Tuesday 17 October 2017

Brio Metro Railway Set Review

My little boy Jacob recently turned three and he adores trains, he loves travelling on trains and the Metro (which we have in Tyneside) and playing with toy trains. We have a plastic Thomas train set and a few Thomas trains which he adores but we don't have any wooden sets. So when Brio got in touch and asked if we would like to review the Brio Metro railway set I thought this might be something he would enjoy playing with. 

Brio Metro Trainset

The Brio Metro Railway set consists of a looped wooden track, which comes in nine pieces and is super quick and simple to slot into place. It also has a plastic underground tunnel and a plastic station which are part of the track and the trains pass through, much to my son's delight. The set also comes with a three coach train, that magnetically stays together and has lights and sounds, 2 people, a suitcase, ticket machine and map sign. 

Setting up the set was really quick and easy, everything just slots in to place easily and my son can manage to build it on his own. The train looks just like a tube train and makes similar whooshing noises and the lights come on, Jacob has never been on a tube but he has been on the Metro train which is similar to the tube but overhead. He has great fun playing 'Metro train drivers' pushing the train around the track and collecting passengers at the station. 

Playing with Brio Metro Trainset

We have a Brio police station which we reviewed earlier in the year and Jacob loved that he could connect his police station to the Metro track as all the Brio sets can connect together. If you have extra track or sets you can add them to the Metro tracks to make a bigger playset easily. 

The thing I love about this track is that it is really sturdy, it is wooden and despite being played with nonstop for the past week it still looks as good as new despite being tipped out the box onto the floor on numerous occasions. The set seems really sturdy and like it will last, which is always something I look out for when buying toys for my children.

brio metro station with train in

This set is great for imaginative play as my children love making up stories whilst playing with this set and they actually play with it together. Jacob will sit for ages pushing his trains around the track and building and taking apart the track, he really does enjoy it. 

brio metro train at the metro trainset toy play set

This set is recommended for children aged 3 plus and at 3 years old I feel Jacob is the perfect age for it, although slightly younger and older children would probably enjoy playing with it too. You can buy the Brio Metro Railway set for around £40 from Amazon.

Disclosure I received this toy for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions are my own. 

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