Friday 4 November 2016

October 2016

Can you believe that it is November? I am well and truly on the countdown to Christmas now. I really love this time of year, yes it is busy and stressful with Christmas shopping and lots to do before the big man in red arrives but it also a bit magical too, with the air full of excitement. We have a super busy month ahead for November, it is my birthday on the 11th and we are also moving house on the 11th too! I am hoping the other half arranges some kind of belated birthday for me instead. Anyway enough of me waffling on, let's have a look at what life was like for us in October 2016. 

Personal Life

In October I did not really get up to a lot if I am honest, after a really busy September with lots going on October was a lot quieter for us. My month was mainly taken up with two different nursery runs each day, stopping the kids from killing each other and trying and failing to de-clutter and pack ready to move. We had a really quiet and chilled out half-term as all three children were ill one after the other, we spent a whole week cooped up indoors and it sent me a tad bit crazy! We were meant to move in the middle of October but the move got pushed back a few weeks as an asbestos report needed to be carried on the new house, thankfully it was fine. 

birthday cookie

Chloe turned 14 in October and she just wanted to celebrate with a trip to Nandos and a shopping trip, long gone are the days she wanted a party. She had a nice day and got everything that she wanted, buying gifts for her is so strange lately as they are all such grown up things like Urban Decay make-up and Pandora jewelry. The highlight of her month was definitely going to see Joe & Casper live. 

Sophia is still really enjoying nursery school and has settled in so well, she had her first parents evening and her teachers seem happy with her. She attended Disney on Ice and loved it so very much, she had the best time and has now rediscovered her love of Frozen. She is really starting to get excited for Christmas as I think this will be the first year that she truly understands, although she has asked for a mermaid tail so she can swim like Ariel, I am not sure she has grasped the concept of presents just yet. 

Jacob is still loving his pre-school and I am so glad that we decided to send him as he just loves going so much and has made so many new friends. He was ill for the first time over half-term with a sickness bug and he was so upset that he had been sick bless him, he is not used to being sick. Sophia and Jacob also went trick or treating for the first time this year and they loved it! Sophia was a pumpkin and Jacob was a clown. 

The other half has been busy with work as he was promoted again so he has been working different shifts and it feels like we hardly see him. We haven't had any proper time out together for months now, but I am sure we will make up for it in the new year. 

Blog Life

I feel like I have been super busy with blog stuff this month, I have had lots of lovely review opportunities as companies are gearing up for Christmas. I really don't mean to sound in any way ungrateful in saying this but I am a little worried that if I take on any more toy reviews then my children will be a bit spoilt and it will ruin the magic of Christmas, we have reviewed so many toys over the last few months. 

le raaj

This month I have also been to review a few restaurants which I love doing as we love dining out as a family. We visited the new Brewers Fayre near the Metrocentre and we also visited Le Raaj in Chester-Le-Street. The girls were lucky to go and see Disney on Ice at the arena this month to which they adored.  

I will be a bit quiet on here for most of the next  month as we get organised to move to our new home. I will be sure to update you all on how we are settling in once we have moved. 

So that is what life was like for us in October, how was it for you? 


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