me disturbing him so much.

The babysense sensor in use

Good point's
* Super easy and quick to set up
* Really easy to use
* No false alarms on babysense
* Reassuring for parents
* No interference on monitors
* Great clear sound quality
* Can be used on moses baskets and cots
* Night light and lullabies to sooth baby
* Digital temperature display
* You can talk to baby through the two way talk
* The parent unit is portable so can take it with you.

Bad point's
* The babysense monitor which is attached to the cot flashes a blue light when in use and as Jacobs moses basket is near my bed i could see it flashing all night and it was irritating.

Would i recommend ? 

Would i recommend this product ? yes defiantly it is expensive but i believe that get what you pay with things like this so it is defiantly worth the money. It is so easy to set up and use and i can not fault it in anyway as it is so much better then are old monitors with clear sounds no interference and lots of nice little useful extra features and the sensor pads are so reassuring for anxious parents.
I would give this a 10/10

This Motorola MBP16 baby monitor and babysense bundle is available to buy from Babies R Us and is priced at £99.99 .

*Disclosure : I was sent this product for free for the purpose of this review however i was no paid for this post and all opinions are my own. 

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