Wednesday 4 June 2014

First birthday cake smash

As you may know, Sophia celebrated her very first birthday recently and we booked her a cake smash photo shoot as we thought it was a lovely way to capture and remember her first birthday. I had not heard of cake smash's until a year or two ago when a few friends posted photo's of there children getting them done for there first birthday's and I thought they looked brilliant. A few month's ago I booked a one for a few days after Sophia's birthday.

 A lot of people actually do the shoots at home and take the pictures themselves but I am a useless photographer and I wanted the photo's to look nice and professional looking, so that I can get a photo made into a canvas to hang in the living room. We got 70 images in both colour and black and white and I absolutely love them all.

Sophia has a real sweet tooth and loves to make a mess so when we arrived at the shoot and put her in front of the cake she got stuck straight in and grabbed some cake with her hand and ate it and said: "mm nice". She was soon hitting the cake with her spoons and sticking hands, and feet in the cake, she was absolutely covered in icing and cake. She looked like she was having a great time as she was laughing and smiling throughout.

 We were glad we had put her in a pair of frilly for the shoot and not in a outfit as she was covered in the cake by the time she had finished. Here are a few of the photographs from Sophia's first birthday cake smash.

I got this photo's taken by a  photographer called Inspired By Abbey. Sophia's gorgeous frilly are from itsy-bits and they cost £6.50  and her cake is from Gregg's the bakers.                                                                                                                      



  1. Ohh my!! She is just totally adorable....What great fun!!
    Those photos are gorgeous!!

    1. Thank you i love these photo's she really enjoyed herself as she loves eating cake and making a mess xx


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