Saturday, 20 December 2014

Sophia's Toddler Christmas Eve Basket

I love Christmas as it such a magical time of the year when you have children. As a mum i am always looking for new Christmas traditions and new ideas of things that can make Christmas that little bit more magical and special for my children. Last year i seen a few people mention Christmas eve boxes/baskets they had made there children and i thought they were such a lovely idea, as Christmas eve can be rather long and boring when you are a child as you are so desperate for Santa to visit . So a Christmas eve basket will be something nice for them to have on Christmas eve morning to occupy them (hopefully).

Toddler Christmas Eve Basket
This year i have made Sophia a toddler basket and Chloe a Tweenage one , i was going to make Jacob a first christmas one but he will only be four month's old and will not have a clue what is happening so i have not bothered this year. I have really enjoyed buying little bits and putting these baskets together and i hope that the girls enjoy them as i think that this will become a one of are new family Christmas tradition's. So here is what is inside Sophia's basket , who will be 19 month's old on Christmas day.
Sophia's Christmas basket
I got the basket from home bargains for around £5 , i think the red material makes them look rather festive and because it is a basket i can keep them after Christmas and use them to store things in her

The Basket
I think that as Christmas eve is so long and boring for children that it is a nice idea to include some kind of activity to keep them occupied. As Sophia is still so young i have got her a Christmas colouring book which was from poundland and some crayola first crayons which are for children aged 12 months plus as they are nice and chunky so they can not snap them. Sophia loves colouring so i think she will really enjoy this.

An Activity
I also thought it would be nice to include a Christmas book , again as she is still young i did not want to get her a book she could rip the pages out of so i got her That's Not My Fairy book which is from usborne. Sophia has a few of these books and she loves them and they are great books for baby's and toddlers so i thought this would be a nice one to add to her collection. I got this from amazon for £4.

A Christmas Book
A letter from Santa , i love the idea of children getting a letter from Santa and i was lucky enough to review this letter service from the Lapland mail room recently which you can read about here. I have kept this letter which also includes an activity pack in so i can put it in her Christmas basket. I am also planning on keeping this after Christmas and putting it in her keepsake box. We loved these letters so much that we are planning on making it a one of are family Christmas traditions that the children receive a letter from Santa each year.

A Letter Of Santa
Sweet treats, Sophia loves chocolate but i did not want to get her lots of sweeties but i have included a chocolate lolly from sainsburys, some white chocolate coins from tesco , a little cadbury mouse and some cadbury festive biscuits. Obviously i wont let her eat all of them but we will give her some of the chocolate and a few biscuits on Christmas eve while we watch Christmas films.

Sweet Treats
A tradition that we have had in are house since Chloe was very young is to sprinkle reindeer dust outside on Christmas eve before bed, so the reindeer can find there way to are house. Chloe normally brings some home from school every year but now she is in high school so wont be and  i seen this in the card factory for 99p and brought some although i know most people just make it them self with porridge and glitter.
Reindeer Dust
Nice cosy pyjamas everyone has to have new Christmas pyjamas . Every single person i know gets new pyjamas for Christmas eve. My dad has always brought them new pyjamas to wear every Xmas eve and he has got Sophia some Sofia the first ones as it is one of her favourite programs but we seen these ones in Asda for £8 and couldn't resit them so we have got her them and we are just going to let her wear them on Christmas eve day time as we are planning on having a lazy day at home watching films and wearing pyjamas, then she can wear the new ones of her grandad on the night time.

New Pyjamas
Slippers, we have never actually brought Sophia any slippers before but she loves Doc Mcstuffin and she is obsessed with shoes and would wear her shoes all day if we let her . So we thought she would love these and she can wear them when she comes downstairs on Christmas morning as we have wood flooring and it will be cold. These were £6 in Asda.

First Slipper's
A Christmas bib, Sophia never wears bibs but since we had Jacob and she See's him wearing them all the time she has actually wore a one and keeps them on. So we thought we would get a Christmas one that she can wear on Christmas day like her brother. This one is from Zippy suit and is really cute and festive and Jacob has a similar one and they only cost £1.50, total bargain.

A Christmas Bib
We also got this personalised stocking as i have a smiliar one off when i was a child and Chloe has a similar one of when she was born and last year Sophia had a first christmas one so i wanted to get her a nice one she could keep and use every year this year. It was only £5 from a little stall in the shopping centre where we live.

Christmas Stocking
So that's what in Sophia's Christmas eve basket. Do you make your children a Christmas eve basket and if so what do you put in them?

Lindsay x

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Review: Bright Starts Nest 'n' Sing Pots

Hand's up who still has Christmas shopping to do? I do. Every single year I say that I will get organised for Christmas early and every single year I am still doing a little bit of last minute present shopping on Christmas eve. And one gift that I always find hard to buy is presents for young children as a mum to two very young children I know that there is a huge selection of baby and toddler toys on the market but to be honest a lot of them kind of do the same thing. So I am always on the look out for something a bit different when I am present buying as I don't want to buy a gift that someone else will buy for my children.

So when Bright Starts asked if Sophia (18 months old) would like to try out a one of there toys called Nest 'n' Sing Pots of course I agreed. When Sophia was younger we had a Bright Starts bouncer and play mat for her and she still has a few of there smaller baby teething toys and rattles which she loved. But I never knew that they also made toys for toddlers until recently and I had never seen the Nest 'n' Sing Pots before so I was really interested to see what they would be like.

Bright Starts Nest 'n' Sing Pots
When they arrived Sophia's face lit up the moment we opened the box and she seen them and she had to play with them there and then. The Nest 'n' Sing Pots are three saucepans that all stack together and they are the perfect size for toddlers and baby's to play with and they are really light too . They are nice and bright and colourful which young children love and they play really catchy tunes , but don't worry all you parents out there the tune is not loud and annoying like so many toys can be. I have never had to turn the sound off yet and we have had them a few weeks now.

The little pots all stack together and Sophia easily stacks them up and really enjoys doing so as when you stack them up that makes the music play. There is also a pop up carrot on the top green pot which pops up and down and she loves this and laughs at it. There is also a little button on the front of the blue bottom pot which lights up when the music plays and baby Jacob (3 months) is amazed by the red flashing light and never takes his eyes off it.

Bright and cheerful
As I mentioned the music is not annoying on these Nest 'n' Sing pots there is some familiar tunes you may recognise but there is also some rather cute little rhymes about the pots and about cooking which is good for teaching children about cooking. And it also encourages children to stack the pots as each time they stack a pot it will play a tune or say which pot they have stacked.

Sophia really loved the Nest 'n' Sing Pots she has been playing with them every single day since we were sent them a few weeks ago. They are recommended for children aged six months to three years but I think a slightly younger baby would enjoy them too as my son Jacob is three months and he loves the music and the flashing light on the front. And even a slightly older child might enjoy them too as they would be perfect for playing with in a toy kitchen.

Perfect for little hands to play with
What we loved about the Nest 'n' Sing Pots is that they are not big and bulky they easily stack together when not being played with and easily fit in the toy box without taking up much room. They are lots of fun for toddlers to play with and most importantly they are easy for toddlers to play with as the handles on the pots are nice and big and easy for little hands to grip, and they are so easy to stack together and the carrot is easy to push down too. Young children will love the music these play and mums and dads will too as it wont drive them crazy.

Having fun playing with her pots
I really recommend these Nest 'n' Sing Pots to anyone who is looking for a present for either there own or a relative or friends child as they would make a really lovely present. They are different to any other toy that I have seen recently too. And they are really affordable at just £14.99 which I think is great value for such a great toy that will bring hours of enjoyment for a young child. I know that this will be a toy that will continue to be played with in are household for many years to come, and I will be buying Sophia and Jacob many more Bright Start toys in the future as they both love this one so much.

Thank you Bright Starts for sending Sophia this toy she loved it lots and we give the Nest 'n' Sing Pots a huge 10/10 as she loves them so much and I can not fault them in anyway at all. You can find out more about the Bright Starts Nest 'n' Sing Pots on there website here or you buy your own from toy retailers such as toys r us and amazon.

Lindsay x

* Disclosure : I was very kindly sent the Nest 'n' Sing Pots from Bright Starts for the purpose of this review, however all views are my own honest account of this product.

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Monday, 15 December 2014

Jacob's Three Month Update

Jacob is now 16 week's old! It really has flown over and he is no longer a newborn baby anymore. I wish time would slow down a bit so I can have more time with him while he is so small as he is just getting bigger every day. Three months has been a lovely month as Jacob is starting to develop his own little personality now and he is like a changed baby , he seems to have got rid of the nasty colic he was suffering from and he no longer cry's all day long. He is now a happy little boy who smiles all day.

I got Jacob weighed when he was 14 week's old and he was a whopping 16lb 9oz which is almost double his birth weight already. He is a big boy and most people think he is about 5-6 months old. He has chubby little cheeks and lots of rolls of fat on his legs which is super cute and I love babies like that as I think they look cute and healthy. Jacob is wearing size 3-6 month clothes and has been since he was two months old, and he is wearing size 3 pampers nappies now.

He is in a routine and we are lucky that he has been since birth and we have so far never had a single sleepless night with him. He wakes between 6.30-7am and he comes downstairs and gets a feed and changed. He then sits in his bouncy chair which he loves with his toys - which he will grab and chew. And then we either go out for the day or stay home and he will feed between every 2-5 hours during the day and have lots of little cat naps but he will fall asleep in his pram or car seat if we take him out and has a really long afternoon nap for a couple of hours. He then gets ready for bed at around 7pm as he starts to get whingy around then and then he goes to bed between 7-8pm . He wakes anything from 2-5 times during the night for a feed but its normally 2-3 times, and he just has a bottle then goes straight back to sleep. He has a bath every other night and he loves bath time and smiles whenever he is placed in the water and kicks his legs. He has outgrown his baby bath already so he has started going in the big bath.

Jacob loves his dummy and has it all the time and he will cry for it sometimes. It is really strange having a baby with a dummy as neither of the girls did , but we just give him it at bed time and it helps him fall straight to sleep. He also loves a little teething soft toy he has from nuby and he smiles whenever he sees it and grabs it and starts chewing it. He is starting to grab everything he sees in the last few week's, including mummy's hair. He loves to be tickled and he laughs at this and if you stick your tongue out or make silly noises and he also loves being sung too off daddy.

He has such a cute little personality that is starting to develop more each day. When he is tired he wants his dummy and he puts his hands over his eyes to go to sleep which is so cute. He loves attention and wants to see you and be talked to all the time and he will smile away at you. He can not roll over or anything yet which Sophia was doing at 12 weeks. And he hates tummy time or lying down on the floor he likes to be sat upright so he can look about and see what is going on. I think he is teething and seems to have been for a while as he is always dribbling so he constantly has a bib on and he is always chewing his hands and he has flushed cheeks.

He loves his two sisters and smiles and laughs whenever Sophia goes near him but she mainly just ignores him and stays away from him but sometimes when she thinks we are not looking she will go over and give him a kiss and when he cry's sometimes she will try and put his dummy in or try and give him a bottle which is just too cute as she is only 18 months old. And he loves his big sister Chloe too but she doesn't really bother with him much either although she is very protective of him. Jacob is such a mummy's boy which is so lovely as Sophia has always been all for her daddy. He always looks to see where I am and he loves cuddles and sometime he will not settle for anyone but me .

We have also organised his christening this month, neither of us are religious but we were both christened and so were both the girls so we thought it was only right Jacob is too. So he will be getting christened in February and everything is all booked and sorted we just need to find something nice for him to wear as there is no way I am putting him in a frock. I am really looking forward to his very first Christmas in a few weeks , he will be four months old so he will not have a clue what is going on and will probably sleep most of the day. So we have not brought him much we have him a few toys as last year was Sophia's first Christmas so every toy we would have brought him we already have for Sophia, so we are just going to buy him loads of clothes after christmas in the sales and a baby walker when he is a bit bigger.

The first few months with Jacob were hard , in fact they were really hard juggling a baby who cried all day with colic and a one year old and a tweenager. I have felt constantly tired since the day he was born and I feel like I never get five minutes to myself and some days are still hard and I end up in tears with tiredness. But now Jacob is growing things are getting so much easier he is settled we are in a routine and it now feels like he has always been a part of are family and I would not change a single thing. I can not wait to see his little personality continue to grow and see what he is like at four months old.

Lindsay x

Friday, 5 December 2014

Review: Tommee Tippee Gingerbread Gift Set

Anyone who follows me on Twitter or knows me in real life will know that I love Tommee Tippee. I really do they are without a doubt my number one baby product company we have a house full of there products from steriliser and bottle warmers to nail clippers and cutlery. Tommee Tippee is a brand that I have been using with all three of my children over the last twelve years of being a mum and they are a company that I know and trust as they make great baby products. I am not just saying this because I live right next to Tommee Tippee head quarters , it is literally a few minutes walk from my house and I am forever popping into there factory shop to pick up things for my children. Tommee Tippee is just a brand that I know a lot of parents all over the country love.

Recently I was invited to a Mothercare re-opening event at the Team Valley store in Gateshead which you can read about here and I even got to interview Myleene Klass which you can read about here .Whilst there I also got to meet the really lovely Sarah from Tommee Tippee and she showed me all the Tommee Tippee products displayed in the Mothercare store (there was a lot). And Tommee Tippee have a few products which are designed exclusively for Mothercare , such as there coloured nappy bins and also some oh so cute  Gingerbread Christmas themed bottles and soothers. I fell in love with them on sight , they are that cute! They come in either pink or blue and are so perfect for baby's first Christmas.

I recently ran a giveaway with Tommee Tipeee on my blog for someone to win a one of these gift sets and I secretly wanted to enter myself so I could win it for my son Jacob. But I was kindly sent a one for Jacob to review. When the gift set arrived it was in such cute packaging and looked really festive with Christmas trees and snowflakes on the box. The gift set include two 260ml/9floz feeding bottles and two soothers. The set is recommended for babies aged 0-6 months as the bottles have slow flow teats but I still use these type of bottles with Sophia who is eighteen months old so you could buy them for a slightly older baby too if you wanted.

One Bottle has a little gingerbread man on and a house and the other bottle has Christmas stockings and presents on. The soothers are the same one has a stocking on and the other a gingerbread house. The bottles and soothers are really festive looking but the designs on them are not to big so you would still be able to get away with using them after Christmas too.

As I keep mentioning I love Tommee Tippee products and I use theses style bottles with Jacob and Sophia so I am use to using them and I have tried other bottles out over the years but these are the ones I keep coming back too as I just find them the best ones around. They are so easy to use they are easy to put together and I love that they have clear markings on so you can easily see how many ozs of milk is in the bottles when you are making them up. And they last a long time and wash well too.

Jacob is a baby who loves his dummy so he loves the new soothers and I think he will look so cute over the Christmas period when he is dressed up in his little christmas outfits with his Christmas soother in as they will complete his little elf outfit and christmas jumper perfectly. And we will be using his Christmas bottles on Christmas day too as he is only three months old so he will be having a bottle of milk for his Christmas dinner this year as he is still far to little to eat yet.

I think that this gift set would make a lovely gift for a baby who is celebrating there first christmas as lets face it all us parents love to make a big fuss over a first Christmas and to be honest there is not a lot of toys that you can buy a very young baby , as I am really struggling buying Jacob things for Christmas . So something like this gift set would be great as it is cute and festive yet very practical and something that a baby needs and will use. This gift set gets a huge thumbs up from both myself and baby Jacob and we give it a 10/10.

You can buy your own Gingerbread gift set from Mothercare in-store or online here and the gift set is priced at £14.99 which I think is great value. And it really will make a lovely gift for either your own child or a friends or relatives baby this Christmas. And go check out this super cute Christmas story book that Tommee Tippee have created to go with these gift sets here as it is sure to get you into the festive spirit.

Lindsay x

* Disclosure: I was very kindly sent a Gingerbread Gift Set from Tommee Tippee for the purpose of this review , however all views are my own.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

November- What A Month

I can not believe that it is now December , this year really has flown over so quickly! I really am certain that time speeds up once you are a parent. November turned out to be a rather great month for us , I always love November as its my birthday month and its close to Christmas and I have an excuse to shop and spoil my children. I also love winter as it means cosy nights in and lazy pj days and stodgy home cooked meals like stews and roast dinners.

This November has been a pretty great month as I said it was my birthday on the 11th November- my parents should have called me Poppy saying as I was born on remembrance day. On my actual birthday I did not do much as Jacob had his injections in the morning and then we had baby group in the afternoon. However we had a Chinese for tea ( my favourite) and I got some lovely presents of Lee and the Children. I was treated to a long overdue hair cut and colour and I opted for dark chocolate and caramel ombre hair and had a good few inches cut off to bring my hair back to life as it was in a right state after having Jacob. I got a vanilla cupcake Yankee candle ( I love them) and bath products, soap and glory things , smellies and chocolates. And the best bit was the other half done the night feeds and let me have a lie in, when you have a young baby sleep is the best gift ever!

A couple of days after my birthday grandma was on babysitting duty so me and Lee went out for a very rare meal together as we never get any time together since having Sophia and Jacob and we use to be out at least once a week before we had them. It was lovely to just go out and spend time together alone. We went to Prezzo and had a lovely meal then we had a leisurely afternoon shopping.

Also the day we went out lee won £1000 so he went out and bought me a new laptop just for blogging as mine was rather old and slow. And we spent the rest on Christmas presents , I think we will have three spoilt children once again this year. And then later on that day I received an e-mail from Mumsnet saying that I had won £1300 worth of kitchen appliances! I won a £400 oven a £400 hob and a £500 dishwasher, so we had a super lucky day.

Also in November Jacob has changed so much he is no longer a whingey baby he has turned into a lovely happy little boy who smiles and laughs all the time and hardly cry's anymore unless he is hungry. He is sleeping better too he goes to bed at 7pm and wakes anything between 1-4 times a night for a bottle but then goes straight back to sleep until 7am. Life is so much better when you have some sleep and a break from constant crying. The girls have had a good month too Chloe continues to enjoy high school and went to a concert to see Ed Sheeran and Ella Henderson in November ( I am very jealous) and Sophia is just her normal happy self who is learning new words every single day and is now 18 months old! And we have booked Jacobs christening for february so we will have something to look forward to early next year too.

And blog wise wow what can I say it has been an amazing month. Firstly I got to attend a Mothercare re-opening event as a vip blogger and I got to interview Myleene Klass - amazing! I also started earning money from my blog with two paid opportunities and I even got offered a freelance job opportunity off the back of my blog too. I have also worked with some amazing brands this month such as Degustabox, Dr Browns, Tommee Tippee, Teen Parcel, Lapland Mailroom, Funky Giraffe Bibs, Jellycat & Bellakidz and Berry Clever. I also became a blogging ambassador for Mama Academy and I could tell people I had been a tester for the recent Mother And Baby Magazine awards.And I have booked my Britmums live ticket for next year which I am already feeling nervous about. My page views have went crazy this month and have more then doubled. I really am so thankful that people actual read my blog and this has given me the kick up the bum I need to blog more and make more of an effort with my blog as I have so many ideas in my head and have been so lucky to continue to be working with some more great brands this month too.

I cant wait to see what happens in December, I am getting so excited for Christmas as I cant wait to see Chloe and Sophia's faces on Christmas morning and it will be Jacobs very first Christmas. And I am looking forward to spending quality time with family , eating , drinking and being merry. I hope everyone else had a good November too and fingers crossed we all have an amazing December .

Lindsay x

Saturday, 29 November 2014

I Was A Mother And Baby Magazine Award Tester

If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen that I was a product tester for the recent Mother And Baby magazine's annual award's. Which awards the best baby products around and covers everything from Pram's and Highchairs to nappies and baby foods. And I know as a mum I do often opt to buy things that have won awards from Mother And Baby magazine as I know it means other mums love the product so it must be pretty good. And I am an avid Mother And Baby magazine reader as it has been my magazine of choice for the last three years with having my youngest children so close together, in fact I even read it 12 years ago when I was pregnant with Chloe!

Anyway back at the start of the year I was browsing Facebook one day when I seen an announcement from Mother And Baby Magazines Facebook page saying they were looking for parents to be testers in the 2014 awards. So on a whim I filled in the application form and applied , I never in a million years thought that I would get picked as I had never reviewed anything in my life as it was before I even set my blog up.

Mother And Baby Retweeted me
Anyway a few weeks later I received an e-mail from Mother And Baby asking if I would be interested in testing out some products for them with a group of friends who had children of a similar age to Sophia but I would need somewhere to store the products I would be testing. At this point I had no idea what product I would be testing. I replied saying yes that would be fine and then I received another e-mail a week or so later saying that I had been selected to test highchairs and I would be testing three for a couple of weeks with my friends and then we would have to fill in some (a lot) of  questions about each product after we had tested them.

And in May three highchairs arrived, a one which will remain nameless - simply because I don't want people to think badly of them that they wanted the highchair back when everyone else let me keep them. A Nuna Zazz, and a Stokke Tripp Trapp. I have to be honest and tell you I fell in love with the Tripp Trapp, it is amazing that it will last from birth to adulthood. So we tested the highchairs out and then filled in the questions about the products. And I packed all the highchairs away to be sent back as I never in a million years thought I would be able to keep them , but I only had to send one back and was aloud to keep the Tripp Trapp and Nuna Zazz - yay!

And I thought that was the end of it but I then received an e-mail asking if I would like to test some more highchairs and of course I said yes as it had been great fun trying new products. This time we were sent the Munchkin Booster SeatKnuma 4-in1 Connect, Graco Duo Diner, Joie Mimzy Snacker and Kiddicare Munch. We were meant to be sent another highchair but that somehow got lost by the courier. So we tested them out for a couple of weeks and filled in the questions back in early august just days before baby Jacob was born.

And I was aloud to keep all the highchairs, I couldn't possibly keep them all so I gave some to the people who helped me test them and I kept the Graco for Sophia as she loves it. The Tripp Trapp I kept for Jacob and the Munchkin has gone to granddads house. I also kept the Knuma as I love it and the Nuna Zazz as the other half loved that one. I know I am crazy having four highchairs when I only have two babies. But since testing so many different highchairs I now love highchairs and I know what I like and what I don't like about them. I really am becoming a bit of a highchair expert - yes I know I am a geek.

We tested the highchairs in May and July but the results were only announced this week and I was eagerly awaiting the results on twitter as I had no idea which highchair would win as there were also ones shortlisted that I never tested. And I had a few favourites so I was not entirely sure which would win and the winner was the Graco Duo Diner, which was Sophia's favourite highchair, she really loves it and it is the one she took a shine to out of all the ones we tested.

Now that I have a house full of highchairs I am planning on doing some blog posts reviewing the highchairs I have as before I took part in this I had no idea at all about highchairs and Sophia's old one was a John Lewis one and it was rather rubbish if i'm honest. So it will be nice to pass on what I have learnt about highchairs to any other parents out there who are planning on buying a one and also have no idea what to look for. As there have been so many times recently I have wanted to tell people which is the best as I have tested so many, but I couldn't as I had to keep my involvement in the awards quiet on social media until all the results were in and the awards announced.

I have loved being a tester for the Mother And Baby magazine awards and I have learnt so much , I think that it has made me a better reviewer on my blog as I now know what is expected in a review and what the brand is looking for in a review and also what us mums and dads are looking for in a review too. If anyone fancies being a reviewer next year I would recommend applying , its lots of fun, you get to try some great products and you learn a lot. Don't just do it hoping you will get freebies though as I never in a million years thought I would get to keep one highchair never mind nearly all of them, as it really does depend what you are testing if you are testing a high value item the chances are you will have to send it back. But if you see the advert next year I say go for it just apply and be yourself and you never know you might be lucky and get chosen just like I did.

Lindsay x
Friday, 28 November 2014

Berry Clever

Since becoming a mum I seem to really really love lists. Lists are the only way I can seem to be organised now I am a mum of three, as I am always forgetting something. I love lists so much I even have lists of my lists , my iPhone is full of lists I even have a notebook full of them. I also sometimes spend ages trying to find out what baby and children products are good or not so good . As I don't want to be going out and spending a fortune on a pram to find out actually it is rather rubbish. And I normally end up spending ages searching online for review's.

So imagine my utter delight when I came across the website Berry Clever it is a website that is full of lists of baby and children products all grouped together nicely. And the best part of these lists is that next to each product there is real mum review telling you if the product is meh ( bad) or love (good) and also a quick review of what mums thought, Genius! And if you sign up you can leave your own reviews on products you love or hate to help other parents out too. There is even a pet section for all those pet lovers out there.

So what is Berry Clever I hear you say. Well Berry Clever is a fairly new website that was set up by two mums  Emma and Kristi to make shopping a bit less daunting for us new mums . As there is so many baby and children products out there it really is hard to find out a.) what products we actually do need and b.) what products are actually any good.

When you visit Berry Clever all the products are grouped together so they are super easy to find and the website is so quick and easy to use. You just look up the product or the kind of product you are after and then look to see what mums are rating or hating. People can also make lists of say for example 'must have newborn products' and they will have a list of newborn products that they think are essential, super helpful.

And it is not just baby products that are on Berry Clever there is also book's and toys for older children too. There is everything from prams and cots to medicines and bedtime stories. Everything that us mums use and need with honest reviews from normal mums just like you and me. So if you are expecting a baby, have a baby , or have children and are a bit stuck on what christmas presents to buy them ( that would be me) or maybe you are a pet owner or you just fancy checking out a new site then go on over and check out Berry Clever for yourself. It is free and so quick and simple to join and you can see what products are recommended or even better love or meh your own products so mums like me no longer have to spend hours trawling the internet looking to see what reviews that pram we have are eye on has. Oh and also to give me some ideas of what toys my children would like for Christmas. Go on go and check out for yourself as I predict that it will soon become your go to baby and children shopping site as it has certainly became mine.

  Lindsay x

* Disclosure : I am working in Partnership with Berry Clever.