Friday 30 May 2014

Penwizard - Personalised Children's Book Review

The people at Penwizard kindly give me the chance to review a Peppa Pig My Daddy And Me book. I had never even heard of Penwizard book's before so I had a look on their website which you can view here and was very impressed with what I saw. Penwizard offers a range of children's character book's which are suitable for both boy's and girls that you can personalise with the child's details, so that your child becomes a part of the story and is featured throughout the book.

Ordering the book was very easy, you simply click on the book that you want and fill in your child's details and then you can customise your character with the same skin tone, eye colour, hair style and colour etc.You can also customise your child's daddy character too, so that they look like your child and their daddy which was fun. Then you create an account and go to checkout and that's it, super easy and very quick it took me less than five minutes.

personalise Peppa Pig book

I ordered the book on a Thursday afternoon and it arrived on Saturday which I was impressed with, it was so quick especially for a personalised book. The book is very good quality, it is hardback and all the pages are really bright and colourful and full of pictures with big clear words. It is great for children to read and the book is just the right size for little hands to hold. Although the pages are paper so you would have to watch that very small child do not rip the pages.
                                        personalised peppa pig book inside

As I mentioned the book is called Peppa Pig my daddy and me and the story is based on Peppa and her daddy and also your child and their daddy. I really liked the fact that Peppa Pig and my daughter  Sophia feature on every page, brilliant if you have a Peppa pig fan child like I do. I found the book quiet funny as on one page it says "my daddy's favourite exercise is lifting the remote control laughs Sophia " which is so true of Sophia's daddy in real life.

inside the peppa pig book

But it is a really nice story as it all about daddy's and how much the child love's them, which is perfect for a daddy's girl like mine to give as a gift for fathers day. I can not wait to see Sophia's dad's face when he receives the book on fathers day and See's he has been turned into a Peppa pig type character. I think that the two of them will have lot's of fun together reading this book at bedtime for year's to come.

personalised book inside

Sophia's little face lit up when she saw the book as she absolutely loves books and Peppa Pig too. The book is a little bit more expensive then a book you would buy in the shop as it is priced at £14.99 but it is a personalised book that features your child so you would expect to pay a little bit more then you would for a normal book. I think it is good value for what you get and also with a book like this it would be a perfect present for a birthday or fathers day and it is something that you can treasure forever. Would I recommend this book to others? Yes, I think it is fab and I couldn't find any faults at all with the book or with the service, they were both brilliant. Would I order again? Yes, I defiantly would as I think they would make brilliant birthday presents for children.

* Disclosure: I was given a code by Penwizard to create this book and receive it for free however I was not paid for this post and all opinions and words are my own honest view of what i thought of the product and service provided by Penwizard.


  1. It looks great!! My two would love this. I like that you can create the characters in the book to look like you/your family - we bought a couple of personalised books recently and they didn't do this x

    1. thank you for reading, the book is really good i loved being able to personalise the characters . i am glad i got the chance to review this book as i had never heard of the comapnay before and i am going to buy some for relatives for birthday presents as they make a nice change from a normal book xx


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