Tuesday 31 October 2017

ZooMoo TV Show Review

The last few days have been a bit of a disaster in our household, first we all started coming down with a sickness bug one by one making us housebound for half-term and then our TV broke! A broken TV is not what you need when you stuck at home with two young children to entertain while you are poorly, luckily we have managed to use one of the TV's from the bedroom for now until ours get fixed (fingers crossed).

As we have spent so much time at home during half-term due to illness we have been watching a lot more TV then we normally would do, as let's face it when us parents are poorly letting the children watch films or back to back episodes of their favourite TV show is often the only way we can rest. My little two are 3 and 4 years old and they normally watch Disney Junior or Nick Jr, Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol & Sofia the First are firm favourites in our household. However, when you are unwell and are watching more children's TV then normal it soon gets a bit repetitive so I was on the lookout for something new for them to watch.

Luckily I found ZooMoo on our Sky Kids planner, you can also easily find it via the search function and it has over 50 episodes available to download and watch. You can also view it on NowTV (kids vids) and Virgin Media (kids on demand). ZooMoo is very different to the type of children TV shows we normally watch, it is all about animals - much to my children's delight as they love animals. Unlike traditional kids TV shows ZooMoo combines puppetry, animations, balloon animals and real wildlife footage to create a unique programme that will help children learn about animals in an interesting way.

We started off watching some of the series 9 which featured Ninj the Gorilla, who is someone dressed as a Gorilla doing animal balloon models. My 4-year-old Sophia was a bit unsure of these episodes as she found the gorilla a bit scary ( she is not a fan of people dressed up or Gorillas). We then moved onto the Boing episodes (series 13) and these episodes were a hit with both my children, featuring bright animated animal friends and helps children learn about teamwork and friendship.

Knowing that my children were learning whilst watching ZooMoo and the fact it was something totally different for them to watch certainly made me feel less guilty about the extra screentime my children have had this half-term. My children seemed to enjoy the show and happily sat and watched the Boing episodes and I think it is something that they will continue to watch now and again in the future. It is not going to replace their favourite TV shows but they did seem to enjoy the shows that they watched and it is a nice addition to my current Sky subscription service. 

Have your children discovered ZooMoo yet? 

Disclosure This is a collaborative post with ZooMoo & Mumsnet. 


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