Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Other Bloggers Family Lives Featuring Nine To Three Thirty

Welcome to another week of my guest post series Other Bloggers Family Lives. This week I am featuring Erica from Nine To Three Thirty, a blog that I have been reading for around two years now as it was one of the first blogs I discovered when I started blogging myself. Erica's blog is, as the name suggests a blog about life with a school aged child, covering reviews, days and meals out and general parenting posts. 

UK parent blogger Nine To Three Thirty

So lets find out more about the family behind Nine To Three Thirty. 

Sunday, 21 August 2016

My Autumn Fashion Wishlist With Lyst

Now that August is coming to an end and with no sign of the sun making an appearance anytime soon I have started to think about updating myself and my families wardrobes ready for the colder months ahead. Like most mums I love shopping for my children, picking them out cute outfits and making sure that they look good. I find it so easy to shop for them and can literally just walk into a clothes shop pick out their size and know that they will fit them perfectly. 

Shopping for myself on the other hand is a whole different story, since becoming a mum I find shopping for myself so stressful! Trying to shop with little people and a buggy in tow is not fun at all and I end up giving up in despair and coming home empty handed. I now shop online for the majority of my clothing as I find it so much more convenient, although I always seem to miss out on the great online bargains to be had as I never have the time to trawl sites looking for the best prices. 

So when I heard about a website that has been designed for busy mums like you and me I knew that I had to check it out. Lyst is a website with a difference as it cleverly notices what kind of things you like, so the more you use the site the more Lyst learns about what you like and in turn only starts showing you products that you will love! This will save so much time having to trawl through pages of clothes to find something that you like. 

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Serenz Allergy Relief

Living in a house that backs on to farmers fields full of crops I have found that I suffer from mild hay fever. I get a stuffy nose, foggy head and runny eyes, I am not a fan of taking tablets unless I really have too as I have found anti-histamines normally leave me feeling a bit lightheaded and take ages to have any kind of effect. I normally just put up with hay fever symptoms and accept that it comes with living near fields. 

Recently I was sent a Serenz allergy relief dispenser, which is a little hand held gadget that uses carbon dioxide to gently cleanse the nasal passage. In turn relieving allergy symptoms such as nasal congestion, sneezing and a running nose. Something I have been suffering with a lot these last few weeks. 


Friday, 19 August 2016

Jacob You Are Two

Dear Jacob

Huge apologies my baby boy as mummy is late in writing you this post, I normally write them in advance and schedule them but life has just been so busy with it being the summer holidays. Anyway I can not believe that you are two years old! You are my little blog baby, mummy started this blog when I was pregnant with you and my whole pregnancy, your birth story and your whole life is on this blog, hopefully you can read it back someday. 

Thursday, 18 August 2016

A Family Meal At The Anson Sizzling Pub In Wallsend

We were recently invited to The Anson a Sizzling Pub in Wallsend - North Tyneside, to enjoy a family meal during the summer holidays. We are big fans of the Sizzling Pub brand, as a family we often dine in them as they are perfect for a casual family pub meal.  Before becoming a stay at home mum I used to work in Wallsend and would often visit The Anson for lunch or after work drinks. It has however been over three years since I lasted visited so I was keen to see how things had changed.

The Anson is located right in the middle of Wallsend town centre, just outside of the shopping centre. As it was such a lovely sunny day when we visited lots of people were  sitting on the tables outside enjoy a drink in the sunshine. Indoors there were couples with young children and groups of older friends and relatives enjoy drinks and meals. It had a lovely relaxed vibe with soft music on in the background and everyone seemed to be having a nice time.

Anson Wallsend review

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Other Bloggers Family Lives Featuring Raising The Rainbows

Welcome to another week of my guest post series Other Bloggers Family Lives. This week I am featuring Mandy from Raising The Rainbows, I love Mandy's blog and have been reading it for around a year now, I started reading her blog to follow her weight loss journey as I too am trying to lose weight. I also enjoy the reviews she does as she seems to review a lot of toys that I know my own children would love. She also writes about autism as three of her four children have been diagnosed with autism and my own daughter has recently been going through assessments for this. 

UK Parent Blogger Raising The Rainbows

So let's find out more about the family behind Raising The Rainbows. 

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Pikku Morpeth

Regular readers will probably have noticed that we have reviewed Pikku the children's hair salon and clothes shop a few times now. Sophia reviewed the Gosforth store a few month after it first opened, Jacob also visited for his very first haircut and we visited again to try out the new downstairs salon too. We are huge fans of Pikku and I do pay to take my children to get their haircut when we are not reviewing as they love it so much, it is the only place that I will take them. 

Recently Pikku have expanded opening up a new store in Morpeth, Northumberland and we were recently invited along to see what we thought. The store is located on Newgate street right in the town centre. You really can not miss the store as it is located in the signature Pikku colourful lime green and white style, with a gorgeous shop window showcasing the luxurious children's clothing they stock.