Wednesday 23 July 2014

Week's 33 And 34 Pregnancy Update

I am now 35 + 1 day's pregnant only five more weeks until my due date! I know that I say this all of the time but I can not believe how fast this pregnancy has flown over, it seems like only last week that I found out that I was pregnant and now I am only a few week's away from meeting my baby!
A lot has been happening baby wise now that I am nearing the end of my pregnancy so here is what week's 33 and 34 of my pregnancy were like.

34-week bump

I had a midwife appointment when I was 33 week's pregnant and my blood pressure and urine were fine and the baby was measuring exactly 33 weeks so my bump is not measuring small anymore, hopefully, it is a sign that he is starting to grow and won't be small on my next growth scan. We also got to hear his heartbeat which is the best part of midwife appointments for me, I never get bored of it and could listen to it all day long. I had my blood's taken again just to check that the iron tablets that I have been prescribed are working as I had low iron levels of my last blood results a few week's ago.

I have also been feeling pretty good still no sickness, cravings, heartburn or aches and pains. Although I have been finding my back hurts and I am finding it difficult to bend down now and I am starting to find it uncomfortable lying in bed and I am forever tossing and turning all night. And the heat is really getting to me the bigger I get, I am getting so hot and sweaty and I cannot bear being out in the sun as I just get so hot and bothered and tired and out of breath and I normally love being out in the sun. Sleeping on a night time in this heat is awful, being heavily pregnant in this heat is no fun at all. But apart from these little niggles, I have been feeling fine and I am still finding this my easiest pregnancy yet especially now that my iron tablets are working I find that I am not as tired as I was and I have more energy now then I did.

In other news, my maternity pay has finally been sorted as you may know I gave up my job after my maternity leave to Sophia ended as the cost of childcare for two children was going to cost more than I earned. So I did not think I would be entitled to any kind of maternity pay but because I was still classed as employed when I fell pregnant I am entitled to maternity allowance, which is based on my pay slips from work and I actually end up receiving more in maternity allowance then I did of statutory maternity pay.

Week 34 I had a midwife appointment when I turned 34 weeks and my blood pressure and urine were fine and baby's heartbeat was fine but my bump was measuring 38 cm so it is now measuring four weeks ahead which is crazy as I don't feel like my bump has grown and I have gone from measuring small for dates to big for dates, but I am not worrying yet as I will see what they say at my next growth scan. I also mentioned that baby has been a bit quiet lately and not moving as much as normal so I was sent straight to the hospital maternity assessment to get checked out where I was hooked up to the heart trace monitor and of course as soon as that was put on baby woke up and had a party kicking and wriggling non-stop. But they said the baby was lying back to back and was in a funny position so that was probably why the movements had changed. I felt a bit silly but I am glad I went and got checked out as it is best to be safe.

Getting monitored
I have started to struggle with this pregnancy now I am getting tired easily and I am finding it hard running around after Sophia as she is into everything and the heat is just making things worse. I am so hot and uncomfortable, my feet have swollen and I have had to go and buy shoes in a bigger size as none of mine fit. I am finding it hard to get comfortable in bed on a night time and I am so hot and I am also up visiting the bathroom numerous times during the night as the baby is so low down now and pressing on my bladder.

My lower back has been sore this week and I just can not get comfortable even sitting on the sofa is becoming impossible as I am so uncomfortable all the time. My legs have also been really achy all week but I find going for a walk than sitting with my feet up is helping. Still, no cravings, heartburn or sickness which is brilliant and my skin is smooth and clear and my hair is still shiny and thick which I love. Baby is really active this week he wriggles and kicks non stop and you can see my tummy changing shape and moving, I will miss the feeling when he is born.

Also this week Chloe left primary school and I thought that my hormones would make me cry and I nearly did but I managed not to. I am really looking forward to spending time with both of my girls before the baby is born. I have also started nesting of sorts I have been making lots of to-do lists and I have started having a clear out of the house and I am trying to be organised, I have a list of what we need for baby and I am going to drag the other half shopping to get it all in next week when he is off work. I have even been and got Chloe's new school uniform in for September.

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  1. What a wonderful time to remember. I wasn't blogging when I was pregnant but I did keep a journal. It is great to be able to look back on these special times x.


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