Saturday 26 July 2014

Mini Baby Haul

As I am now only one month away from my due date I am starting to get prepared for baby's arrival and we have started baby shopping after putting it off for so long, mainly due to the fact that we did not find out baby's sex until I was 28 week's pregnant. After having two girls I am finding it so strange shopping for a little boy as I keep automatically looking at little girl's clothes and I am a bit unsure of what to buy a little boy if I am honest. So the other half has been picking most of the things we have brought so far, so here is a little look at what we have been buying baby.

First soft toy
We got this lion soft toy from the Little White Company in Fenwick's baby department recently, the other half seen it and wanted it as a first soft toy as he had a lion when he was little.We got this lion for £10 reduced from £20, as it was in the half price sale the little white company had on. Both the girls have special soft toys that I bought them before they were born and I think it is nice to take a soft toy to the hospital with you. Chloe has a little white bear that my mam brought her when I was pregnant that she still has now and we brought Sophia an elephant when I was pregnant with her and she has it in her cot with her.

Newborn sleeping bag
We got this sleeping bag yesterday from JoJo Maman Bebe and it was £18. Sophia loves her sleeping bags and they have been brilliant at keeping her safe and warm during the night and we wanted one for baby but all the ones we have seen have been really thick and not suitable for a newborn. This one is for a newborn baby and it is really thin material, perfect for a summer baby. It has built-in arms and scratch mits so will be perfect to wear over a vest on warm nights, I love the little blue elephant pattern on it.

First  tiny outfits
These are some of the little outfits we have brought so far. The little white baby grow that says born in 2014 was £6 from next and was the first thing we brought the baby, Sophia had the same one saying born in 2013 so I just had to get it. The blue baby grow saying little brother is from Matalan and was £5. The blue striped romper suit is from Marks and Spencers and was £12 and comes with a cute little hat, this is what we are planning on bringing baby home from the hospital in, it looks much nicer in real life than on the photo. The little t-shirt was from Next and was £6 and the jeans are from Sainsbury's and were £6, we got the cardigan from Mothercare in the sale for £8 reduced from £14. And the little jacket is from Marks and Spencers and was £12 and we got this in 0-3 months so that it will last a bit longer for when the weather gets cooler in September.

And lastly we got two blankets for use in the pram the blue one is from Boots and was £5 in the sale reduced from £10 and the white and grey wool one is from Morrisons and was £8, it will be nice and cosy for winter. Now I have started baby shopping it is starting to seem more real that I am having a baby now and I can't wait to buy the rest of his things, although I will probably end up doing the rest of my baby shopping online as it is too hot at this time of year to go shopping when heavily pregnant. Let's just hope the baby is a boy and the scan was right now I have started to buy everything blue.

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