Sunday 3 August 2014

10 Thing's I Love About Being Pregnant

Lately, I have been a bit fed up with pregnancy as you may have noticed from my previous posts on  pregnancy when your a mum and surviving pregnancy in the summer. And yes I am struggling with being so heavily pregnant in the summer and having two other children to look after when I am so tired all the time. But I have loved and enjoyed this pregnancy and I think pregnancy is such a special time so here are the ten things that I love about being pregnant.

1.) Scans.

Every mum to be will probably say that seeing there baby on the ultrasound scans is one of the best bits of pregnancy. When you have your first scan at 12 week's it is amazing to see your little baby wriggling around on the screen and it starts to make the pregnancy seem more real. Then when you have your twenty-week scan it is lovely to see the baby and what they look like and maybe even find out the sex and get a photo to treasure and show everyone.

2.) Feeling baby kick.

From those very first flutters to the kicks in the ribs and watching your belly moving around feeling your baby kicking is amazing and my most favourite part of pregnancy. It reassures me that baby is o.k and I just love feeling the kicks and knowing that there is a baby in my tummy that I will get to meet soon.

3.) Can eat what you want.

Technically you cant really eat what you want as you have to avoid some foods in pregnancy bye bye dippy eggs & pate. But pregnancy is the one time in a woman's life where she does not have to watch her weight or be on a diet, its o.k to eat cake's and chocolate and whatever else takes your fancy.

4.) You don't need to suck your tummy in.

 I don't think I have ever had a flat tummy as an adult and I was forever wearing control pants on nights out and sucking my tummy in. But when you're pregnant it is the one time having a big tummy is pretty cool and you can stick your tummy out with pride for all to see.

5.) No need to keep up with fashion.

I am not very fashionable at the best of times, to be honest, I never wear the latest trends as I would probably look ridiculous in half of them, but I do try to look at least half decent. But when you are pregnant there is no need to worry about fitting into skinny jeans and 6-inch heels as you will mostly be living in maternity leggings and maternity tops for comfort.

6.) Amazing hair and skin.

I have been lucky that in all my pregnancies I have been blessed with lovely smooth clear skin and my hair grows super long & thick. And I love it, its just a shame all your hair falls out after birth.

7.) You can be lazy. 

Pregnancy is brilliant as you have an excuse to get out of things like housework and you can sit and put your feet up with a cuppa and catch up with your favourite tv show, and no one can nag you to do the dishes or call you lazy. As it is hard work grown a baby you know.

8.) You get looked after. 

This does not happen as often as I would like but when you are pregnant the other half has to look after you because after all, you are busy carrying his baby. If I am lucky he will make my tea, fetch me drinks and run me a bath and on a good day he even goes to the shop and gets me something nice to eat as baby sometime tells me to tell daddy he would really like a bar of galaxy and a magazine to read in the bath.

9.) Everyone compliments you.

 Everyone you meet will tell you how nice and blooming/glowing / fabulous you look and what nice hair and skin you have. Even if you look like a massive poorly hippo they will still be nice and tell you that you look great, so enjoy it because as soon as the baby is born they will start telling you how rubbish and tired you look.

10.) Baby shopping!

 I don't think this one needs any explanation really as what woman can resist shopping for cute baby outfits. I love being able to go into a shop and pick up tiny newborn clothes and I could happily spend hours in Mothercare looking at prams and baby clothes.

So those are the ten thing's that I love the most about being pregnant, what did you love most about pregnancy? I would love to know.


  1. I love all on these and they make me miss all the great bits about pregnancy. Sadly hubby won't let me have anymore babies so I will have to dote all my broodiness on the 4 babies I already have. Great post #mbpwbritmums

    1. Oh wow four children? i am worrying about having three but i am sure that once this baby is older i will probably be super broody and want another . Once you have your baby you kind of forget the bad bits of pregnancy dont you and only remember the nice bits. Thank you for reading x

  2. I loved being pregnant both times (well, after week 12 at least). I totally didn't watch what I ate and loved the good hair and skin! With all the media giving you new concerns to worry about all the time why not enjoy it while you can? Great post, reminded me how much I enjoyed being pregnant. My youngest is now 5! xx

    1. Thank you for reading, i know the first few weeks are awful for me too im always tired and sick but i love the second and the start of the third trimester. I so love eating what i want and not worrying about it and having skin so nice i dont have to wear make up i wish it stayed like that after the baby is born. xx

  3. Nicola Fraser, your husband should not control how many more children you carry and give birth to. True, it's a joint decision, and if it's logical financially, physically and emotionally (you are healthy, have enough space, time and money for a new baby) then you should really reconsider. If not, enjoy your 4 cute pumpkins.


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