Monday 29 August 2016

Thing's I Loved In August

Can you believe that it is almost the end of August ? This month seems to have flown over so very fast. I love August as it is so nice having all three of my children home for the month, we have lots of lazy days and family adventures and it is also my son's birthday month. I honestly think that August is one of my favourite months of the year, as it is so relaxing. Anyway as it is almost the end of the month I thought that I would sit down and write about the thing's that I have been loving this month, even though it only feels like five minutes since I wrote July's post!  

Saltwell Park Boating Lake

1.) Jacob's Birthday. 

My baby boy turned two years old this month! I can not believe that he is now two as he is my blog baby, I set this blog up when I was pregnant with him and it is crazy to think he is now two! We did not have a party as he is still so young and does not really have any friends yet, so on his actual birthday we just went to soft play with his cousins and then had a party tea at home later on in the day. We got him a micro scooter and lots of dinosaur things for his birthday as he is dinosaur crazy. 

2.) Sealife Centre. 

Penguin Enclosure Scarborough Sealife Centre

We are Scarborough Sealife family ambassadors, which means we get a free annual pass to visit whenever we like. As it was Jacobs birthday we visited the day before his birthday so he could the see penguins, he is penguin crazy and sleeps cuddling his two cuddly ones each night. He could not believe his luck that he got to walk into the penguin enclosure and that the penguins walk right up to you, he kept trying to pick them and cuddle them. It was a lovely day out and we will be returning again soon when it is a bit less busy after the holidays. 

3.) Scarborough. 

We love visiting Scarborough, it is just under two hours away from us and it such a wonderful traditional British seaside town the whole family loves. We spent a lovely day having fish and chips at the beach, visiting the arcades, eating ice-creams and going on the pirate boat out to sea. I remember visiting Scarborough myself as a child and it is so nice to see my own children like it as much as I did all those years ago too. 

Pirate Boat At Sea Scarborough

4.) The Other Half Being Off Work. 

The other half has just had ten days off work, he always takes a week off when it is one of the children's birthdays. Luckily all three of are children have birthdays that fall on school holidays, in May, August and October. It was so nice to spend lots of time as a family, we had lots of lovely days out and the children loved seeing more of their dad. 

5.) Five Year Anniversary. 

Myself and the other half celebrated are five year anniversary a couple of weeks ago. We had planned to go out for a nice meal in Newcastle, just the two of us to celebrate. However he was ill and we ended up having to cancel, hopefully we will be able to have a belated celebration soon instead. When I first met him at work five years ago I would never have guessed we would still be together five years later with a three and two year old, I am so glad that we are though. 

6.) Family Days Out. 

We have had so many lovely family days out over the last few week's, although  not as many as we normally would due to the awful weather this summer. I love when we go out as a family and spend the whole day together having fun, it is so nice seeing the children together enjoying themselves. We have been out for meals, visited the seaside, parks, soft plays, cinema, Sealife centre and Scarborough. We are also planning on visiting the fair this week (fingers crossed the weather stays nice). 

7.) North East Blogger Picnic.

At the start of the month we attended the annual North East bloggers picnic at Saltwell park in Gateshead. I had not visited Saltwell park since I was a child and could not believe how big it was and how much there was to do. The children loved going on the pedalos in the lake, riding on the Thomas train around the park and of course running wild. It was nice to meet up with other local bloggers and Sam from North East Family Fun had even arranged for the children to receive Disney On Ice goody bags, cupcakes and for face painters. Unfortunately my other half was at work so I had to leave early and missed most of the fun, as I could not have managed three children on my own on public transport and a walk through Newcastle city centre (I so need to learn to drive). 

8.) Christmas Shopping. 

I know it is still summer and not many people have started to think about Christmas yet but having three children I like to start early. I have already started shopping and have a few presents in for the little two and we even have one of Sophia's main presents (a leap pad). Once the children go back to school we are going to start shopping properly and will hopefully have all of the little two's gifts in by October. Shopping for the little two is so easy, shopping for my teen is a lot harder as she is not sure what she wants yet. 

9.) Decluttering. 

Regular readers will know that we have been waiting to move for ages now, since March in fact. However thing's are taken so long and every time we think we are getting somewhere something else comes up. Hopefully, fingers tightly crossed it won't be much longer as all the paperwork is now properly in place (I hope). In preparation for moving I have started to declutter the house, I am such a hoarder and we have so much stuff. I am actually dreading moving due to the sheer volume of items we own. I have started decluttering and it feels so good to get rid of things we don't need anymore.

10.) Lazy Summer Days.

I always think August is such a relaxing month, we do have lots of family days out but also we have lots of lazy days at home too. With no school and nursery runs to do we have lazy mornings at home in are pj's, long afternoons playing in the garden or cuddled up on the sofa watching Disney film's, Zootropolis is a firm favourite at the moment. It has been a lovely summer and I will be sad when September starts and school and nursery start again and family time is limited to weekends. 

So those are a few of the things that we have loved in August, it has been a nice month for us full of lazy days, family adventures and birthday celebrations. What have you enjoyed in August? 

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  1. August is my favourite month too...hehehe
    It sounds like you had a lovely month.
    I hope the weather stays nice for your trip to the fair.

  2. It looks like you have had a fantastic August. I am looking forward to visiting Scarborough one day, it always looks so beautiful x

    1. We really did, your August sounded even more amazing! Oh you really should visit if you are ever up in the North East, the children would love it xx

  3. Ahh I love scarborough. We were there in April but the weather was a bit rubbish so didnt go on the pirate ship - hopefully next time!
    I agree, August is relaxing. Its just nice to not have to rush for school runs or anything, its all much more chilled 😊 xxx

    1. We were there in April too, just for the weekend without the kids. The pirate ship was great fun and such a bargain too at only £3 each. xx

  4. That pirate ship looks fab, happy birthday to little one and happy anniversary I hope you get your night out to celebrate soon. I love August too but am looking forward to the kids going back to school and getting a routine x

  5. What a lovely month you had.
    I have just started getting a few bits and bobs for Christmas too. Sounds crazy doesn't it?!, but I have to otherwise it just becomes one big massive rush! x

  6. Glad you had such a wonderful break this month. The weather made August especially fab this time :-)

  7. What a lovely month you have had and we have been lucky with the weather X #tenthings

  8. Looks like you had a lovely month and fitted lots in. I didn't realise there was a sea life centre at Scarborough. Will have to try and go when we visit again

  9. What a fantastic month you had, I hope this one was just as good. LOVE your photos and a blogger picnic sounds a lot of fun :)

    Stevie x #TenThings x


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