Thursday 3 July 2014

Sassy Bloom subscription box

Before I started my blog I had never heard of Sassy Bloom or subscription box's for that matter, but as I got to know other bloggers via twitter I heard a few people mention them and I thought they sounded great. So when I saw that Sassy Bloom had an offer on where you could buy a box for just £1 plus £4.95 postage I just had to get one to try out for myself  Sophia. 

Sassy Bloom Subscription Box

Sassy Bloom is a monthly subscription gift box service for babies up to the age of two year's old. The box normally cost £29 per month and you are free to cancel at any time, there are cheaper options if you sign up for longer subscriptions. If you check their website they often have special offers on for your first box or you can buy one of the boxes as a one-off gift for someone. When you order your box you put the child's name, age, gender and then fill in some details such as if they have an allergy, if they have a dummy etc. And Sassy Bloom then creates a gift box that is suitable for your child based on the information you provide, each gift box has contents inside that are worth at least £40.

I ordered the box on a tuesday night and it arrived on a thursday morning,  I actually got two boxes's addressed to Sophia which I thought was cute. The first box was a plain brown box and when we opened it up there was a Cloud B twilight turtle inside.  I had actually been looking at these in Fenwicks (priced £29.99) a while ago as I was thinking of getting one for Sophia and the baby, so I was really pleased with this. Sophia loves it as it projects star's onto the ceiling which she is amazed at.

The second box was a lovely Sassy Bloom gift box and when you opened it up everything inside was wrapped in tissue paper. In this box, there was a summer infant tiny diner placemat which is ideal for Sophia as she is at that age where she just picks plates up and throws them away, so these are ideal as we can just put her food on this mat and it makes cleaning up much easier. I find it useful to take it with us when we go out for meals as it folds up small and fits in her changing bag. We also got some Tommee Tippee disposable bibs which again are great for if we are eating out so Sophia does not make a mess of her clothes, they can be thrown away afterwards so we don't have to take a dirty bib home with us. We got a pack of four baby spoons which we will use and are the perfect size for Sophia to learn to use herself. And lastly we got a bumpkin wet bag which is ideal for when Sophia goes swimming. Everything that we got we will use and is perfect for Sophia I can not fault anything in the box.

Pink Plastic dinner plate for baby highchair

The contents of the box are
  • Cloud B Twilight Turtle RRP £29.99
  • Summer Infant tiny diner placemat RRP £11
  • Tommee Tippee disposable bibs RRP £5.99
  • Beaba 4pk spoons RRP £9.99
  • Bumpkins wet bag RRP £11.99  
The total value of the box is £68.96 so it is more than the £29 that you would pay for a Sassy Bloom box and is amazing value for the £1 I paid for it. All the products are perfect for Sophia and are from well-known brands. I was expecting loads of product samples and cheap stuff with a subscription box which was not the case at all.

I have actually just got my second Sassy Bloom box and again everything in it is perfect for Sophia and it contains things that we will use. I really love these boxes and I am glad I came across the special offer to buy a one and try it out for myself. I would love to continue getting them every month but as I will be having another baby soon and I also have Chloe I don't think that I will be able to keep getting them but if I only had the one child I would continue to get these delivered every month as they are amazing value and I love when they arrive and I get to see what gifts are inside the box.

*  I paid for this Sassy Bloom box myself when it was on special offer for £1 in May 2014. I was not asked to write this post or paid in any way and all views are my own honest view of the products in the box.

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