Wednesday, 28 January 2015

It's A Ducks Life With H&A Bathtime Buddies

We are H & A bathtime buddies squirting ducks. We are four brightly coloured ducks who have been dreaming of fun bubble baths with a child who loves us ever since we were created. As we are bathtime buddies who's mission is to make bath times fun and educational for children. And this is are story.

One day last week we were packed in a box , it was dark and we had no idea where we were going or what was happening. Then we arrived in Newcastle Upon Tyne we know this because it was cold and we seen the angel of the north and the Tyne bridge through the gap in are box, but we were a bit confused that no one says whey aye man. Are box was opened and we heard giggles and laughter and we seen three children. A little girl came running over to us and picked us up and hugged us and started shouting 'bath' 'bath'. We were so happy as we had found someone who loved us and wanted to play with us!

We found out the little girl is called Sophia and she is one and a half years old, she is always laughing and playing. She has a big sister called Chloe , but she is twelve and says she is too big for bath toys. She still seems really nice though as she helped Sophia pick us some names, we have never had names before so this was so nice. Sunshine is the yellow duck, Jade is the green duck, Violet is the purple duck and Amber is the orange duck. We love are new names as they match are colours and are perfect for us.

Sophia also has a baby brother he is only a few months old and he sleeps a lot. But he can still play with us too as we are suitable from birth. So even tiny little baby's can chew and play with us as we are fully safety tested.

When it was bathtime Sophia got ready for her bath and she picked us up to take with her, we were so excited. We were even more excited when we seen she even has H & A Doc McStuffins bubble bath as we know it makes fantastic bubbles and smells nice and keeps us clean. We went in the bubble bath with Sophia and we had so much fun floating in the warm water and playing in the bubbles. We were dunked and chewed but we did not mind as we were having so much fun,

Sophia and her parents were squirting her with water from us , as that is what we do as we are squirting ducks. There was so much laughter. Her parents were even using us to teach her colours and numbers which was great as we love learning fun. Bathtime was even better then we had dreamed it would be. We really love are new home especially as are new owner loves us too.

We are so excited for bathtime every night , but there is still lots more of are friends who would love a fun owner to play with too so if you know someone who would love some new bathtime buddies you can buy H & A bathtime squirting ducks from Asda, Sainsbury's, Tesco and Wilko priced only £2.00. We even overheard Sophia's mummy say that she is going to buy a few packets to put in goody bags for Sophia's birthday party which we think is a brilliant idea.

Thank you Sophia for making four squirting ducks dreams come true of becoming four ducks in the tub having fun. You can view the full range of brilliant H & A bathtime products for yourself on there website go on you know you want to.

* Disclosure :  We received these ducks free of charge for the purpose of this review which is an entry into the H&A blogging ambassador programme " Bathtime Fun Squad" which we would love to be a part of. Please keep your fingers and toes tightly crossed for us.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Review : Gro Hush

Anyone who follows me on social media or reads my blog will know that Jacob has not been the easiest of baby's. He cried a lot. From being two weeks old until he was three months old he cried from the moment he woke up in the morning until the moment her went to bed at night. We had no idea what was wrong with him as the doctors could find nothing at all wrong with him and it was just put down to colic. We were exhausted and if I'm honest it ruined those first few precious weeks with are baby boy as we had no time to enjoy him as we spent all the time trying to soothe him.

I wish that back then we had of owned a gro hush baby calmer, You might be wondering what on earth a gro hush is and how it could of helped baby Jacob stop screaming all day long. Well the gro hush is a recently released product made by the rather fantastic nursery brand The gro Company, home to the must have grobags and clever gro clock. The gro hush is a portable white noise baby calmer, as we all know white noise is meant to help soothe newborn baby's. And we were sent a one to review and here is what we thought.

What we thought

When the gro hush arrived it was in a small box and inside the box there was a small case with the gro hush in. It was a lot smaller then i thought that it would be and it is very lightweight. In the box you get the actual gro hush device plus a clear storage case and a padded cover with a strap on so you can easily hold the device near your baby. The device is battery operated and they are not included so be sure to buy some or you will end up not being able to use the device until you remember to go out and buy some like me.

I found the gro hush so easy to set up and use you just put the battery's in and push a button and that's it. There is three different white noises there is the sound of a heartbeat which just reminds me of listening to baby's heartbeat when you are pregnant at the midwife's. There is also the sound of the ocean and the sound of rain falling on a tin roof. The great thing about this little device is that when it is turned on you can not actually hear the white noise, the baby can hear it but no one else can unless you put it right up against your ear that is. This is what i love the most about the gro hush as with a lot of white noise products everyone can hear the white noise and it gets really irritating after a while but with this you hear nothing at all.

The best way to use the gro hush is to put the padded cover on then turn the gro hush on by pushing one of the buttons and then the buttons will light up blue you then select which white noise you want to play. There is three buttons one for each noise and they have pictures on so you know which is which. Then you slip your hand through the strap and hold the gro hush up to baby's ear so they hear the white noise. It is so simple to use and it is really comfortable to use too as it is so lightweight.

When we first used this product Jacob was almost four months old and he did not like it and he was trying to turn his head to look where the noise was coming from. But after a few attempts he settled down and it did help to calm him down when he was getting irritated and crying when he was tired and it helped him settle down to go to sleep. And it also helps settle him when he is having naps during the day if we place it next to him in his cot. I think that if we had of used this from birth as it is recommend then we would have seen better results faster and i really wish we had of owned this when he was going through the terrible crying all day stage as i am sure it would have helped him a lot as i had tried a white noise app on my phone at the time and that use to settle him but it drove me mad.

Good points
  • Soothing white noise for baby that only they will hear and it wont drive everyone else mad.
  • Three different sound options to choose from
  • Noise is pre set to a safe level
  • Automatically switches off after 10 minutes
  • Very lightweight and easy to use
  • Suitable from birth
  • Portable so it is great for popping in your changing bag when going out.
  • Comes with a protective case 
  • Padded cover which makes it easy to hold and gentle and soft on baby's skin
  • The cover is washable. 

Bad points
  • It does not come with batteries

My verdict

I think that this is a clever little device that will help sooth newborn baby's. I really do think that this would have helped us settle Jacob when he was going through his unsettled and constant crying stage. We did have success with the gro hush and it settles him now and helps him drift back to sleep if he is stirring during his daytime naps. But i think that i would defiantly recommend this to parents of newborn baby's as i feel that you would get more use from it and it would be more effective if used from birth. I love the fact that it does not emit a lot of noise and that you can not hear the white noise when you are using it. I also love how easy it is to use and how lightweight and portable it is too.

Would i recommend the gro hush baby calmer ? yes i would if you have a newborn or are expecting a baby as they do help to calm young baby's.

The gro hush is priced at £34.99 and is available to buy online from the or from many baby stockist.And you can find out more about the gro hush here on the gro company website.

We're going on an adventure

Sunday, 25 January 2015

2015 Bucket List

I have seen a few bloggers do bucket lists for the year ahead with things that they would like to do during the year. I think this is a great idea as i always have ideas of things i would love to do but i never write them down and always forget what my ideas are. After spending the last two years either pregnant or looking after a newborn i have decided that this year i want to do more as a family. So i decided to write up a bucket list of things to do this year. I had the idea of writing fifty two different things on my list , one for each week of the year. Some of the things are little things that wont cost anything at all such as jumping in puddles others are things such as going to a concert or going out for a nice meal. I have just wrote down things that are achievable and hopefully fun. So here is my fifty two things bucket list for 2015.

1.) Have a family photo shoot.
2.) Have a weekend away
3.) Attend BritMums
4.) Take Chloe to Alton Towers
5.) Go for afternoon tea.
6.) Take Jacob swimming for the first time
7.) Move house and have fun decorating
8.) Visit Blackfriars restaurant
9.) Teach Sophia to jump in puddles.
10.) Have an adventure
11.) Go to see a fortune teller
12.) Visit a seafood restaurant as the other half loves it but i don't
13.) Do something special to remember my mum on the 10th anniversary of her death.
14.) Go pottery painting with Chloe
15.) Visit Edinburgh zoo
16.) Go strawberry picking
17.) Go to the races.
18.) Take Sophia to the cinema for the first time
19.) Visit York again
20.) Book a family holiday for 2016
21.) Go to a farm
22.) Have a meal at are favourite restaurant Hotel Du Vin
23.) Have an Easter egg hunt.
24.) Go to the theatre as have not been in years.
25.) Have a water fight
26.) Go to a fair.
27.) Take Sophia to see Disney on ice.
28.) Have a pamper day
29.) Take Sophia on a train
30.) Cook a nice romantic meal
31.) Have a picnic in the park.
32.) Go for a family Sunday lunch somewhere 'nice'.
33.) Get my nails done.
34.) Go for a family walk in the woods
35.) Bake with the girls
36.) Day at the beach
37.) Go on a proper date with the other half.
38.) Go to a concert , as have not been in years.
39.) Visit a proper ice cream parlour
40.) Go to a circus
41.) Go on a shopping spree with Chloe
42.) Take the children trick or treating
43.) Make photo albums
44.) Go to a firework display
45.) Embrace messy play
46.) Bake a Christmas cake
47.) Visit a Christmas market
48.) Go ice skating with Chloe
49.) Go to a pantomime
50.) Go for breakfast with Santa.
51.) Have a magical Christmas.
52.) Celebrate New Year.

I will be looking back on this list at the end of the year to see how many of these things we have actually achieved, hopefully it will be most if not all of them. Do you write a yearly bucket list?

Friday, 23 January 2015

Jacob's Four Month Update

Jacob is now five months old! I can not believe he is almost half a year old already the time has just flown by . Lot's of things have happened for Jacob in the last month so here is a quick update of what he was like at four months old.

We got Jacob weighed when he was exactly four months old and he was 16lb 12 so he had only put on a couple of ounces in a month and he is now more then double his birth weight. He is huge though and people can not believe he is only four months old as he looks a lot bigger, he is almost the same size as his sister who is one and a half. As he is such a big boy he is already wearing size 6-9 month baby clothes and is in size 4 pampers nappies.

This month has seen such a change in Jacob, his little personality has really started to shine through this month. He is a lot more aware of things going on around him and he is taken everything in. He will follow people around the room and he will reach out to grab his toys if you put them in front of him. He loves his toys especially his teething toy, his comforter and his Sophie the giraffe he sits and chews on them for ages. He is starting to respond to his name now too if you say it he will look up at you. He is also babbling away nonstop and makes such cute little noises and he has learnt to blow raspberry's which he does nonstop and thinks is hilarious. He is always giggling too and has such an amazing laugh. He loves being ticked and sang too. He is still not rolling over yet , i don't know if it because he is too lazy or if he is just to big to do it.

Jacob is a totally different baby to the one he was only a few weeks ago. He is so content now and he will happily just sit in his bouncy chair playing with his toys. He rarely cry's and only does now when he is hungry or wants his nappy changed. He doesn't even cry when he is tired as he normally just falls asleep him self with his dummy in. He is starting to get a bit clingy though and he will often cry when people pick him up, even if relatives that he sees often pick him up he will burst into tears. I think he is going to be a mummy's boy.

He has been having a bit of trouble with his teeth as he is currently teething and is very dribbly and has bright red cheeks and is a bit unsettled at times due to this. But he loves chewing on anything he can get into his mouth which seems to settle him. We also had a bit of exhausting time as he was wanting fed every two hours again and was waking up to six times each night for a feed. I was exhausted and after a week or so we decided that we could not carry on like this and we started weaning. I know that weaning is not recommended until six months but milk was not filling him at all . When we tried him on baby rice he gobbled it all up straight away and thoroughly enjoyed it. And he is now sleeping much better and not having as much milk and is much happier and content. I will be writing a post about weaning him soon so keep an eye out for that.

He is still in the same routine he has been in since birth he wakes between 6- 7 am and he will come downstairs get changed have a bottle and sit in his chair with his toys. He will then have some baby porridge about an hour after he wakes, then he normally has a morning nap. We sometimes go out in the morning or if not we stay at home. He then has a bottle of milk every four hours during the day . He will have some lunch and then after his lunch he normally has a two hour nap. Then he wakes up and has some play time. He has a bath every other night and then he normally crys to go to bed at around 6.30 so he gets ready for bed and is normally asleep in bed by 7pm. He will wake between 2-3 times during the night for a feed but he goes straight back to sleep after his bottle.

Jacob celebrated his very first Christmas when he was four months old. He obviously had no idea at all what was going on but i had fun dressing him as an elf and in a Christmas jumper and first Christmas baby grows. His favourite present was a Sophie the giraffe which he loves and plays with  non stop.

Jacob has just changed so much this month he is getting an amazing little personality, he loves his sisters and is starting to play with them. He is taken an interest in his toys and loves playing with them. He laughs and giggles and babbles away nonstop and blows raspberry's. he started to have food and really enjoys it.And he celebrated his very first Christmas. This has been an amazing month with Jacob and i can not wait to see what he is like at five months old.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Review : Oxo Tot Sippy Cup

I think that most parents who have a young child will know how hard it is finding a cup for your toddler that does not leak. I have brought numerous toddler cups and beakers over the last year for Sophia that all claim to be 'non spill' and 'leak proof' but every single one of them has leaked! I was forever finding little puddles of juice on the tray on her highchair and Sophia was constantly getting spilt juice down her front and i would end up having to change her clothes a few times each day. I gave up on ever finding a cup that did not leak as every other parent i spoke to also seemed to have this problem too.

So when Oxo Tot got in touch to ask if i wanted to review a one of there cups i was expecting it to do the same as i have never tried any Oxo Tot products before. We were sent the Sippy cup set which is recommended for children aged six months plus and you can view yourself  here . It is an ideal first cup for baby's as it has large easy to grasp handles which are perfect for little hands. The handles are removable so when they get a little older they can learn to grasp the cup without the handles on. It also comes with two lids so that when your child is old enough to start learning to drink from a normal cup you can change the beaker lid for a training lid. The training lid will allow the child to drink from the cup without spilling the contents everywhere as it has an insert which will control the flow of liquid when the cup is tipped up. Then once they have mastered that you can take the training lid off and it becomes a regular cup for toddlers to drink from. So it is a cup that will last your child ages as it grows with them from babyhood to childhood.

We were sent the Raspberry coloured cup which is a lovely bright colour and perfect for a girly girl like Sophia. It is also available in Aqua and Green which are lovely bright colours too.

We have been using the cup with Sophia for a few weeks now and even though she is 19 months she is not quiet ready for the training cup yet as she loves to make a mess and tip things upside down , so we have been using the sippy cup lid on it. Sophia loves this cup , it is so easy for her to hold the handles and she finds it so easy to drink from. And i love it too as no matter how hard she bashes the cup upside down it really does not leak at all! No more puddles on her highchair or wet clothes thanks to its leak proof valve. I am amazed that it has not leaked and have been telling everyone how great it is.

The cup is so well made and it has been dropped and bashed so many times and it still looks brand new. It is so easy to take apart and wash too and can even go in the dishwasher. It is BPA, Phthalate and PVC free too, which is always good when it comes to baby products.

I highly recommend this cup if you are looking for a baby cup that will not leak. You can buy them online from and you can also check to see where they are stocked locally on there too and they are priced at £10.21 . This is more then i would normally pay for a baby/toddler cup but the fact that it really does not leak makes me think that it is worth paying that little bit extra for.

* Disclosure: I was kindly sent this cup from Oxo Tot free of charge for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are my own. 

Monday, 19 January 2015

Slow Cooker Slimming World Campfire Stew Recipe

One of my new year's resolutions is to lose weight. I say i will lose weight every single year and i stick to a diet for a while then fall off the diet waggon and end up putting all the weight i have lost back on. But this year i am determined that i will lose weight as i am the heaviest i have ever been after gaining lots of extra weight while pregnant.

The only diet i have ever been able to stick to is Slimming World. However due to the other half working shifts and having two very young children i can not attend a slimming world group and have decided to go it alone diet wise, but i will be cooking Slimming world friendly meals.

A recipe i came across recently was for Campfire stew , a quick and easy meal you cook in the slow cooker. We have a slow cooker that we very rarely use and i keep saying i will use it more so when i seen this recipe i just had to try it out , although i added a few extra ingredients to make it slimming world friendly.

You will need

  • One gammon Joint. 
  • Two tins of baked beans
  • Two onions
  • Two cloves of garlic (crushed)
  • One red pepper
  • Three potatoes
  • A few sliced mushrooms
  • One tin/packet chopped tomatoes
  • Two teaspoons of tomatoes puree
  • One or two teaspoons of mild chilli powder
  • One or two teaspoons of mixed herbs
To make

I placed the gammon joint in the middle of the slow cooker, i then added the beans ,chopped tomatoes and tomato puree around the gammon joint. I then peeled and diced all my vegetables into small chunks and then added them to the slow cooker and then added the crushed garlic and herbs. Add then give it a stir and cook on low for 6-8 hours. Then it should be ready to eat. I shredded the gammon with a fork and it just fell apart when it was ready to serve. 

To Serve

We had the campfire stew with basmati rice and it was nice but i think it would have been even nicer served with tortilla chips as a nacho topping instead of chilli or on a jacket potatoes. You could even serve it in a baguette. 

This was a really quick and simple meal to prepare and it was really tasty and had a nice smoky taste and did not taste at all like 'diet' food as it was really filling. I will defiantly be experimenting with my slow cooker more in future as it makes meal times so much simpler as it took about five minutes to prepare this meal and i am no longer standing in the kitchen for ages making a meal while trying to look after three children. 

So if you have any slow cooker recipes then please let me know as i am on the look out for more things to make. 

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Attipas Toddler Shoes Review And Giveaway * Closed *

I know that i keep mentioning all the time that since i started my blog and joined Twitter i have discovered so many amazing new products and brands, well i have found yet another great new one. Attipas. If you have never heard of them then don't worry as nor had i until fairly recently , but i am so glad that i have discovered them now. You are probably wondering what Attipas is well it is a toddler shoe, but not just any old shoe its a cross between a shoe and a sock. It sounds weird but it actually really works they look like really trendy socks but they have soft flexible rubber soles and are super lightweight. Making them perfect for toddlers as they keep little feet nice and safe and they wont slip over when wearing them like they often do wearing socks.

This is what Attipas have to say about there toddler shoes.

Attipas Functional shoes are a world first in toddler shoes. As light as a sock but more supportive than a pre walker, these functional shoes ergonomically support toddlers first steps and thereafter.

- Convenience: Strong, Smooth, Non-Slip,Machine Washable,Fast Drying.

-Breathable: Superior,Breathable fine holes that release heat

-Big Toe Box: Free toe movement to improve cognitive and motor development

- Safety: Non use of hazardous materials and adhesives, no use of Formaldehyde

-Lightweight & Flexible : Super lightweight, just like wearing socks.

Attipas have just launched there new look website which is really nice and you can view it yourself at .They have a lot of oh so pretty girly shoes and some super trendy little boy ones too. There really is so many lovely ones to choose from there is pretty pastel corsage ones to bright spots and stripes and little sneakers to nautical ones. There really is a pair to suit any child and any outfit. My favourites from the new collections are theses pink corsage and the anchor ones as i think they are super cute. And i will defiantly be buying baby Jacob some when he starts walking later this year.

Love these new designs
We were sent a pair of Attipas for Sophia who is 19 months old to review and this is what we thought of them. First of all i would just like to apologise for the lack of proper photos of Sophia but she is impossible to get a photo of these days as she wont stay still and looks away whenever you try and take her photo, we went for a family photo shoot at Christmas and she just would not stay still so we have no photos of her just of the other two children.

When the shoes arrived i was surprised at just how light they felt. The sock part is really nice and soft and the rubber sole is really bendy. Sophia has a bit of an obsession with shoes and she wanted to wear them as soon as she seen them, they were really easy to put on just like putting on a sock. The sock part is stretchy and did not dig in or leave any kind of imprint on her skin. The rubber sole part had a lot of room and she looked really comfortable in them. She had no problems at all walking in the shoes like she sometimes does with new shoes. We were sent the lovely white rainbow ones and they went with most of Sophia's outfits she even wore them over her tights.

What i liked about the shoes was that they offer protection to her delicate little feet as i am always worried in case she stubs her toe or something but with these on i know her feet are safer. They are also non slip so they are much better for her walking on the wood flooring we have throughout are house as she sometimes slips wearing just her socks. They also keep her feet warm against the wood flooring. I also found that she could not take these off easily herself which she will normally do with socks and shoes, although i found taking them off her very easy. They are perfect for wearing in the house or the garden in the summer and for when you just want to quickly pop to the shop and you are taking your child in the car or buggy as there feet are protected and warm.

I think that these shoes would be perfect for that stage where your baby is starting to stand up and walk around but is not quiet ready for shoes yet as they will protect without being restrictive like other shoes can be.They are also ideal for toddlers like Sophia who takes there socks off in the house and for wearing in the car or buggy as they are so comfy looking. I will defiantly be buying my son these when he gets to the cruising stage as they will keep his feet protected until he is ready for shoes. 

Grips on the bottom 
You can buy your own Attipas shoes from there website and they have a range of designs that come in three sizes small, medium or large. We were sent the medium ones for Sophia they are meant to be up to size 4.5 and Sophia is a size 5 with wide feet but they fit her perfectly.They are priced at £15.99 which i think is a good price for such a well made clever product and they come nicely packaged.

Attipas have very kindly offered one of my readers to win a pair of Attipas toddler shoes in any size or style they wish from there website. So to be in with a chance of winning just enter the Rafflecopter below and you might be lucky enough to see for yourself just how great these shoes are. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

One winner will be chosen at random to win one pair of Attipas toddler shoes in any size and design they wish from the Attipas website. Winners will be notified via e-mail, winners will have two weeks to claim the prize before another winner will be chosen. UK entrants only.

Win competitions at - See more at: