Monday 23 October 2017

Baby Born Musical Foaming Bathtub Review

My little girl Sophia is a typical little four-year-old girl and she is really into dolls and babies, she has a collection of dolls that she loves to play with. She also really, really likes water play so when we were recently sent a Baby Born Musical Foaming Bathtub to review I knew that this would be a toy she would love. 

Baby Born Bath

The Baby Born Musical Foaming Bathtub is a pink plastic bathtub, that is like a traditional roll-top bath but in doll form. It has a bath rack which has a shower attached and the shower actually works, when you press the button water comes out of the showerhead. There is also a button you can press that will create foam to create a bubble bath for your doll. It also has a button on the front that will activate colour changing lights in the bath and it plays the Baby Born theme tune from the adverts as well as splashing, laughing and bubbling sounds making it very interactive.

Baby Born doll in Baby Born bath toy

The bath is not too big, it fits a Baby Born doll in but it does not take up much room (always a good thing). The Baby Born sits in the bath and then you can wash her, make the bath have bubbles by pressing the foaming button or you can shower her by pressing the shower pump button, which will pump real water from the bath out of the showerhead. 

Sophia loves this bath and she could not wait to get it filled with water and start bathing her Baby Born doll. I made her play with it in the bathroom in case she got water everywhere, however even though she was showering the doll and playing in the water she did not make too much of a mess as the roll top bath stops water going everywhere. The bathtub comes with a little rubber duck toy which is good to play with the doll with and is brilliant for role-playing. 

The shower feature was a huge hit with Sophia, she loves pressing the button for the manual pump and making water come out of the shower to wash the doll with. I think this is her favourite feature as she spent ages showering the doll and was amazed that water was coming out the showerhead. 

This bathtub is a great addition to any Baby Born collection as it is great for imaginative play and children will have great fun bathing and showering the dolls. If you have a child who loves water play then I am sure they will love this toy too. My little girl really enjoys playing with the Baby Born Musical Foaming Bathtub and I can see it becoming a firm favourite toy of hers. 

You can buy the Baby Born Musical Foaming Bathtub from all leading toy retailers and it has an RRP of £39.99. 

Disclosure we were sent this toy for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions are my own. 


  1. This looks like so much fun and my daughter would also love it too! Anything doll related is a winner in our house :)

    1. It really is fun, my daughter spends house using the shower to wash her doll and playing with the bubbles x


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