Monday 18 August 2014

Review- Yoga For Pregnancy App

I had never done yoga before until last year when I started to take Sophia to baby yoga classes and I have to say both myself and Sophia loved these classes, I would recommend them to anyone as they are lots of fun. So when I found out I was pregnant I toyed with the idea of joining a pregnancy yoga class, as I had heard that yoga in pregnancy is brilliant and can be useful for birth. But having two children and a partner who work's shifts meant that I simply did not have the time to join a pregnancy yoga class. So when I was given the chance to review a pregnancy yoga app I thought this would be a perfect substitute for not being able to attend classes.

The app

I have been using the app which is called Yoga 4 pregnancy and is available to download from iTunes, on my phone for the last few week's and it is so simple to use. I liked that this app is a video of real pregnant women doing yoga moves with clear voice over instructions telling you what to do and relaxing music on in the background. You just click on "yoga lessons" on the app's menu and you are given the option of either playing the whole yoga video, which is 38 minutes long or you can select which chapters you would like to watch which are generally only a few minutes long, so are perfect for if you are short on time and just want a few minutes to relax. The chapters are basically just different yoga moves and there is also some relaxing and breathing chapters which I have been finding particularly useful as I am going into hospital tomorrow to be induced. I am sure I will find these tips useful for when I am in labour.

As a total yoga novice, I found the instructions and demonstrations in this video really easy and clear to follow. After doing these poses and relaxing exercises I really did feel better for it and less stressed. As this app has been specially designed for pregnant women it really is easy with no difficult moves and helps you relax and connect with your baby.

One of the chapters in the app
My favourite parts of the app are the 'short relaxing one' which is really relaxing and encourages you to connect with your baby and 'breathing through a contraction'. This app is great for all pregnant women and I would highly recommend it as it is so easy to use and is at a very reasonable price of only a couple of pounds.

This app was created by Anna White who is a qualified yoga teacher who runs classes in Manchester. And who i follow on twitter just search @yoga4pregnancy_ where she shares lots of lovely pregnancy yoga tips. She can also be found on her website where you can find out more about Anna and her pregnancy yoga classes.


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