Monday, 5 December 2016

Dr Beckmann Bundle Review & Giveaway

I don't know about you but every year just before Christmas I have a huge clean up of my house ready for Santa coming. Obviously this year we have only just moved so I have already had a huge de-cluttering mission and lots of things in the house are all sparkly and new. I will still be giving everything a good clean though, especially things like my cooker and kitchen appliances which if I am honest often get a  bit overlooked when I am doing my daily cleaning. I am also trying to get through the mountain of laundry that we have, I always seem to be just doing half loads as you can guarantee I will only have a few whites and a few darks to go in the wash and I obviously never wash them together. 

Dr Beckmann Bundle Review & Giveaway

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Baby Born Interactive Happy Birthday Doll Review

Can you believe that iconic doll Baby Born has celebrated its 25th year this year? It is a doll that has really stood the test of time and generations of children have enjoyed. My eldest daughter who is now 14 received a Baby Born doll for her third birthday and it was such a loved and very much played with doll that she treasured for many years. So when my three-year-old daughter Sophia was offered a Baby Born doll to review I just knew that she would fall in love and have hours of fun with this classic doll, just like her big sister did over ten years ago!

To celebrate the 25th Birthday of Baby Born they have released a special Happy Birthday doll, which is such a lovely idea. The Happy Birthday Baby Born doll comes dressed in a beautiful pink party dress, matching pink shoes and complete with a birthday crown. She also comes with lots of accessories to celebrate her birthday party in style, which little ones can join in with. Like all Baby Born dolls she is very lifelike and can drink her bottle and then wee on her potty, she can cry real tears too. 

Baby Born Interactive Happy Birthday Doll Review

Friday, 2 December 2016

Thomas & Friends Glowing Musical Thomas Review

My little boy Jacob is crazy about Thomas & Friends, all he has asked for this year for Christmas is two things and one of them is a Thomas & Friends green train. He loves Thomas so much that he has Thomas bedding, Thomas pyjamas and a couple of Thomas toys. At only two-years-old, he is still a bit too young for most of the toys as they are mostly aimed at slightly older children. 

Golden Bear toys have launched a new range of Thomas & Friends toys aimed at younger fans, suitable for ages 10 months +. They have a Glowing Musical Thomas (RRP £24.99) which plays the iconic theme tune, makes sounds and says popular phrases and his cheeks also light up and glow different colours. The Large Talking Thomas & Friends (RRP £14.99) are large soft-bodied trains that say popular phrases from the show. You can choose from Thomas, James and Percy and they are perfect for little hands to hold, or you can get the regular Talking Thomas & Friends (RRP £9.99) which is exactly the same just a bit smaller in size. Thomas & Friends Beanies (RRP £4.99) would make the perfect stocking filler and are ideal for carrying around or collecting, again you can choose from Thomas, James or Percy characters. 

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Festive Day's Out With Toddlers In The North East This Christmas

This year my little two children - aged two and three years old are super excited for Christmas. This is the first year that they have both realised what is going on and it is so amazing watching the sheer joy on their face whenever they see a Christmas tree or sparkly lights. As this is the first year that they are understanding the magic of Christmas we are planning lots of day's out to really get them in the festive spirit and bring the magic of Christmas alive for them. If you have a young child and are wondering what to do with them this December, read on for some inspiration and to see what we have planned. 

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Thing's I Loved In November

November has been a totally crazy month for us, we finally moved house which was the most stressful thing ever! The children have been constantly ill, poor Sophia even ended up in hospital with dehydration a couple of weekends ago as she has just been so unwell these last few weeks. I just feel like the whole month has been utter chaos and I have not had time to do anything, I have so much unpacking to do and a neverending to-do list. This month really has just passed by in such a crazy blur and it seems such a long time ago since I wrote last months post. However amongst all the madness that was November lots of lovely things happened too. So let's have a look at what I have been loving in November 2016. 

Friday, 25 November 2016

Noddy Remote Control Car Review

Noddy is such a timeless classic children's TV character, isn't he? I remember him from my own childhood, my teen loved him when she was a toddler and now my two-year-old son loves him too. He really is such a well-known character that everyone seems to love. Recently we were sent a remote control Noddy car to review from Spinmaster, aimed at children aged 2+ I knew that it would be perfect for my little boy to play with. 

Noddy remote control car toy

Lily's Driftwood Bay Toy Review

My little girl, Sophia loves watching TV in the morning before nursery, as we have recently moved we did not have Sky reinstalled until a few days ago so I had to find new shows for my normally Disney Junior loving little ones to watch. We have been watching a lot of Milkshake in the morning, on channel 5. One show that my little ones really seem to have fallen in love with is Lily's Driftwood bay, which is showing daily on Channel 5 Milkshake, Netflix and also Nick Jr. 

Lily's Driftwood Bay is about a little girl called Lily who lives at the seaside with her dad and has a big imagination and makes up amazing adventures that she takes us on in each episode. It is the perfect show for little ones to watch as it is full of adventure and really captures my three-year-old's imagination. 

Lily Driftwood Toys