Thursday 31 July 2014

My Real Mum All Bran Challenge

If like me you think All Bran is a bland, boring cereal, that only your parents eat then you will be surprised to find that actually it is not like that at all, as I have recently discovered for myself when I took part in the #RealMumsAllBranChallenge. Brit Mums recently teamed up with All Bran to challenge some bloggers to try the new All-Bran cereals for five consecutive day's to see what we thought, here is how I got on. This post is my entry for the Real Mums of All Bran challenge, sponsored by Kelloggs.

three boxes of All-Bran cereal

I was sent three flavours of All Bran cereal to try out, golden crunch, red berry and chocolate wheats.  

I tried the red berry cereal first and I really did not think I would like it but I was really surprised to find that I did like it a lot. It was really tasty and had pieces of dried berry's in, which were yummy. I actually felt full after my cereal too. In fact, all three flavours are really tasty the golden crunch is really sweet and satisfying and a big hit with the other half and the chocolate wheat's do in fact taste of chocolate and were a huge hit with my eleven-year-old, who demolished the whole box of them in two days!

I have been eating All Bran for the last couple of weeks now for my breakfast and I have to say I feel a lot better for it. Being heavily pregnant and also being on iron tablets and recently having my gallbladder removed have all played havoc on my digestive system, I have been feeling bloated and just rather rubbish. I am now feeling a lot better since starting the All Bran challenge, the bloating has gone - well apart from my huge bump, and I no longer feel so sluggish.

Bowl of All Bran red berry cereal with milk
Red berry crunch
Since trying these cereals out, we as a family are now definitely All Bran fans. I have started buying it with my weekly supermarket shop as it is yummy and healthy and I am feeling fuller, have more energy and my tummy feels happier all thanks to All Bran. I am pleased my daughter loves it too as it is much healthier for her than her normal chocolate covered cereals.

I can safely say that these cereals pass the taste test in our house and I do feel better for swapping my usual; toast for All Bran. It is no surprise really as 90- 95 % of the 'happy' hormone serotonin is produced in the gut and a study of 1000 UK women found that 52% experience digestive complaints such as bloating or gas at least once per week. Eating fibre every day is a simple remedy for happy tums. So if your one of the 52% of people experiencing digestive complaints or you're on a health kick, or even if you just fancy trying out a new cereal then I can personally recommend trying out All Bran as I am sure that out of the three new flavours there will be a flavour to suit everyone.

*Disclosure: I was sent three boxes of All Bran cereal to try out for free from Brit Mums to take part in the Real mums All Bran challenge. 


  1. I enjoyed reading about your experiences. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

    1. Thank you for reading and thank you to BritMums for selecting me to take part in the challenge i really enjoyed it. x


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