Sunday 14 August 2016

Finding Out That #GreenCanClean With Ecover

As a mum with three children I find that I am forever washing the dishes, I must clean them three to four times every single day. We have never owned a dishwasher as are current kitchen is just far to small, so I have to wash the dishes the old fashioned way with good old washing up liquid and hot water. Washing the dishes so often I found that my hands would feel dry afterwards and some liquids actually irritate my skin and made me itch. I just thought that this was something that I would have to put up with. 

Recently though I discovered Ecover a washing up liquid that I had noticed in the shops but had never actually used before. As a Talk To Mums Mumbassador I was given an assignment to trial Ecover washing up liquid myself to discover what a great product it actually is. Once I knew how fab it was I was then given the task of spreading the Ecover message that #Greencanclean to other mums in my local area and handing them a sample so they could test it out for themselves. 

So first up you are probably wondering what #Greencanclean actually is ? Ecover is different to regular washing up liquids in that it is plant and mineral based and is a natural cleaning product with no hidden nasty chemicals. People often assume that green cleaning products are not as effective as regular brands, I admit that I thought this myself in the past. One of the main messages from the campaign is that less foam (caused by chemical boosters) does not mean less cleaning power. 

I decided to put Ecover to the test and I have to admit I was really impressed straight away! We were sent the Camomile and Marigold washing up liquid which smells wonderful. The liquid made a nice amount of foam which was slightly different to regular liquid and I actually much preferred the Ecover bubbles. My hands felt soft and no longer felt irritated, it cleaned my dishes well and it did not leave that horrible residue on dishes you sometimes get after washing up. 

I was really impressed and have been telling everyone that I know how great it is. I have handed out samples to mums on the nursery run, to neighbours, friends and family, my partners work colleagues, at bloggers picnics, on days out and even to the odd random mum I have seen in the street. The feedback that I have received from them has been amazing, so many people have commented on how nice it smells, how it is kind to their delicate skin, how brilliant it is at cleaning dishes as well as many other weird and wonderful things people have found Ecover good for. 

After hearing how good it was for making bubbles for little ones to play in I decided to make some for my son to play with and he had the best fun ever. I felt safe in the knowledge that Ecover was chemical free and kind for his delicate skin. 

I have loved working with the brilliant TalkToMums on this campaign as being a Mumbassador has pushed me out of my comfort zone a bit, it has made me approach people and talk to them when I wouldn't normally due to shyness. I have met new people, enjoyed chatting to them and even made some new friends after striking up conversations with other mums on the school run. I have also really enjoyed finding out more about Ecover and can safely say that I now a convert and will be buying it all of the time myself from now on. 

Have you tried Ecover yet ? 

Disclosure I am a Talk To Mums Mumbassador which means I am compensated to hand out samples and spread the #GreenCanClean message. 

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