Friday 1 August 2014

Week 35 Pregnancy Update & 36 Week Growth Scan

I am now 36+3 day's pregnant and I can not believe that I am so close to the end of my pregnancy now, in a few day's time I will be classed as full term and baby could arrive at any time. Lot's has been going on since my last update last week so here is what happened when I was 35 week's pregnant and how I got on at my 36-week growth scan and consultant appointment.

I had no midwife or hospital appointments when I was 35 weeks as I was booked in for a growth scan and an appointment with my hospital consultant when I was exactly 36 weeks pregnant. In some way's I have still had an easy pregnancy in that I have had no sickness, cravings, heartburn etc. But this week I have really started struggling with pregnancy. The heat is getting unbearable and I am constantly hot, bothered and sweaty and I hate going outdoors in the heat as I just feel so uncomfortable in it. I am also feeling really tired but I am struggling to sleep on a night time due to the heat and I am also now starting to find it hard to get comfortable in bed as my back and legs ache, not even my pregnancy pillow is helping me get comfortable now.

I wanted to spend the summer holidays having nice days out with the girls before baby arrives and we recently had a lovely day out at Morpeth park but I really struggled with the heat and tiredness. I was in pain for days afterwards as my right hip has been hurting for some reason when I walk. So I have been spending a lot more time at home now, as I just can't manage days out on my feet all day at the moment. I am also starting to struggle to look after Sophia as I am so sore when I wake up its a struggle carrying her down the stairs, and changing her nappy is a challenge I have started making her lie on the sofa to get her nappy changed as bending down is impossible with my belly in the way.

My feet are also really swollen now and only one pair of shoes fit me, I just feel massive all over my body I can feel that I have gained weight everywhere. My bump is not that big, it feels smaller then the girls were but it feels so heavy.

I feel really bad for complaining about my pregnancy as I know I am so lucky to be pregnant and I am having such an easy pregnancy compared to other people, but this week has been hard, painful and tiring. It has not been all bad as I have bought some lovely baby clothes and have nearly all the hospital bag things in now too.

As I mentioned I had a growth scan and consultant appointment booked for when I was exactly 36 weeks pregnant which I had on Tuesday. I have these scans and appointments as I am classed as a high-risk pregnancy due to having high blood pressure during pregnancy and I am on medication for my blood pressure. Firstly we had the scan and it was the quickest scan I have had to date, I was in and out of the scan room in five minutes. As the baby is so big now we could not really see anything on the scan, we seen his legs and hands and spine and that was it he is head down and in the right position for birth. All was well with baby and the placenta function and he has grown since my last scan, he is still a little bit small but not a lot now and he weighs 6lbs.

catching up on growth chart
After my scan, I had my blood pressure and urine checked and my blood pressure is a little high but nothing to worry about. I then seen a junior doctor who at first said that as my blood pressure was controlled she was happy for me to go past my due date and let baby come when he was ready. But when I mentioned that they had wrote in my notes I needed to be induced she went and checked with my consultant who said I could not go to 40 weeks and needed to be induced at 39 weeks. So I am now all booked in for an induction when I will be exactly 39 weeks pregnant.

I am relieved that I won't be going overdue this pregnancy and I know that being monitored in labour is best for me and baby but I am feeling a bit nervous about induction, even though I have been induced before and know what to expect. I can't believe that pretty soon I will have my baby, I just don't feel ready at all to meet him it feels like my pregnancy has flown over and I still have so much to do and organise before his arrival. But at the same time, I am excited to meet him and see what he is like, I just know that we are all going to fall in love with him as soon as he is born.

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