Sunday 27 July 2014

Sophia's 13 month update

Sophia has just turned 14 month's old on Thursday so I am a bit late in posting her 13-month update, so here is a quick look at what Sophia was like at 13 months old.

Sophia had her immunisations when she turned 13 months old and her daddy said apart from a little cry when she had the injections she was fine, I always get her daddy to take her for her injections as I feel bad taken her for them. She has also got her ninth tooth a one at the back on the bottom and her tenth tooth is also starting to come through as well on the other side. We have been lucky that Sophia has not really been bothered by teething she just gets a bit dribbly. We have not taken her to get weighed this month so I have no idea how much she weighs. She is still wearing her size 4 Pampers nappies and all of her 12-18 month clothes now fit her perfectly, she is still a size 4 and a half f in shoe size.

Sophia is so confident in her walking now and she walks everywhere, she loves toddling about outdoors. She is also running around and she climbs all over now which is a nightmare as she grabs and pulls things she is not supposed to touch, she has no fear at all so we have to watch her non-stop.  Her talking and understanding are also coming on loads, she is copying almost everything we say and she understands so much. She knows peoples names now and will point to them if you say their name and repeat their name. She also points if she wants something and she puts her hands up in the air if something has gone, normally if she throws food out of the highchair or when her daddy goes to work. She seems to understand the telly now too as when she is watching her programs she will laugh and jump and point at things that are happening. She has such a lovely personality and is so happy and playful she never whinges or cry's and she is happy to see anyone.

She still has the same routine she has had since birth she wakes between 7 -8 am and when she wakes up she will stand up in her cot and shout 'hey' and then she smiles and laughs and plays peekaboo with you. She then comes downstairs and gets changed then has some toast in her highchair and watches Doc Mcstuffin then she will spend the morning playing or we go out. She is down to one nap a day now normally around 11 am and she will sleep for 1 - 2 hours. She then wakes up and has her lunch and plays with her toys or we go out then she has her tea at 5, at the moment she loves sausages, cheese, pasta, fruit and vegetables. Sophia has a bath at 6.30 then her daddy takes her to bed at 7,  she falls asleep straight away and sleeps until morning.

This month we have taken Sophia out for few meals and she has loved it and happily sat in the highchair and ate whatever we give her, I think she loves going out for meals as we have been taken her to restaurants since she was a few days old. We went for an Indian meal and she happily ate poppadoms and salad and she loves prawn crackers from the Chinese, pizza is another thing she loves and fish. She will tell us if she likes something by going 'mmm nice'. We have also been on some days out to soft plays and parks and she has loved going to places like this as she can run around and she loves being around other children.

Sophia is still a total daddy's girl she loves him so much so I am a bit worried how she will cope with the new baby arriving in a few weeks, I think she will get jealous if she sees her daddy with a baby. We are buying her a dolly and pram as a present of the baby so she does not feel left out, we are going to keep her in her routine as best we can and hopefully she will slowly get used to him. I really can not believe that she is probably going to be a big sister within the next month at only 14 months old. I love watching her grow and learn new things every day and I hope that she still stays the same lovely little girl that she is once she is a big sister.

You can read her 12-month update here. 



  1. My little girl is a complete daddies girl too! She found it a bit difficult seeing her daddy holding her new sister but she soon settled down. I think it's only natural to feel that way, I'm sure Sophia will be a wonderful big sister. xx

    1. Aw thank you I hope so I have visions of her sticking wotsits in baby's mouth and stealing his bottle and hurting him haha. Thank you for letting me no things worked out fine with your girls hopefully mine will be the same and they grow up to be friends xx


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