Friday 6 October 2017

Cicciobello Love n Care Doll Review

My little girl Sophia love's playing doctors and playing with baby dolls, we were sent a Cicciobello Love n Care doll recently that combines both of these things, much to Sophia's delight. Cicciobello Love n Care is a lifelike doll that children will love caring for, he cries and his cheek's flush and it is up to children to find out what is wrong with him and help him feel better with the help of the range of accessories that he comes with. 

Cicciobello Love n Care Doll in box

You get three bottles containing milk, juice and medicine, a dummy, thermometer, stethoscope, and syringe to help care for the doll. The doll does need batteries (3 x AA) which are not included, so make sure you have some ready so you can start playing and caring for the doll straight away. 

Cicciobello doll accessories

As soon as Sophia seen Cicciobello she could not wait to play with him and she really likes all of the accessories that he comes with. Sophia is unwell at the moment with a chest infection and was at the doctor's herself yesterday, getting antibiotics and inhalers. So playing with the Cicciobello doll and pretending to be a doctor taking his temperature and giving him medicine is something she enjoys doing when she is getting her medicine and temperature taking too. 

The idea behind Cicciobello is that when he cries and his cheeks flush red you need to care for him by using the accessories provided to see what is wrong with him. He might need his dummy, a bottle or even an injection, once you find out what is wrong with him and give him what he needs to get better he will stop crying and his cheeks will go back to normal. If you give him his dummy he will go to sleep and when you lay him down his eyes shut. 

We have had Cicciobello for a few days now and my children love him, they love pretending to be a doctor with the stethoscope and syringe making the baby better. We have quite a few baby dolls and Cicciobello is their favourite as they love the interactive features he has and all of his accessories. I really like his blonde hair and outfit as it reminds me so much of the dolls I played with as a child, although back in the 80's dolls were not as cool and interactive as this one. 

Cicciobello doll face

You can buy Cicciobello Love n Care doll from Smyths for £59.99 and it would make a great main Christmas gift for a little one who loves playing with dolls and playing doctors. 

Cicciobello Love n Care Doll out of box

Smyths Toy's have a brilliant giveaway in association with Cicciobello over on their facebook page where you could win a 4 day family holiday to Italy. 10 runners-up will each receive a Cicciobello Love n Care doll of their own too, so make sure you go and enter. 

Disclosure This is a collaborative post. 



  1. My lo loves dolls too. I think this would be an ideal christmas pressie

  2. Oh my kids would just love her!

  3. Alessia would love this . She is obsessed with her baby dolls since have my Nila :)

  4. I've actually never heard of these dolls before! They look lovely! Love the accessories!

    1. I had never heard of them until I seen them advertised on TV a few months ago x


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