Tuesday 29 November 2016

Thing's I Loved In November

November has been a totally crazy month for us, we finally moved house which was the most stressful thing ever! The children have been constantly ill, poor Sophia even ended up in hospital with dehydration a couple of weekends ago as she has just been so unwell these last few weeks. I just feel like the whole month has been utter chaos and I have not had time to do anything, I have so much unpacking to do and a neverending to-do list. This month really has just passed by in such a crazy blur and it seems such a long time ago since I wrote last months post. However amongst all the madness that was November lots of lovely things happened too. So let's have a look at what I have been loving in November 2016. 

1.) Fenwick's Window

A few days ago we took the little two children to see Fenwick's window in Newcastle, if you are from the North East you will know this is a bit of a Geordie tradition. The big Fenwicks store on Northumberland street decorate their window really magical and a different theme each year, this year the theme was Beatrix Potter. I adore Beatrix Potter, I had all the books when I was a child and have such fond memories of the stories, so I loved this year's window display seeing the books come to life. My three-year-old Sophia was mesmerised by all of the cute animals. I always know that Christmas is close once I have seen Fenwick's window. 

2.) I'm A Celebrity 

I am not a big TV show fan at all and rarely watch any TV shows at all, one show that I always watch though is I'm a celebrity on ITV. I have watched it every single year since it began and I love it, Ant and Dec really make me laugh and I just love seeing what is going on in the jungle. I also know that as soon as the jungle ends it will be the final countdown to Christmas!

3.) Moving House

We finally moved this month after 8 months of waiting, moving day was awful as we moved ourselves with the help of my dads work van, we were aching for days afterwards. I really thought I would be sad about moving but I was not at all, I really like the new house as it is so much bigger than our old one and so quiet. The children have settled in straight away and we all felt at home within days. I think we will all be so happy in our new home and it is somewhere I think we will live for a very long time. 

4.) Visiting Santa

On Monday we took the children to see Santa at the Metrocentre, they were super excited and truly believed that it was the real Santa which was amazing to watch. The look of utter joy on their faces was priceless and they could not believe their luck that they each got a little present from him too. They are so looking forward to Christmas, especially Sophia all she asked for is a small Paw Patrol Skye and Marshall toy and a little Blaze car. I love this stage before they discover the Argos book and want everything in it, or an iPhone 7 like my teen. 

5.) Christmas Shopping

I love Christmas shopping and we are almost done shopping for the little two, I actually brought their main presents back in the summer (a motorised ride on car for Jacob and a leap pad for Sophia) when they were on offer. Last week we started getting the rest of the little twos gifts in and a few of my teens, we should be finished shopping soon. I love buying Christmas gifts for people as I love seeing their faces when they open the presents, giving really is so much nicer than receiving. 

6.) Tots Ranking

I never normally take much notice of blogging charts and things as frankly I am a terrible blogger who is constantly winging it and I don't put in the work that so many other bloggers do. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed that I was ranked number 57 in the Tots 100 chart this month. I have so screenshotted it as I know that I will fall next month as I have hardly blogged or been on social media since moving house earlier this month. For one month it was nice to have a good rank. 

7.) Blog Break

When we moved I was just so busy that I simply did not have the time to get online and do any blogging. Not being able to blog or be on social media was kind of nice, I loved spending more time with the other half watching TV on an evening and not being glued to my phone when I am with the kids. I realised that I spend way to much time on my mobile and I am now making an effort not to be on it much around the children. 

8.) Pizza 

I am not normally a pizza fan at all, I very rarely get a takeaway pizza or eat it when we are out as it is just not something I am a fan of. However this month we were invited to review two pizza restaurants and actually I really enjoyed them and have realised I do actually like pizzas. I don't think I will be ordering a deep pan takeaway pizza anytime soon but I do enjoy the thin stonebaked ones and will order one next time I am dining out with my teen. 

9.) Big Clearout

When we moved we had such a huge clear out and sent 10 car loads of rubbish to the tip! I knew I was a bit of a hoarder but even I was surprised at how much stuff I had, I had so many baby items we don't use anymore and old toys and clothes. It actually felt good getting rid of stuff and it is way nicer having a less cluttered home. 

10.) My Birthday

It was my birthday earlier in the month, I am now 33 which seems kind of old when I think about it. I didn't actually celebrate this year as we moved house on my birthday so we were too busy to do anything. We had a Chinese takeaway on the night time once we had moved, surrounded by boxes and we had to go rummaging in boxes to find the plates and forks. The other let me have a day off mummy duties a few days later though, I had a lie in and he cooked a roast which was nice. We are going to have a belated birthday meal out somewhere nice after Christmas instead and getting a new house was a pretty good birthday present. 

So that is some of the things that I have been loving in November, what were your November highlights? I would love to know in the comments below. 



  1. Sounds like you had a busy November. It must be the time of year as we have all been ill too. Its horrible. Well done on your Tots rank, thats great news. Hope you have a lovely Christmas in your new home :-) x

    1. I hope you and your boys are feeling better. Are they really excited for Christmas? xx

  2. A lovely round up of your month. Fenwick's window is gorgeous isn't it. We're off to see Father Christmas as the Metrocentre this week. I can't wait :D

    1. Thank you Sam. I adored Fenwick's window , Santa at the metro is brill xx


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