Monday 7 November 2016

PlaySkool My Little Pony Toddler Toys Review

My three-year-old daughter is really starting to enjoy playing games with her toys these days, she makes up little games and it is so adorable watching her imagination grow as she plays. As she is still only three I find it hard finding toys that will capture her imagination, she is still a little too young for some toys but is obviously too old for baby ones. I also have to be very careful what kind of things I buy for her as her little brother will often put small objects in his mouth, meaning we normally stick to chunky figures and role play items.

So when we were recently asked if we would like to try out some new PlaySkool My Little Pony toy's aimed at children aged 18 months to 3 years old I thought these would be perfect for her, as she has recently started showing an interest in My Little Pony. We were kindly sent three toys from the range to try out, Pinkie Pies Ride 'n Slide Ramp (£29.97 Asda and Amazon), Applejacks activity barn (£16 Debenhams and Asda) and Bumblesweet & Cheerilee friends Go-Round (£9.97 from Asda) all aimed at children aged 18 months and over.

PlaySkool My Little Pony Playset

Each set that we received came with two pony figures each, the figures are like little chunky pony heads with small bodies and are ideal for little ones to grasp hold of. None of the sets had any small parts and they were really sturdy and ideal for boisterous toddler play. Whilst the figures are not like the traditional My Little Pony range they are still easily recognisable as being from the My Little Pony range. 

Pink My Little Pony In A Pink Car

As soon as Sophia set eyes on the toys she could not wait to get them out of the box and play, thankfully setting up the toys was super simple and only the Ride 'n Slide set needed to be built and have batteries installed. The Ride 'n Slide set comes in pieces and I am terrible at building toys but managed this in no time at all as the track simple all slots into place, it also requires 2 AA batteries (not included) which are required for the music but you could play with the set without batteries if you didn't have any. 

PlaySkool My Little Pony Play set Review

The Ride 'n Slide set is like a spiral ramp that you race the pony's down in the little car provided and it plays music as the car races down the ramp. Whilst Sophia does like this toy and loves the music, I think she probably would have loved this toy more when she was slightly younger as her 2-year-old brother loves it.

PlaySkool My Little Pony Play set Review

Applejacks activity barn is a great little set that folds up small and again comes with a little vehicle - this time a tractor that both pony's can sit in together. The vehicle can race down the fold up ramp on the barn and there is also a swing for the pony's to go on and a barn for them to play in. Out of the three sets, we were sent this one is most definitely Sophia's favourite and she has played with this the most. 

My Little Pony Swing

We were also sent the Bumblesweet & Cheerilee friends Go-Round which is a little swing set that comes with two pony's and you push them around on the swing. Priced at just under £10 this would be a great stocking filler idea for a younger toddler and be a great introduction to the My Little Pony range. 

We really did like these toys, they are really sturdy and great fun for toddlers as they are easy to use and have no small parts and are great to play with altogether for imaginative play. My little girl did prefer the sets with the vehicles and has played with these the most and whilst she does really like these toys and plays with them daily, I know that if I had of brought her them a couple of years ago when she was younger she would have loved them and played with them more. If you have a toddler and you are looking for a fun play set for them this Christmas then you should take a look at the PlaySkool My Little Pony range, my little toy testers certainly liked them. If you have an older My Little Pony fan why not check out my My Little Pony Sweet Shop Review.

Disclosure we were sent these toys for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are my own. Please note prices may be subject to change.  


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