Sunday 1 October 2017

Things I Loved September 2017

Now that it is October and autumn is well and truly underway it is time to look back on some of the things that I have loved from the month gone by. It seem's like such a long time since I wrote my August update. September has been a nice month for us, with the return of school and routine and a few nice adventures along the way. 

1.) Dinosaurs 

Jurassic Kingdom came to Newcastle last week and we were kindly given some tickets to attend. My little boy Jacob is Dino crazy so he loved seeing all the lifesize dinosaurs, he was in his element and it was so lovely to watch. 

2.) Back to school/starting school

I have loved having my children home for the summer but it has been so nice getting a bit of a routine back now they are at school. My eldest has started year 10 and is studying for her G.C.S.E's. My little girl Sophia has started proper full-time school and has the same reception teacher her big sister had ten years ago! So far she is really enjoying school, I hope it continues. My little boy Jacob has also started nursery school, just two weeks after his third birthday. It is adorable seeing the little two in their uniforms and hearing about the new friends they have made. 

3.) My Dad's 60th birthday meal

My dad turned 60 at the start of the month and to celebrate myself and my brother took him to his local Indian restaurant for a meal. It was nice to spend time with my dad without all the children interrupting non-stop. We are also taking him to Dublin for a little break as his family are from there and he has not been back since he was a child, fingers crossed Ryanair sort their fights out soon! 

4.) Trip to Portugal 

A few months ago I was lucky enough to win some Jet2 flights to Portugal, myself and the other half planned a weekend away but unfortunately, we couldn't go. My dad and my teen went instead for four days and they had the best time, Chloe enjoyed it so much that she wants us to return as a family. 

5.) Wedding fayre season 

I attended my first two wedding fayres this month and I love them. I have nothing at all booked for my wedding yet other than the venue and it is so overwhelming trying to pick suppliers so wedding fayres are fab for getting ideas. I love being able to talk to suppliers face to face as you can tell just by talking to someone if you will get on with them or not. So far I have found three suppliers I love for decorations, cakes and entertainment and hopefully, I will be booking them soon. 

6.) Sophia passing hearing test

My little girl Sophia went for a hearing test at the local hospital this month, due to her speech delay they thought she had problems with her hearing and needed grommets. However she passed her hearing test straight away and has perfect hearing, she just clearly has selective hearing. I am so glad she got the all clear as the thought of her having to have an operation terrified me. 

7.) Other half off work

My other half has had a week off work, we had so many plans for this week off in regards to sorting the house and a nice night out. Typically though he has spent most of the week ill so we have not done anything! It is still nice having him off work though as the children miss him when he is working and missing bedtime. 

8.) Darker Nights 

I love the darker nights in autumn, it just feels so much cosier and homely. My children are also going to sleep so much easier now that it is getting darker, always a bonus! 

9.) Being busy

We have so much on at the moment and after a lazy summer, it is nice to be busy again. Blog-wise things are getting very busy in the run-up to Christmas, we have lots of family things planned and so much to look forward to. 

10.) Appy Kids Co drinks 

We were sent some drinks for the children to try out this month from Appy Kids Co and my children loved them. These fruit drinks are fortified with vitamins A, C, E and are perfect for children as they come in fun character designs such as Turtles, Dora and Paw Patrol, I will certainly be buying them again in the future as you can buy them from Tesco, Spar and Poundworld. 

So those are some of the things that I have been loving from the month gone by, what were your September highlights? 

Disclosure I was sent the Appy Drinks free of charge for inclusion in this post. 



  1. I missed the jurassic kingdom, it looks fab. Good news re the hearing test

  2. It sounds like you've had a brilliant month minus not getting to go to Portugal! Such good news about her hearing, that must have been worrying. Both of my boys seem to have selective hearing, but then so does Si ha ;) Thanks for joining in with #LikedandLoved hon

    Stevie xx

    1. Children are nothing but a worry at times, I hope you are having an amazing time on your travels with your boys xx


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