Monday 28 July 2014

My Ten Tip's For Surviving Pregnany In Summer

As everyone is aware we are having a bit of a summer heatwave going on in the UK this summer and for once the north east is actually enjoying a lovely hot dry summer. Normally I love the summer and love sunbathing in the garden and going on days out to the beach but not this year as I am now 36 weeks pregnant and I must say being so heavily pregnant in this heat is no fun at all. Obviously, I have been pregnant in summer before as Chloe was born in October so I was pregnant during the summer but not so heavily so it was not to bad. Sophia was born in the may so it was warm but not as warm as it is now. 

Before the heatwave struck I was having such an easy pregnancy but due to the heat and nearing my due date I am now starting to struggle with this pregnancy and after seeing lots of other pregnant people on my twitter and facebook feeds also mentioning they are struggling in this heat I know that I am not the only one. And it is no surprise that we pregnant ladies are struggling in this heat as we are carrying extra weight, we have all them lovely crazy hormones racing around our bodies and we have extra blood in our bodies when pregnant so are temperature can be higher than normal. So here are my ten tips that I have found useful for surviving a summer pregnancy.

1.) Drink lots of water.

I know that sometimes when you are pregnant the last thing you want to be doing is drinking lots of water as you are often needing to wee often enough but I have found drinking lots of ice cold water a big help. It is so important to keep hydrated in pregnancy even more so in hot weather and I find that I am getting so thirsty in this heat. A nice drink of ice cold water cools me down and refreshes me.

2.) Eat cool refreshing foods. 

Even when I am not pregnant in the summer I always find that I want to eat healthy foods like salads and fruit and I just don't fancy hot meals often. And this is even truer now I am pregnant, plus if I eat the odd healthy meal it means that I can indulge in a cake or two. Another food I am having lots of now is ice lollies, they are a godsend on hot days especially when we pregnant ladies cant eat Mr Whippy ice creams and ice lollies are so refreshing too. I am having lots of fruity ice lollies to keep cool although its a battle to get them in this house as the other half and Chloe are forever pinching them before I get a chance to eat them.

3.) Get someone else to cook.

On the subject of food I have found that I am really struggling to cook in this heat even with all the windows open I get all hot and bothered standing in the kitchen cooking and I also can not be bothered some days as my back and feet ache. So one thing I recommend is getting the other half to cook it the least he can do to look after you after all the hard work you are doing growing a baby after all.

4.) Wear cool clothing. 

Maternity fashion is not the best I must admit I mainly live in leggings/jeggings with tops and a cardigan when I am pregnant. I would love to be able to wear pretty summer dresses but its just not happening when I feel like a huge hippo. So I have found myself living in vest tops, flat sandals (when my fat feet let me) and I also find the kimono style cover-ups great as you can hide your wobbly bits while still keeping cool and looking stylish. Other people swear by maxi dresses in pregnancy but I have yet to find a nice one that does not make me look like the size of an elephant.

5.) Slather on that suntan lotion. 

Obviously, everyone should make sure they wear suntan lotion in the summer but I often forget but now I am pregnant I have found that my skin is much more sensitive and I am burning easily off the sun, I am blaming them crazy hormones again. So I have been slathering on lots of factor 30 suntan lotion before I go out. I have still ended up covered in freckles though.

6.) Cool showers.

I am normally a bath lover, I love nothing more than a red-hot bubble bath at the end of the day but I have found now I am pregnant I am wanting nice cool showers. In this heat, I am getting all hot and sweaty and feel dirty so i am loving nice cool showers every day to cool down and freshen up.

7.) Stay indoors when its very hot. 

I hate being indoors especially when it is warm and the children are off school, I love days out and having family adventures and I had so many things planned for the summer but I have to face reality that I simply can not go out everyday all day in the heat as I am really starting to struggle with being hot, uncomfortable, sweaty and out of breath and just generally knackered if I am honest. So I have been staying at home indoors a lot more than normal. Don't get me wrong I am not a hermit just yet we still have days out just not as many as normal and I just try to avoid being out at lunch time when it red hot.

8.) Put your feet up and relax. 

This heat has made my feet swell right up I have even had to go out and buy new shoes in a size bigger, as none of my shoes fitted me. I have also been getting achy legs and everyone keeps telling me to relax and sit with my feet up. I have been doing this not very often when I get the chance and it does help with the swelling. But if you are in the position to relax with your feet up a magazine and a bar of galaxy in hand then go for it, although I will be very jealous.

9.) Water mist spray and a fan.

 I have a water mist spray and when I am hot and bothered its lovely to spray on my face and helps keep me cool and I intend to pack it in my hospital bag for when I give birth. Also, a fan will be amazing in this weather although we have not got one I really wish I did as everyone swears by them.

10.) Keep cool in bed

I am struggling the most with the heat at bedtime I have my bedroom window wide open, I don't use the duvet and I normally love wearing pj's but I have swapped them for a cool cotton nightie or the other half's football tops to try and keep cool during the night.

So there we are those or my ten tips for trying keeping cool in the summer when you are pregnant. I would love to know if anyone else has any tips for keeping cool in the summer as I still have four more weeks to go and I am not looking forward to them at all if the weather stays like this. Sorry everyone who loves the sun but I would love for some windy cooler days.



  1. I feel for anyone pregnant in this heat, been there and it's not pleasant at all! Great tips!

    1. Thank you , I know it's a nightmare but then I suppose it's horrible being pregnant in winter as u will be scared fall on ice so you can't win. How did you cope being pregnant in summer ? X

  2. These are great tips! So far I've been ok and I am only 25 weeks, but we're off to Sicily soon so no doubt these tips will come in handy then! x x

    1. Thank you for reading, i am struggling so bad with the heat the bigger i get. Sicily sounds fantastic i hope you have a lovely time and i hope the heat does not get to much for you xx

  3. Excellent post. I was mostly pregnant over winter, but I struggled with the heat even when I was 2-3 months gone, so I couldn't imagine dealing with it when I was so heavily pregnant, you have my sympathies x

    1. thank you its awful but i bet its no fun being pregnant in winter either with the snow and ice xx

  4. Great tips. I really do feel for you and anyone else who's pregnant in this heat. I was due in September with my eldest so spent my last few months heavily pregnant in a heatwave and it was almost unbearable. Hope you're managing to stay reasonably cool love x

    1. Thank you. it really is unbearable how did you cope? i am counting down the days to feel normal again, i am happy that it is cooler here in the north east today it is so nice to not be boiling for once. xx

  5. Great tips :) I'm 37 weeks pregnant with no 2 and have really been struggling these last few weeks! I was heavily pregnant with my daughter at this time too but didn't suffer as much; it either wasn't as humid or I could relax more pre toddler!! I have to sleep with a fan, am hiding indoors or in the shade, guzzling ice lollies & water & generally feeling pretty grumpy & wishing the next few weeks away :) Cooking is almost unbearable, isn't it? One lovely thing to try is to put your feet up & get someone to rub feet & calves with cooling peppermint leg gel. It's heaven! Good luck for the coming weeks... #mummymonday

    1. Thank you for reading, i am feeling pretty grumpy too and i feel bad as i should be enjoying being pregnant but its just so hard to in this heat. I am also hiding indoors and have became a bit of a recluse and i normally hate being indoors and i am always out and about. I agree that i think running around after a toddler is making things much worse i feel envious of first time mums who are able to relax and rest during the final weeks. Good luck to you in your final weeks and the birth xx


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